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Date: Saturday, November 07, 2020
RE: Your Own MRR & PLR Ebooks Store Business…

Dear Friend,

You are about to discover an amazing evergreen, neverending niche that we’ve been enjoying a lucrative business from… and we are going to show you how you can do the same!

If you’re looking for ways to make money online or add an extra income stream to your business, this is so totally for you.

If you are looking for information, or products (software, scripts ebooks…) we are the best resources for you! Our customers return to us time and time again out of loyalty and trust we have built with them. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed of the new products we will be adding on a regular basis.

Having the largest in quantity of titles, and steadily increasing them, not only has made us number one, it will keep us NUMBER ONE!

There’s never been an EASIER way to start your own Internet Marketing Business. Own master resale rights or private label rights for many of the latest ebooks, software, videos and marketing tools! Includes ready-to-go sales websites for every product!

You have access to powerful e-Books, Software & Scripts, MP3s, Movies, Multimedia, Templates, Niche Content with Private Label Rights, Master Resell Rights, Source Code Rights, Reprint Rights And Free Distribution Rights… with the lowest price giving you the chance to sell them on and keep 100% of the profits you make!

Here are just a few advantages to selling digital info products:

You keep 100% of the money your customers pay you. That’s rights! Info products have a whopping 100% profit margin!

You don’t have to ship or pack anything, you can even have an automatic download link sent to your customers after every single sale you make (this sure beats spending hours each day packaging products and going to the post office).

You will never run out of stock! It’s that simple, since info products are digital all you have to do is upload it to the Internet and give your customers access to the download page!

You don’t need any storage space! No more boxes and packaging materials littering your whole house.  You can store as many info products in your hard drive as you like.

No need to constantly look for and deal with suppliers! You can simply create your own info products or even easier: buy resell rights!

You don’t have to buy every single product you sell! With physical products, you must pay for every single item you sell, and this significantly eats away at your profits. Digital products on the other hand are free to create. And if you do buy resell rights, you only have to pay once!

Your customers get access to their purchases immediately, instead of waiting for weeks for the products they just bought.


You eliminate the single biggest reason people refuse to buy stuff online: paying too much for shipping charges…


The best part is: unlike most fads and trends that come and go, this niche is here to stay – and by the end of this letter we’ll drop you a full-fledged money-making machine on your lap… and you can start generating your own massive profits even in as early as today!

How To Make Money Effortlessly with MRR & PLR Products?

Thousands if not millions of people are coming online looking for money making ways, sooner rather than later they will stumble upon the phenomenon that is Resell Rights, and if you’re in the right place at the right time you can tap into those that NEED products to sell without all the costs!

While we’re constantly in our workshops developing products, we are actively working with fellow product developers.  Without our active relationship with product developers our own membership will dry up, which will then have a massive impact on other memberships and resellers right through the Internet! We believe having an good relationship with product developers means MRR members will be the first to receive anything new!

You won’t find a bigger and better collection
of products than what we’ve put together for you here!

There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to tap into resell rights, thousands if not millions are discovering the profit power of resell rights, and YOU need to be there right at the front offering products that they can sell!

If you’re looking for products to resell as your own, you’re covered.

If you’re looking for products with Private Label Rights, you’re covered.

If you’re looking for masses of PLR content, you’re covered.

If you’re looking for High Impact Graphics, you’re covered.

If you’re looking for a dedicated support team, you’re covered.

If you’re looking for PLR and Resell Rights Weekly, you’re covered.

So, stop making it any harder on yourself by spending every waking hour trying to create all these elements yourself. What could take you months and months and thousands of dollars to put together, we’ve done it all for you.
With e-Bestsellers, you will be in control of your business and not part of someone else’s downline, affiliate program, or group. You are truly in business for yourself. And the fact that people will pay serious money for information, PLR products can only get bigger in the future.


There’s UNTOLD Wealth To Be Made In The Internet Niche!

In, everything is completely done for you……

  • Complete and ready to go products — created by experts that are ready to generate healthy CASH FLOW for your new online business.
  • Complete and ready to go website — created by professional website and graphic designers who specialize in attracting people’s attention with visually stunning graphics.
  • Complete and ready to go sales copy — written by experts who know precisely how to carve powerful sales copy that makes people want to BUY FROM YOU.
  • Ultimately… everyone wants to make money online! ALL products come with PLR, MRR and ready to run websites.


Now For The Awesome Part... YOU Can Get FREE Download Products For LIFE!

Resale rights marketing is one of the easiest and most profitable markets for you to target.

You also will get instant access to over 330 free tools that will make your web business much more profitable! Here’s a very small sample of what is included in these 330+ free tools:

Free FTP software, free office suite application, free image editing software, free video editing software, free audio recording and editing software, free video and screen capture software, free antivirus/firewall, free SEO tools, free keyword research tools, free HTML editor, free PDF tools, and much more!

With this information you will be able to rapidly dominate markets and create as much profit as you want!

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You get the JPEG, PNG and even PSD editable version of the covers.

Thank You Page

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Done by our in-house videographer, you also get a professionally made video or audio to dramatically boost your sales conversions!

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Your own online ‘sales man’ done by our top gun copywriter! Put your name and order button – and you’re in business to generate massive 100% profits!

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These dynamic products with professionally designed websites are sure to kick start your business!

Many of the paid products are perfect for your sales funnel for quick converting one time offers.

  • Multiple Niche Markets to Dominate!
  • High Converting Video Pages
  • Supreme Quality Products Your Customers Will LOVE!

These eBooks covers a wide plethora of topics like internet marketing, business start ups, self improvement, personal development, family and relationships, technology, health and beauty, wealth management, and many more… Some of these PLR ebooks are a gem and you can use it for personal learning or derive topics for your next blog post or new informational product.

This Is The EASIEST And FASTEST Way To Make Money Selling Your Own Product!

  • You can put your name on the product as the author.
  • Sell as they are for fast and easy profits! – That’s right – don’t do anything to them. Don’t change the sales page, the download page, or the squeeze page. Just download exactly what you receive and sell it on for quick money
  • Sell individually for a stampede of payments! – Set up each product with their own domain or sub-domain and sell them individually for $7-$27 each for an army of consist payments! You could even slip in a one-time offer and up-sell master resell rights for a higher price (we’ll get on to that later)
  • Sell them on their own mini sites.
  • Sell Resell Rights to your products. Resell rights are very hot right this Year, because most people simply don’t have the time, money and effort it takes to create their own products.
  • Update and ad to your products if they become a little outdated so you can keep making money with them as long as you want. Modify and combine them as you see fit!
  • Develop free online courses so you can collect thousands of targeted leads you can market to any time you want
  • Cut up your already existing products and make smaller more targeted products out of them. You can either sell these on their own mini sites or even sell resell rights to other people!
  • Add extra bonuses to each individual product to make them a no-brainer! – why not add a complimentary eBook into the offer and add more value to your products. You can sell at the same price or even raise it for more profits!
  • Cross-sell with other affiliate products on your download pages – Whether you’re giving your eBook away or selling it with Master Resell Rights, you can cross-sell with other related affiliate products on your download page. For example, if you’ve just sold a guide on ‘blogging for beginners’ you can add a link on your download page that recommends blogging training video series!
  • Cross-sell with your own products on your download pages – If already have your own product and need more interested leads to visit your site, why not use the download page as a promotional tool to redirect traffic to your high-ticket product? You’ve already started the transaction by giving something away for free, and your visitors has already accepted the transaction by downloading your gift!
  • Package 2 or 3 or more together to create unique themed offers – Why not break down the eBooks on this page and group them into themes to create your own packages? That way you can add more value then just selling one of the eBooks alone!
  • Package 10-20 together with a time-limit to start your own fire sale! – Bundle 10 or more eBooks with or without Master Resell Rights and there you have your own wild fire sale! Even if you sell all eBooks for a measly $27, you can quickly conjure up $2700+ with just 100 sales!
  • Outsource a voice-over artist to read-aloud the PDF so you’ll have an MP3 audio file to add value to your offers. You could even release part of the MP3 as a ‘leaked’ audio in exchange for a sign-up or to improve the conversions on your sales page! A voice on your sales page will add a new level of professionalism and build even more trust with your visitors!
  • Use that MP3 and submit it to podcast directories as free content. Tell your voice-over artist to mention the URL of your websites so you’ll receive free traffic!
  • Outsource a voice-over artist to read-aloud the PDF and display a power-point presentation at the same time for an instant video! You’ll be adding ten times more perceived value to your product and it will stand out from the crowd! Take it a step further and watermark the bottom of the video with your URL and give out a ‘leaked video’ for free on YouTube for instant traffic!
  • Set up your own eBook store! – Simply copy and paste the sales copy into your eBook store template along with the eCover image and you’ll have a new product to sell. We plan to release more products like this in the future so you’ll have a full store ready to collect payments day in, day out!
  • Start your own Master Resell Rights membership! – Because you have the license to sell the MRR eBooks individually with or without basic/master resell rights along with the mini-sites you can profit by providing fresh new content for your own membership! No need to create your own content and do things from scratch as everything is delivered to you on a monthly basis
  • You can rebrand the entire Internet Marketing packages as your own!
  • You can resell ALL these packages – Remember you keep every sale you make!
  • If you run a paid membership site, you can add all these packages to enhance your membership value.
  • You can also include this into a paid package and sell at a higher price!
  • What if you are selling other products already? You can use this as a valuable bonus.
  • And … There are just so many ways to make money with these products you see here in front of you that it will take all day to go through all the possibilities! Even the ones mentioned here can still be dug into deeper!You really cannot lose! Thanks to Master Resell Rights Nd Private Label Rights it’s now easier than ever to start making serious money online – all you need to do is pick a technique and work with it!


Created For Quality Resale. Created With The End User In Mind.

A complete, thorough products like this would have easily set you back by thousands of dollars in professional outsource fees. And this is crazy… we did a rough calculation if a client paid us to create this entire packages series you’re seeing right now.

How often do you find yourself saying… “How do I get started making money online?”

Well, Master Resell Rights is the ultimate answer.You see… Jumping into an online business without a proper business plan is like finding a golden needle in the vast ocean.

No matter how much time and money you spend reading and learning about online businesses, you will NOT be able to achieve the lifestyle you desire because making money online is NOT about the latest strategies, the newest fab or getting cutting-edge software.It’s about creating a system that will SLASH away all that ‘trial and error’ so that you can get results – lightning fast! Even for beginners!

Remember, people fail, systems work!The amazing breakthrough is created for this purpose and is hands down, the most practical “Use it today and make money tomorrow” instant Internet cashflow automation system any one could ever ask for.

You’ll never get rich working for somebody else and if you keep doing what your doing then you’ll eventually end up with the same results: in a constant rat race.Even if you make a measley $50 per month from your own small online business wouldn’t that help? Fifty bucks can help you pay off your phone bill, water bill, whatever…The point is, extra cash flow helps! Am I right?

You don’t need to be a genius to know everything there is to know about the internet to start your very own online business. In fact, you can start earning a legitimate income online from the comfort of your own home with just a few key steps!“Make a Guaranteed Income From Home, Instantly!”

You have access to powerful e-Books, Software & Scripts, MP3s, Movies, Multimedia, Templates, Niche Content with Private Label Rights, Master Resell Rights, Source Code Rights, Reprint Rights And Free Distribution Rights… with the lowest price giving you the chance to sell them on and keep 100% of the profits you make! It doesn’t matter whether you are a “Newbie” and or a “Professional”, you’ll find the resources you need to improve both your life and your business, including “How-to” eBooks and videos, in addition to scripts, software, templates, and so much more….

BRAND NEW Internet Marketing Products with MRR/PLR

Take Your Online Business To The Next Level With Our

High Quality PLR, MRR Products

Professional PLR Products
re-brand as your own!

Our content is ready for you to download and start using immediately. Use it on your website, start a membership or even create your own course. There are hundreds of ways you can use private label rights content. You deserve the best quality PLR content to grow your business even further.


BRAND NEW Internet Marketing Products with MRR/PLR


Your Early Bird Special Valid For The Next

That’s right. One-time payment only.

ALL packages come with graphics and sales page included which means that you will literally be ready to go.

It is not often that you will see products of this quality offered as MRR, especially on the subjects that we cover, so the sooner you get started, the sooner you will begin to see the sales come rolling in and your list growing with very happy customers.

Along with the Master Resell Rights or Private Label Rights privilege.

And the Reseller materials that comes with it.

One easy sale and you cover it all! The rest is profit.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

PLR not only allow dealers to buy the product, but also give them the ability to change it in any way. An eBook with PLR rights is treated like you created it yourself as the author. It carries the resell rights, but you are not allowed claim ownership of the copyright of the eBook. Before buying PLR eBooks, be sure to read the license agreement beforehand because some of the PLR eBooks have special restrictions forbidding certain actions such as changing some contents or giving the eBook for free. Also, do not confuse Branding rights with PLR because some authors will only allow you to brand the product with your affiliate but not the right to change the content and in the end.

Master Resale Rights (MRR)

Under MRR eBook Rights, you have the right to resell the eBook along with the basic resell rights which come with the eBook. It, therefore, means the customer has the right to resell the eBook if he/she wants to. The eBooks are favourable because they allow dealers to use prospect who may like to distribute the eBook to gain from further reselling. The rights given to eBook sellers are similar to Resell Rights because you are also not allowed to claim authorship or change the content of the eBook in any particular way.

Resell Rights (RR)

It means that you are permitted to resell the eBook to make a profit. The buyers are, however, not allowed to resell the eBook to other consumers. You do not have the legal rights to claim authorship, change the content of the eBook or add resell rights to the product. The rights only allow you to sell the eBook to the final consumer.

Give Away Rights

The rights only allow you to give out the eBook for free without charging the users. You are also not allowed to resell or change the content of the material in any way. is a certified website ebook supplier providing 100% quality PLR &MRR  to its clients.

The company operates with their trusted network of partners that deliver high quality content material and

ensures that every product is prioritized. stands firm on their belief that each client

should only be given high quality online PLR 6 MRR products, no questions asked.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with you purchase. If you’re not satisfied with your experience in using Our MRR & PLR Products, contact our support helpdesk. The bonuses will be yours to keep as a token of trying. A full refund is available for cancellations made within 30 days from day of purchase. Refunds are not available for cancellations made 30 days after purchase. Protection Status

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