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social media traffic

No longer will YOU the merchant take ALL of the risk of very expensive and questionable advertising campaigns. While the publishers take your money and could care less whether or not you get any sales or a return on your investment. NO MORE!

At WebTargetedTraffic we have come up with advertising campaigns that we STAND BY with our reputation. It is our goal that ALL of our clients small AND large PROFIT from doing business with us.

We negotiated with the largest publishers on the internet to sell us “Social Signals” by the hundreds so that we could resell them individually to our clients. That way the publishers get one large lump of money from us and our clients get to advertise on the most prestigious sites on the internet at a fraction of the standard price.

More importantly then saving money on advertising campaigns, “Social Signals” generate 10 to 20 times the “Traffic (visitors)” and SALES the average banners bring in.


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