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Private Label Rights (PLR) Articles are the perfect solution for many internet business owners who need fresh content for their websites or blogs but do not wish to write it from scratch or pay someone to create original content for them.

You need article content that is written not only on your subject but to be written in such a way to target a specific keyword. This is the way visitors find your content and you make money.

  • You need articles that will not be found all over the web on thousands upon thousands of other sites.
  • You need the ability to change the articles any way you want.
  • You need real articles that are not thinly disguised ads. You need something written for your site and not the author's site.
  • Good content will bring visitors back to your sites. Repeat visitors mean repeat profits. Why spend all your time and money to attract a visitor for just one visit when you can have your visitors returning time and time again?

Give Your Websites A Fresh Infusion Of Content With These 30,000 Private Label Rights (PLR) Articles in Hot Niche Marketing Topics!

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Here are the kinds of article content you need on your sites to attract thousands of targeted visitors and to keep your sites from getting penalized or even banned by the search engines. 

Over 30,ooo Total PLR Article



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 Niche Article Packages PLR Article Package
#1:  Home Theater 


Keywords Targeted


Home Movie Theater


Home Theater


Home Theater Design


Home Theater Furniture


Home Theater Magazine


Home Theater Projector


Home Theater Review


Home Theater Seating


Home Theater Speaker


Home Theater System

PLR Article Package #2:  Gambling


Keywords Targeted


Casino Gambling


Free Gambling




Gambling Site


Internet Gambling


Offshore Gambling


Online Casino Gambling


Online Gambling


Sports Gambling


Virtual Gambling

PLR Article Package #3:  Digital Camera


Keywords Targeted


Best Digital Camera


Buy Digital Camera


Canon Digital Camera


Digital Camera


Digital Camera Reviews


Kodak Digital Camera


Nikon Digital Camera


Olympus Digital Camera


Sony Digital Camera


Underwater Digital Camera

PLR Article Package #4:  Car Stereo


Keywords Targeted


Alpine Car Stereo


Car Stereo


Car Stereo Installation


Car Stereo Sale


Car Stereo Speaker


Car Stereo System


Discount Car Stereo


Kenwood Car Stereo


Pioneer Car Stereo


Sony Car Stereo

PLR Article Package #5:  Credit Card


Keywords Targeted


Apply For A Credit Card


Business Credit Card


Chase Credit Card


Credit Card


Credit Card Application


Credit Card Debt


Credit Card Offer


Credit Card Processing


Low APR Credit Card


UK Credit Card

PLR Article Package #6:  Baby


Keywords Targeted




Baby Gift Basket


Baby Name


Baby R Us


Baby Bash


Beanie Baby


Baby Bedding


Baby Shower Games


Baby Gift


Baby Shower

PLR Article Package #7:  Depression


Keywords Targeted


Anxiety Depression


Clinical Depression




Depression Help


Depression Medication


Depression Treatment


Manic Depression


Postpartum Depression


Symptom of Depression


Zoloft Depression

PLR Article Package #8:  Car Rental


Keywords Targeted


Alamo Car Rental


Budget Car Rental


California Car Rental


Car Rental


Car Rental Germany


Cheap Car Rental


Discount Car Rental


Europe Car Rental


National Car Rental


Thrifty Car Rental

PLR Article Package #9:  Cell Phones


Keywords Targeted


Cell Phone


Audiovox Cellular Phone


Cell Phone Plan


Cell Phone Ringtone


Cell Phone Wallpaper


Cheap Cellular Phone


Ericsson Cellular Phone


LG Cellular Phone


Nokia Cellular Phone


Samsung Cellular Phone

PLR Article Package #10:  New York


Keywords Targeted


New York Acting Schools


New York Daily News


New York Post


New York Yankees


New York City


New York City Hotels


New York Hotel


New York Restaurant


New York


New York Times

With these article packs you have an awesome opportunity to jump into multiple markets with quality content.  

You can use any of these articles to:

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  • Create your own information membership sites to generate a constant monthly income.

  • Create your own content sites and make money with Google Adsense.

  • Create your own ecourses to build multiple lists in different niches to promote your affiliate products or even your own products to.

  • Create your own articles to drive laser-targeted traffic to your websites.

  • And much more…


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You can do:

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You can use your articles to promote and profit from affiliate programs almost instantly! (the great part about this is you don’t even need your product, you just choose one you would like to promote, write an article and start getting sales)

If you are able to create dozens of high quality article per day, you can earn a fortune by selling Private Label Rights to those articles! (Good content is in high demand, and there is no shortage of people willing to pay big bucks for it!

Create an ebook! Yup, you can simply blend all of your articles together to create a high quality, content rich ebook! You can then sell this ebook, sell Resell Rights to it, put affiliate links into it and give it away for free etc.

If you have your own product or service, you can write articles that promote your own business and blast your name out all over the internet (this can create a huge title wave of traffic and generate an overwhelming amount of paying customers

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Source Code + Private Label Rights + Master Resale Rights

 20 PLR Articles About Blogging

Subject: Blogging

What you should know about Blogging
Blogging? Again?
Blogging as food for the brain
Avoid the common traps in blogging
Seven ways of making blogging work for you
Blogging is your road to search engine optimization
You can Earn Money by Blogging
How Blogging Can Help Your Business
Things to Know About Web Blogs
Effective Ways to Start Blogging
Understanding Blogging
Knowing What Corporate Blogging Is
Blogging and Making Money
Types of Blogging Platforms
Giving Your Home Based Business a Boost with Blogging
Using Blogging to Have Fun and Profit at the Same Time
What Not to Do in Blogging
Blogging - The Newest Marketing Tool
Unleash your blogging prowess
Breaking the block in blogging

 10 PLR Articles About RSS

Subject: About RSS

Blog RSS
Entertainment RSS Delivered Straight Into Your Homes
A Guide to RSS Aggregators
Learning the Basics of RSS
Updates on RSS Directories
All you need to know about RSS
Using RSS fields in communication
Reading RSS Feeds with an RSS Aggregator
A Guide on RSS Tools
The Advantages of RSS Websites

 10 PLR Articles About Sitemaps

Subject: About Sitemaps

Tips on Online Marketing
Benefits of a generator sitemap
Site Making Using Google
How to create a sitemap
Mapping Your Way to a Good HTML Site Map
SEO Sitemaps Give Websites a Boost
Benefits of and Tips on Designing a Sitemap
Sitemap Creator
Sitemap taxonomy - To classify web content
Yahoo Site Map -
A useful internet marketing tool

10 PLR Article ADSENSE

Subject: Adsense

3 Reasons Why Adsense Is Essential For Content Sites
5 Ways To Improve Your Adsense Earnings
Don't Get Caught With Google Adsense Click Fraud
Google Adsense - The Easiest Money To Make Online
How To Avoid Getting Your Adsense Account Terminated
Monetizing Your Website With Adsense Is Profitable
2 Surefire Ways To Maximize Your Adsense Earnings
The Basics On How TO Start Making Money With Adsense
Using Other Peoples Info To Increase Your Adsense Cash
Who Else Wants To Make Money With Adsense

 10 PLR Articles - Affiliate Marketer

Subject: Affiliate Marketer

3 Things All Affiliate Marketers Need To Survive Online
A Day In The Life Of An Affiliate Marketer
Easy Profits Using PPC In Your Affiliate Marketing Business
Here's How To Avoid The 3 Most Common Affiliate Mistakes
Here's Why Using Camtasia Can Increase Your Affiliate Checks
How To Become A Super Affiliate In Niche Markets
So Many Affiliate Programs! Which One Do I Choose?
Top 3 Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Commissions Overnight
Using Product Recommendations To Increase Your Bottom Line
Which Affiliate Networks To Look Out For When Promoting

 20 PLR Articles - Affiliate Marketing

Subject: Affiliate Marketing

Making Affiliate Marketing Work up a Profit
How Affiliate Marketing Works
5 Scorching Hot Tips on Succeeding in Affiliate Marketing
Why Affiliate Marketing Works
3 Easy-to-do Steps in Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing
Making money out of nothing but affiliate marketing
Techniques in affiliate marketing done by the best
How to start not making money in affiliate marketing
Getting a steady flow of affiliate marketing checks
Why Choose Affiliate Marketing as your Online Business
Run an Affiliate Marketing Business Successfully
Promoting your Business Using Affiliate Marketing
The Solution to Control your Growing Expenditures
Establishing a Relationship with Each of your Prospects
How to Get Started in Earning Money through Affiliate Marketing
The knows of affiliate marketing
Three Important Ingredients for the Best Program
Innovative Affiliate Marketing Ways and Means
Let Affiliate Marketing Move for Your Business
The Key to Successful Affiliate Marketing

 10 PLR Articles Alcohol Addiction

Subject: Alcohol Addiction

Action of alcohol on internal organs
Alcohol Has No Food Value
Effect Of Alcohol On The Blood
Effect Of Alcohol On The Membranes
How Alcohol Affects The Brain
How Alcohol Causes Mental And Moral Changes
How Alcohol Retards Digestion
Medical Testimony On Alcohol
Mental Disturbances Caused By Alcohol
The Growth And Power Of Appetite

 10 PLR Articles - Marketing

Subject: Article Marketing

3 Things You Must Do Before You Submit To Article Directories
4 Things All Articles Must Have Don't Forget
5 Easy Ways To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
6 Red Hot Tips To Get Your Articles Read
Articles Is The Quickest Way To Your Customers Wallet
How To Create An Outline For Alll Of Your Articles
I Hate Writing Articles Isnt There An Easier Way
The Easiest Way To_ Ceate Articles Public Domain
Top Writers Around The World Will Write For You Outsourcing
Writing The Resource Box So It Makes People Click

 20 PLR Articles - Marketing

Subject: Article Marketing

What article marketing can do for your business
Article marketing is all about titles
Mistakes in article marketing you do not want to get into
Profit getting and customer building article marketing
Article Marketing - Effective Advertising
Article Marketing Serving You its Purpose
Advertising without looking like an advertisement
Article Marketing - Promoting your Website
Article Marketing - Making the Perfect Resource Box
Article Marketing - How to get it Read
Article Marketing - What to do and What NOT to do
Finding Article Ideas through Article Marketing Tactics
Article Marketing Tips Guaranteed to Capture a Mass Audience
How to Convert Readers of your Articles into Web Traffic
What to put in the Resource Box of your Article Marketing
Proof that Article Marketing Works
Article Marketing - 4 Tips on How to Pull your Reader In
Common Mistakes in Article Marketing
Hows and Whys of Article Marketing
Why is article marketing important

25 PLR Articles - AUTISM

 Subject: Autism

A Gift of Sight: Visual Perception Treatment for Autistic Children
Achieving Self-control with Autism
Family Vacations with Autistic Children
Autistic Children and the Strain on Marriage
Autistic Forms of Teaching and Tolerance
Bad Apples on the Family Tree
Medication Options for Autistic Patients
Busting the Autism Stereotypes
Dealing with Asperger Syndrome
Dietary Concerns: Glutton and Casein
Doctors and Diagnosing Autism
Eliminating the Source: What Causes Autism
Finding What Works: Dealing with Autism
Know Your Rights: Laws and Autism
My Child is Autistic-and I don't Know what to Do
How a Hug Can Help Your Autistic Child
Self-Injury: How to Stop this Dangerous Practice
How Brothers and Sisters can Cope with Autistic Family Members
Smooth Transitions: School to Work
How Auditory Stimulation Helps an Hurts and Autistic Child
The Power of Music - Musical Therapy to Treat Autism
The Terrible Teens - Dealing with Autistic Teenagers
Sexual Abuse in the Autistic World
What is Leaky Gut Syndrome
When Lying isn't a Problem: Theory of Mind Difficulties

 10 PLR Articles - BABY

Subject: Baby

Baby Gift Basket Ideas
The Way with Baby Names
Baby R Us: One Stop Baby Shop
Baby Crying 101
One Baby Bash Coming Up!
Baby beanies: The baby toy of all time
The Baby Bedding Challenge
Baby games to play at the Baby Shower
The best baby gift ever is just a click away
Baby Shower: The Welcoming Committe on Board

5 PLR Articles Bad Breath

Subject: Bad Breath

Causes Of Bad Breath
Homoeopathy For Bad Breath
Some Useful Homoepathic Drugs For Bad Breath
The Cure For Bad Breath
If You Still Have Bad Breath

 10 PLR Articles BLOGGING

Subject: Blogging

Blogging 101
All You Need To Know About Blog Hosts
How to Increase Sales Through Streaming Audio
Blog Software For All Your Blogging Needs
The Importance of Blog Design
5 Reasons Why Blogging is the New Internet Marketing Tool
Beginners Guide to Blogging
Boost Your Business With Blogging
Pro Blogging - Making Money From Blogs
Getting started with videoblogging

 10 PLR Articles - Build An Opt In List

Subject: Build An Opt In List

Build An Opt In List
Building A Highly Targeted Opt In List
Building A Hyper Responsive Opt In List
Building An Opt In List And Your Business
Building And Managing An Opt In List
Building Opt In Email
Building Opt In List And Affiliate Marketing
Building Opt In List Do's And Don't's
Email Marketing And Opt In List Building
Secrets Optin List Building

 20 PLR Articles - Buying on eBay

Subject: Buying On eBay

An Introduction to Bidding and Buying on eBay
Your Rights as an eBay Buyer
10 Ways to Avoid Being Ripped Off on eBay
How Important is Your Buyers Reputation
How to Check an eBay Sellers Reputation
Understanding the Different eBay Auction Types
When to Buy Now and When to Bid
eBay Auction Buyer’s Tips and Tricks
When and How to Withdraw Your eBay Bid
You Won that eBay Auction! Now What Do You Do
The eBay Buyer’s FAQ
SafeHarbor - eBay’s Own Scotland Yard
Using PayPal on eBay
How to Get eBay Coupons
Introducing the New eBay Buyer’s Credit Program
Tips and Tricks for Using eBay Search
When Things Go Wrong: How to Resolve eBay Disputes
Watch Out for eBay Automobile and Computer Scams
Tips for Buying Collectibles on eBay
Taking Advantage of Slow eBay Auctions

 10 PLR Articles - Car Rentals

Subject: Car Rentals

How to get a car rental
Checking out the Alamo car rental
National Car Rental, Quality Through the Years
Tips on how to get the most from a budget car rental
Sunny California car rental
Challenges of car rental in Germany
The Ins and Outs of Europe Car Rental
Cheap Car Rental
How to Get the Discount Out of a Discount Car Rental
Getting thrifty car rentals

 10 PLR Articles - Car Stereo

Subject: Car Stereos

Mobile Multimedia: A New Peak For The Alpine Car Stereo
Duh, It’s A Car Stereo!
How to: A Car Stereo Installation Guide
Shoe Sale For The Big Boys: The Car Stereo Sale.
Car Stereo Speaker: Let Your Car Stereo Speak For Itself
Pimp Up Yo’ Ride! Why You Need A Good Car Stereo System.
Budget Bass: Discount Car Stereo
Kenwood Car Stereo Lets You Listen To The Future Of Car Audio.
A Pioneer In Their Own Right: The Pioneer Car Stereo
It’s A Sony Car Stereo

10 PLR Articles - Cell Phones

Subject: Cell Phones

Audiovox cellular phones and functional accessories
Cell phones, do you really want to be available all the time
Cell phone plans, choose the best deal
Entertain yourself with cellular phone ring tones
Cellular phone wallpapers, give your phone personality
Cheap cellular phone, only an alternative
Ericsson cellular phones, top choice for high performance gadgets
Life’s good with LG cellular phones
Nokia cellular phones, most wanted cellular phones
Samsung cellular phone, a basic phone  

 15 PLR Articles - Child Care

Subject: Child Care

ABCs Of Breastfeeding
Apperance Of Milk-teeth
Artificial Diet For Infants
Bathing And Cleanliness During Infancy And Childhood
Crying Baby
Deficiency Of Milk
Early Detection Of Disease In The Child
Exposure Of Infants To Open Air
Mothers Role In Combating Diseases Of Children
Sleep During Infancy And Childhood
Stomach And Bowel Disorders Among Infants
Suitable Clothing For Children
Teaching A Child To Walk
Tips For The Safety Of Kids
What To Do When Your Kids Cry

 10 PLR Articles - Common Health Problems

Subject: Common Health Problems

Causes of Low Back Pain
Cerebral Palsy
Precautions to be taken while combing hair
Food Poisoning
What is a Hernia
Introdduction to Homoeopathy
Nails In Health And Disease
Brief Idea about Piles
Prostate Cancer
The Tongue In Disease Diagnosis

 15 PLR Articles - Cooking In The Kitchen

Subject: Cooking In The Kitchen

ABCs Of Soup Making
The Chemistry And Economy Of Soup-making
Five Fish Soups
Barley The Nutritious Grain
Cereals And Their Preparation
Circumstances Impacting The Quality Of Meat
Cooking Of Grains
Different Ways To Cook Rice
Fruit Cocktails
Importance Of Food Elements
Prepare And Cook Macaroni
Macaroni Recipes
Mouth-watering Lobster Recipes
Nine Salmon Recipes
The Principles Of Scientific Cookery

10 PLR Articles - Credit Cards

Subject: Credit Cards

What You Need To Know to Apply for a Credit Card
The worth of a business credit card
Credit card application for starters
Chasing a Chase Credit Card
Credit card anyone?
Credit Card Debt as a silent financial killer
How to deal with credit card offer
How fast is your credit card processing
Maximizing the potentials of a low APR credit card
Guide to Acquiring UK Credit Cards

 10 PLR Articles - Depression

Subject: Depression

Getting anxious over Anxiety Depression
All About Clinical Depression
Helping Yourself with Depression Help
Facing Depression Head On
Finding the right depression medication
Finding the right Depression Treatment
Taking Manic Depression Seriously
The Truth About Postpartum Depression
The tell-tale symptoms of depression
Understanding Zoloft Depression Better

 10 PLR Articles - Digital Cameras

Subject: Digital Cameras

How To Find The best Digital Camera
Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Digital Camera
The Future Of Digital Cameras
Trusting Digital Camera Reviews
Canon Digital Camera: Express, Shoot and Share
Share Smiles With A Kodak Digital Camera
Nikon Digital Camera: Digital SLR Cameras
Olympus Digital Camera: Professional Cameras Go Digital
Sony Digital Camera: Embracing Perfection
Underwater Digital Camera: Capturing Moments Under Water

 10 PLR Articles - Divorce

Subject: Divorce

Can one spouse prevent a divorce from happening
How to help children through divorce
How to protect your finances for divorce
How to protect yourself from divorce
Keeping positive during a divorce
Should you have an attorney for a divorce
What is a divorce
What is a fault divorce
What is a legal separation in divorce
What parents need to avoid when getting a divorce

 20 PLR Articles - Email Marketing

Subject: Email Marketing

Bulk Email Marketing - How Will It Affect Your Business
How To Choose The Right Email Marketing Software
Choosing the Right Email Marketing Solution
The Basics of Direct Email Marketing
Email Marketing 101
Improve your E-mail Marketing strategy
6 Practical Email Marketing Tactics
Email marketing tools that increase web traffic
How to do targeted email marketing
How to surmount the constraints of email marketing
Learning email marketing
Opt-in List Building Techniques Through Email Marketing
Modern Opt-in List Building Through Email
Opt-in Email Marketing Tips
The Benefits of Permission Email Marketing
Advantages Of Email Marketing
The Future of Email Marketing
What is an Email Marketing Software
What is Email Marketing
Why Email Marketing

 11 PLR Articles - Flu Virus

Subject: Flu Virus

A Speedy Recovery From The Flu
Exploring The History of the Flu
I Have The Flu...When Should I Call My Doctor
Is The Flu Just A Seasonal Illness
Should I Fear The Flu
The Flu Risks For Senior Citizens
What Are The Risks Of The Flu Vaccine
What To Do When Your Child Gets The Flu From School
What To Do When Your Child Has The Flu
What vaccines and immunizations are available for the flu
Why The Avian Flu Is Scaring Everyone Worldwide

 10 PLR Articles- FOREX Trading

Subject: Forex

Foreign exchange market is different from the stock market
FOREX - Foreign Exchange Market
Forex markets - trading internationally
Forex Trading - should you invest
Forex trading, what the hype is all about
Forex trading, where do customers go
FOREX, trading foreign currency
Practicing in the Forex Market
The World Wide Forex market
Who is participating in forex market trades

 10 PLR Articles - Gambling

Subject: Gambling

The Games Gamblers Play: Casino Gambling 101
Free Gambling
Gambling Site 101
Gambling As A Game Of Chance
Temptation at Your Doorstep: Internet Gambling
Offshore Gambling keeps Vegas casino at home
A Guide to Online Casino Gambling
An Overview Of Online Gambling
Sports Gambling Basics
The World of Virtual Gambling

 10 PLR Articles - GARDENING

Subject: Gardening

Fighting Plant Enemies
Garden Pests
Landscape Gardening
Making A Garden
Planting Seeds
The Home Vegetable Garden
The Cultivation Of Vegetables
The Genesis Of Soil
Vegetable Culture
Wild-flower Garden

 20 PLR Articles - Web Traffic

Subject: Get Web Traffic

Learn How to Increase your Web Traffic
Making Profit out of Web Traffic
Website traffic targeted
The vital factors of website traffic analysis
Website traffic tricks to avoid
Website traffic maintenance
Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Website
Web Traffic: Your Online Business’s Key to Success
Measuring Web Traffic for an Effective Site
All you need to Know about Web Traffic Control
Website traffic boosters you need to know about
Web Traffic - Tips on how to generate it free
Increase Web Traffic through Articles
Web Traffic: Do I really need it?
5 Ways to Get Web Traffic to go to Your Site
Double your Web Traffic in 4 Easy Ways
Making Web Traffic Grow through Articles
Common Misconceptions about Web Traffic and Search Engines
2 techniques on Web Traffic to Increase your profits
Web Traffic Analysis Companies

 20 PLR Articles - Google Adwords

Subject: Google Adwords

Google Adwords
Why Businessmen Love Google Adwords
Internet Traffic Generation through Google Adwords
Google Adwords 101
Online Advertising with Google AdWords API
Google AdWords Is Not Google AdSense
Google Adwords Keyword Tool
Google Analytics and Google AdWords
How Could One Profit Using Google AdWords
How To Advertise With Google Adwords
How To Become A Google Adwords Advertiser
Making Money with Google Adwords
Page Ranking with Google Adwords
Pros and cons of Google Adwords
Tips to Succeed in Google Adwords
Secrets of Google Adwords
Understanding Google Adwords
What Google Adwords Can Contribute to Your Business
What is Google Adwords
Why Choosing Google Adwords Pay off

 6 PLR Articles - Great Christmas Ideas

Subject: Great Christmas Ideas

Have A Stress Free Christmas
Christmas Vacation Tips
Christmas Party Game Ideas
Christmas Decoration Ideas On A Budget
How To Come Up With Great Christmas Gift Ideas
What To Look For When Christmas Tree Shopping

10 PLR Articles - Home Brewing

Subject: Home Brewing

Finding the best labels for your home brewed beer
Home brewing kits - great holiday gifts
Home brewing options in saving money
Making beer as a hobby
Making your own beer at home
Making your own wine labels
The first brewing beer recipe
Things to know about making wine
What is in a beer making kit
Why make your own beer at home

10 PLR Articles - Home Theater

Subject: Home Theater

Movies, movies, movies in your own home movie theater
Experience a movie theater right in your own living room
Home theater design may require professional help
Home theater furniture, for a homey movie theater
Get the most useful tips from home theater magazines
Movie-like home theater projectors for entertainment within your reach
Learn all you need from home theater reviews
Complete your home theater setup with home theater seating
Complete the home theater set up with high-end home theater speakers
How to choose the best for your home theater system

10 PLR Articles - Joint Venture 

Subject: Joint Venture

All About Joint Venture
Why would you go into joint ventures
How to fail in the joint venture business
How to become unsuccessful in joint venture marketing
Going for the win-win joint ventures
Internet Marketing Success With Joint Ventures
Just to give you some joint venture ideas
The joint venture that will be your keys to riches
How to you fast-forward your way into a joint venture
Get your Online Business Started through Joint Ventures
Make your Joint Venture Proposal Convincingly Irresistible
Why Engage in Website Joint Ventures
How to Write an Irresistible Proposal
A Way to Jump Start your New Business
A Great Way to Jump-Start Your Business
Why Joint Ventures
What is Joint Venture
Joint Venture 101

10 PLR Articles - NEW YORK

Subject: New York

New York, New York and New York
New York City: Traveler’s Paradise
The New York Times: The Almost Omniscient Media Reporter
The History behind the New York Post
The story behind the New York Daily Post
Tips To Find the Ideal Hotel in New York
The Ultimate Hotel Guide To New York City
The Thespian’s Guide to Acting Schools in New York
The Restaurant World of New York
Looking back at the New York Yankees

 10 PLR Articles - Opt-In Lists

Subject: Opt-In Lists

3 Quick And Easy Ways To Build A Profitable Opt In List
4 Crucial Things You Need To Do To Build Your List
4 Ways To Get_ Your Opt In Subscribers To Trust You Quickly
5 Things To Consider When Publishing A Newsletter
7 Ways To Make Money Using Nothing More Than Your List
Can You Really Use Articles To Build Your List
How To Build A List Of Eager Subscribers
How To Get Your Subscribers Begging For More
How To Grab Your Readers Attention With Your Subject
The 3 Things To Avoid When Emailing Your List

 20 PLR Articles - Selling on eBay

Subject: Selling On eBay

eBay - The First 10 Years
EBay Income Possibilities.
What You Need to Know Before You Get Started on eBay
Guide to the Different eBay Auction Types
Staying Out of Trouble with eBays Listing Policies
Learning the eBay Lingo
5 Simple Steps to Posting Your First eBay Auction
An eBay Sellers Checklist
Whats Your eBay Reputation Really Worth
Is the eBay Customer Always Right
10 Sure-fire Ways to Kill Your eBay Business
10 Steps to Successful Selling on eBay
eBay - Part Time or Full - How to Decide
How to Think Like an eBay PowerSeller
How to Use eBay to Grow Your Other Businesses
Taming the eBay Search Engine
How to Choose the Right eBay Product Category
eBay Title Writing Tips
eBay Description Writing Tips
10 Tips for Increasing Your eBay Response

 10 PLR Articles - SEO

Subject: SEO

Basics of SEO
Best seo tips
Do-it-yourself SEO Techniques
Ethical SEO Techniques
Getting quality inbound links and seo
How to seo your web page
Keyword Selection and SEO
Keyword Selector Tools and SEO
Modern SEO Techniques
Off-Page Factors On Doing SEO
Say No To Illegal SEO Techniques
Search Engine Copywriting For SEO Without Losing Readability
SEO 101
SEO - What It Can Do for Your Business
SEO Technique - Link-building
SEO Tips for Blogs
Spamming is Not a Good SEO Technique
Search Engine Optimization - Art and Science
Why is Search Engine Optimization Important
What to Look for in a SEO Company

10 PLR Articles - Viral Marketing Techniques 

Subject: Viral Techniques

Viral Marketing Technique Contagion
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Boredom and variety
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Dogs need different diets at different ages
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Home made diets
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20 PLR Articles - Your Dog's Health

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Bathing a dog
Clipping a dog
Common questions about heart worm
Common questions about vaccinations
Do parasites cause Scooting
First steps in grooming
Fleas and other parasites
Heart worm prevention
Heart worm, fleas and other parasites
Home dental care
How often should my pet be examined
How to administer medicine
Nursing a sick dog
Pet health insurance
Pet Identification
Preventing dental disease
Signs of Ill health
Spaying and neutering
Spaying of the Female dog
Surgical neutering of the male dog
The importance of the physical examination
Veterinary dental treatments
What happens during an examination
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    Let's face it, Search Engines love fresh, new content and especially if that content is in fresh, new formats. And even though people have been recording audio since the old "reel-to-reel" recorders were around, on the Internet, producing content through audio is a whole new thing.

    And if you're like the rest of us, every time you open your email, someone is writing to tell you about a brand new audio they've come out with to teach you some special aspect of marketing.

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    Socially Speaking

    Social Bookmarking sites are fast becoming all the rage. From blogging directories like Technorati to the more casual "hang outs" like MySpace.com, more and more people are using them to look for things of interest.

    Lately, the Internet Marketing circle has found that these Social Bookmarking sites are fertile ground for finding new traffic and customers that normally wouldn't search for specific things on a Search Engine.

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    And these people love finding things they can grab to look at, or listen to when its more convenient for them. So audio files tend to be a big hit among them.

    The Point Of Getting Traffic To Your Audio Directory

    Of course there should be a reason why you'd want to have your directory get high Page Rank and get bookmarked regularly that goes beyond simply just providing people with the latest audios available. You want to make money!

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    On a regular article directory, the visitor has to spend the time reading the articles word for word, which doesn't give them the ability to "rummage" around the rest of your site or your advertisements.

    With an audio article directory, your visitors can click on a button to listen to an interesting clip and at the same time move around your site and read other things, like your AdSense ads, Affiliate links, banners, text ads, resale ads, you name it.

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    That's an amazing opportunity for any marketer, whether they be a niche marketer, affiliate marketer, eBay marketer, direct ship marketer, or any other kind of marketer.

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    So Lets Recap

    Audio Article Directory, in some regards, is just like any other article directory. You have your main site page which is an index of all the audio files on your site with a link to them, the author's name, and a written snippet of what each audio article is about.

    Audio Article Directory is set up to always open a link in a new window, so no matter where your visitors travel, they'll always end up at your main directory page.

    Audio Article Directory requires registration for new authors who want to upload an audio file, so your list will build and build and build.

    Audio Article Directory, by its audio nature, allows your visitors the freedom to roam about your site, clicking on ads and other links while they listen to their chosen audio.

    Audio Article Directory allows you to add any type of advertising. Even the new video ads by Google will feel right at home in your audio article directory. It works with any kind of javascript, allows you to add your own product banners (or anyone else's that you might get commission for), ClickBank, Yahoo, MSN, Google, BetterTextAds, you name it!

    Yes, you can even use Audio Article Directory to do a little Click Flipping, a kind of reverse AdSense marketing tactic.

    And finally . . .

    Audio Article Directory is great for . . .

    • Article Marketing (of course)
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    • Club Sites, Historical Sites, Intranet Sites and just about any other kind of site you can think of.

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    • And because its 100% RSS ready, thousands of people can tune in to listen to your audio files from any reader, mobile phone, or iPod.

    See For Yourself

    We've set up a demo directory so you can see the effect an Audio Article Directory can have. Try out some of the clips, browse around, click on a few links. After all, this is what your visitors will be doing!

    See for yourself at:

    Audio Article Directory Demo


     MyContentRotator (v1)

    By Garnett Johnston

    The MyContentRotator script is a very basic but effective script, it contains only a few lines of code but will allow you to rotate anything you want on your web-pages.

    The script is PHP based, but it does not require you to know any PHP programming in order to use it.

    You can rotate articles, images, product sales pages, banners, adsense code, and so the list goes on.


    The downside though is that this content is often displayed on many other websites and includes links that take your visitors away to someone else’s site.

    Now imagine that instead of rotating RSS feeds on your site, you now rotate your own articles or product pages instead. These articles can contain links to your other websites, your affiliate links, or to products you have for sale. Or you could just simply rotate a basic text only article if that’s all you need!

    You could use Javascript as an alternative to this PHP script, but as Javascript is not executed on the server, the search engines would only see the static javascript code and you would gain no benefit from the fresh content delivered by this PHP script.


    Your webhost must allow execution of php script files. Most of them do but if you should have any trouble installing the script, contact them for instructions on correct set-up.

    Start by editing the file articlerotator.php in your favourite webpage editor, or in notepad. You will see the following code:


    $content = array (











    echo file_get_contents($content[0]);


    The script will randomly call any of the 8 articles and display it on your webpage. You can add more articles if you wish just by adding more lines into the code, or less articles by removing lines from the code.

    You will need to rename your articles to article1.html, article2.html etc to use the script in the format above or alternatively, change

    the code shown above to the correct filenames of your articles.

    Note: The articles should be placed in the same folder as the rotator script.

    Finally, to display your random articles, you will need to add the following line of text anywhere on your webpages that you wish the articles to appear:

    <?php include("rotator.php"); ?>

    If you’ve put the file in a sub directory, make sure you include the

    full path to it.

    That’s it.

    In most cases, all you will need to do will be edit the files on your desktop pc and upload to your server.
    Most of us know the benefits of rotating RSS feeds on our websites. Each time the search engines visit, they see fresh content and the theory goes will improve your website ranking.


     Blog Commentor is created for you to be able to post blog comments on blogs with themes or keywords of your choice, so that you can get higher rankings in the Search Engines.

    And, before you even begin to get funny ideas, it is not a spam tool. Both I and the creator of this software are against spamming. And if your comments are not valuable and relevant they will be deleted from the blog you visit so what would be the point anyway?

    So, when you post a comment, be sure to add real value to the blog you're visiting. Because that's what you do. With Blog Commentor you go for a visit. Like with any first visit, it's natural that you start by taking a look around and get to know the home of this fellow blogger. How does it feel?

    Then, see if you are inspired to write a comment. Will it be fun and creative and beneficial for you? If not, I assure you, it won't be for others either.

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    Page Text Analysis

    Page Design Analysis

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    List of Bold Text used on the page


    List of all Hyperlinks


    List of mailto: links


    Minimum paragraph length used


    Maximum paragraph length used


    Page word count


    List of Power words and Hypnotic words used


    List of bulleted text


    Text symbols used


    Highlighted text used


    Italicized text used


    List of phrases inside quotes (" ")


    Clichés used


    Whether the links are Cloaked?


    Number of times the reader is “told” to order / buy / get


    Number of Bonus products listed


    List of Headlines


    List of Sub-headlines


    Opening paragraph


    Copyright Information


    Contact Email on Page


    Contact Phone on Page


    Contact Fax on Page


    Post Script Text

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    System Requirements


    Windows 98/Me/XP/2000


    Internet Explorer


    Internet Connection (if you want to analyze sales pages directly from the Internet)


    Microsoft Office (optional, required only if you want to export report to MS-Word or MS-Excel

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    • Search Engines and How They Work
      Choosing a SEO Company
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      Increasing Your Search Engine Ranking 
      Building Your Link Popularity 
      Protecting Your Search Engine Rankings 
      Top Search Engines
      Resource Guide and Bonuses

      Search Engines are special sites on the Web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites. Search Engine has a different formula for assigning weight to the words in its index. This is one of the reasons that a search for the same word on different Search Engines will produce different lists, with the pages presented in different orders. 

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    Private Label Rights

    Because this package is completely digital and you download everything including the source code to some of the products, no refunds are available. Once customers have downloaded the source files we have no way of maintaining any control. You have virtually unlimited possibilities of doing anything (or nothing) with them While I know this is not how you are, we just feel that on an offer this good we don't need to offer a guarantee.  So once you buy this it's yours for keeps! You OWN it! Please DO NOT ORDER unless you are 100% sure you understand this...


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