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Enriching Your Mind, Body and Soul With The Power Of Yoga Package

 Yoga is a journey toward your physical and spiritual wellness. With these guides in hand, you will experience the health, energy, and vibrancy that yoga can bring into your life.

The Health Benefits of Practicing YOGA

In case you have not decided which could represent the best moment of the day for carrying out your yoga session, you have to know that both morning and evening practices can result very beneficial to your body and mind. Thus, performing the exercises in the morning can contribute to your good shape for the whole day, as it improves your vitality level. On the other hand, evening yoga practices helps inducing a restful and peaceful sleep.

Your yoga session should not exhaust you. Do not hesitate to take a break, when you feel tired. Actually, short breaks are common, between difficult exercises. Keep in mind that as little as 15 minutes of correct yoga practice can produce marvelous results on your body and mind.

You'll learn:

 - What Is Yoga?

 - What Yoga Isn’t...

 - What is the essence of Yoga?

 - What Yoga Exercise Do For You!

 - Discover Yoga's Healing Power


 - What Is The Difference?

 - Points To Be Followed Before Learning Yoga

 - Yoga Positions for Beginners

 - Best Yoga Position?

 - Importance Of Controlling Your Mind

 - How To Practice Meditation?

 - How To Perform Yogic Exercises

 - Learn Yoga’s Relaxation Technique

 - Cultivating Positive Energy

 - The Power of Stretching

 - Benefits of Yoga

 - Yoga Your Way to Physical and Mental Fitness

 - Discover How Yoga Will Help You Reach Your Goals

 - Getting Healthy With Yoga

As a final idea, try to remember that the most important thing, when practicing yoga, is your attitude and your desire to discover the incredible sensations and experiences this ancient philosophy can provide.

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The Yoga Life Style Challenge

Yoga is the most diversified spiritual practice in the world. Crossing over many cultures (including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and the West), Yoga also extends over multiple languages such as Hindi, Tibetan, Bengali, Sanskrit, Tamil, Prakit, Marathi and Pali. The Yogic tradition continues to proliferate and spread its message of peace to this very day.

You'll learn:

  • Why Do Yoga?
  • Types of Yoga
  • Getting Ready
  • Beginning Your Workout

 - Easy Pose

 - Downward Facing Dog

 - Sun Salutations

 - Tree Pose

 - Extended Triangle

 - Seated Forward Bend

 - Bound Angle Pose

 - Wide Angle Seating Forward Bend

 - Full Boat

 - Bridge

 - Legs Up The Wall

 - Corpse Pose

  • Meditation

 - Universal Mantra Meditation

 - Relaxation Meditation

 - Energy Healing Meditation

 - Color Healing Meditation

 - Centering

  • Desktop Yoga
  • Meditation technique for different environments
  • The Battle between Mindfulness and Active Meditation
  • Getting in Touch with Oneself by Transcendental Meditation
  • Healing Meditation Using the Chakras System
  • Walking Meditation as a Modern Way to a Healthier Life
  • Six Simple Steps on Stress Reduction
  • Yoga For Headaches

 - Child’s Pose

 - Standing Forward Bend

  • Yoga for Menstrual Cramps

 - Reclining Bound Angle

 - Upward Bow

 - Seated Twist

  • Yoga for Depression

 - Headstand

 - Head To Knee Forward Bend

  • Let the Power of Your Mind Make a Big Difference

This book is a way for you to get started on your own yoga program.

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YOGA - Take Control of Your Health

There’s no doubt that yoga has tremendous benefits to your health and well-being. So how do you get started with your own yoga program? Let’s look at the basic styles of yoga and what they mean.


In ancient times yoga was often referred to as a tree, a living entity with roots, a trunk, branches, blossoms, and fruit. Hatha yoga is one of six branches; the others include raja, karma, bhakti, jnana, and tantra yoga. Each branch with its unique characteristics and function represents a particular approach to life. Some people may find one particular branch more inviting than another. However, it is important to note that involvement in one of these paths does not preclude activity in any of the others, and in fact you'll find many paths naturally overlapping.

Raja Yoga

Raja means "royal," and meditation is the focal point of this branch of yoga. This approach involves strict adherence to the eight "limbs" of yoga as outlined by Patanajli in the Yoga Sutras. Also found in many other branches of yoga, these limbs, or stages, follow this order: ethical standards, yama; self-discipline, niyama; posture, asana; breath extension or control, pranayama; sensory withdrawl, pratyahara; concentration, dharana; meditation, dhyana; and ecstasy or final liberation, samadhi.

Raja yoga attracts individuals who are introspective and drawn to meditation. Members of religious orders and spiritual communities devote themselves to this branch of yoga. However, even though this path suggests a monastic or contemplative lifestyle, entering an ashram or monastery is not a prerequisite to practicing raja yoga.

Karma Yoga

The next branch is that of karma yoga or the path of service, and none of us can escape this pathway. The principle of karma yoga is that what we experience today is created by our actions in the past. Being aware of this, all of our present efforts become a way to consciously create a future that frees us from being bound by negativity and selfishness.

Karma is the path of self-transcending action. We practice karma yoga whenever we perform our work and live our lives in a selfless fashion and as a way to serve others. Volunteering to serve meals in a soup kitchen or signing up for a stint with the Peace Corps or Habitat for Humanity are prime examples of selfless service associated with the karma yoga path.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti yoga describes the path of devotion. Seeing the divine in all of creation, bhakti yoga is a positive way to channel the emotions. The path of bhakti provides us with an opportunity to cultivate acceptance and tolerance for everyone we come into contact with. Bhakti yogis express the devotional nature of their path in their every thought, word, and deed—whether they are taking out the trash or calming the anger of a loved one. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., are prime examples of bhakti yogis. The life and work of Mother Teresa epitomize the combination of the karma and bhakti yoga paths with devotional aspects of bhakti and the selfless service of karma yoga.

Jnana Yoga

If we consider bhakti to be the yoga of the heart, then jnana yoga is the yoga of the mind, of wisdom, the path of the sage or scholar. This path requires development of the intellect through the study of the scriptures and texts of the yogic tradition. The jnana yoga approach is considered the most difficult and at the same time the most direct. It involves serious study and will appeal to those who are more intellectually inclined. Within the context of our Western religious traditions, Kabalistic scholars, Jesuit priests, and Benedictine monks epitomize jnana yogis.

Tantra Yoga

Probably the most misunderstood or misinterpreted of all the yogas, tantra, the sixth branch, is the pathway of ritual, which includes consecrated sexuality. The key word here is "consecrated," which means to make sacred, to set apart as something holy or hallowed.

In tantric practice we experience the Divine in everything we do. A reverential attitude is therefore

cultivated, encouraging a ritualistic approach to life. It is amusing to note that, although tantra has become associated exclusively with sexual ritual, most tantric schools actually recommend a celibate lifestyle.

In essence, tantra is the most esoteric of the six major branches. It will appeal to those yogis who enjoy ceremony and relate to the feminine principle of the cosmos, which yogis call shakti. If you see—and are deeply moved by—the significance behind celebration and ritual (holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other rites of passage), tantra yoga may be for you. Many tantric yogis find magic in all types of ceremony, whether it be a Japanese tea ceremony, the consecration of the Eucharist in a Catholic mass, or the consummation of a relationship.


One of the most popular schools of yoga practice today is that of Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga literally means “eight limbs”. These eight steps (limbs) basically act as guidelines on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. They serve as a prescription for moral and ethical conduct and self-discipline; they direct attention toward one's health; and they help us to acknowledge the spiritual aspects of our nature.

The first limb, yama, deals with one's ethical standards and sense of integrity, focusing on our behavior and how we conduct ourselves in life. Yamas are universal practices that relate best to what we know as the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Niyama, the second limb, has to do with self-discipline and spiritual observances. Regularly attending temple or church services, saying grace before meals, developing your own personal meditation practices, or making a habit of taking contemplative walks alone are all examples of niyamas in practice.

Asanas, the postures practiced in yoga, comprise the third limb. In the yogic view, the body is a temple of spirit, the care of which is an important stage of our spiritual growth. Through the practice of asanas, we develop the habit of discipline and the ability to concentrate, both of which are necessary for meditation.

Generally translated as breath control, this fourth stage consists of techniques designed to gain mastery over the respiratory process while recognizing the connection between the breath, the mind, and the emotions.

As implied by the literal translation of pranayama, "life force extension," yogis believe that it not only rejuvenates the body but actually extends life itself. You can practice pranayama as an isolated technique (i.e., simply sitting and performing a number of breathing exercises), or integrate it into your daily hatha yoga routine.

These first four stages of Patanjali's ashtanga yoga concentrate on refining our personalities, gaining mastery over the body, and developing an energetic awareness of ourselves, all of which prepares us for the second half of this journey, which deals with the senses, the mind, and attaining a higher state of consciousness.

Pratyahara, the fifth limb, means withdrawal or sensory transcendence. It is during this stage that we make the conscious effort to draw our awareness away from the external world and outside stimuli. Keenly aware of, yet cultivating a detachment from, our senses, we direct our attention internally.

The practice of pratyahara provides us with an opportunity to step back and take a look at ourselves. This withdrawal allows us to objectively observe our cravings: habits that are perhaps detrimental to our health and which likely interfere with our inner growth.

As each stage prepares us for the next, the practice of pratyahara creates the setting for dharana, or concentration. Having relieved ourselves of outside distractions, we can now deal with the distractions of the mind itself. No easy task!

In the practice of concentration, which precedes meditation, we learn how to slow down the thinking process by concentrating on a single mental object: a specific energetic center in the body, an image of a deity, or the silent repetition of a sound. We, of course, have already begun to develop our powers of concentration in the previous three stages of posture, breath control, and withdrawal of the senses.

In asana and pranayama, although we pay attention to our actions, our attention travels. Our focus constantly shifts as we fine-tune the many nuances of any particular posture or breathing technique. In pratyahara we become self-observant; now, in dharana, we focus our attention on a single point. Extended periods of concentration naturally lead to meditation.

Meditation or contemplation, the seventh stage of ashtanga, is the uninterrupted flow of concentration. Although concentration (dharana) and meditation (dhyana) may appear to be one and the same, a fine line of distinction exists between these two stages. Where dharana practices one-pointed attention, dhyana is ultimately a state of being keenly aware without focus.

At this stage, the mind has been quieted, and in the stillness it produces few or no thoughts at all. The strength and stamina it takes to reach this state of stillness is quite impressive. But don't give up. While this may seem a difficult if not impossible task, remember that yoga is a process. Even though we may not attain the "picture perfect" pose, or the ideal state of consciousness, we benefit at every stage of our progress.

Patanjali describes this eighth and final stage of ashtanga as a state of ecstasy. At this stage, the meditator merges with his or her point of focus and transcends the Self altogether. The meditator comes to realize a profound connection to the Divine, interconnectedness with all living things. With this realization comes the "peace that passeth all understanding"; the experience of bliss and being at one with the Universe.

On the surface, this may seem to be a rather lofty, "holier than thou" kind of goal. However, if we pause to examine what we really want to get out of life, would not joy, fulfillment, and freedom somehow find their way onto our list of hopes, wishes, and desires?

What Patanjali has described as the completion of the yogic path is what, deep down, all human beings aspire to: peace. We also might give some thought to the fact that this ultimate stage of yoga—enlightenment—can neither be bought nor possessed. It can only be experienced, the price of which is the continual devotion of the aspirant.

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 The Art of Yoga

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The Beginner's Guide to Yoga

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 Guide To Advanced Yoga Techniques

Guide To Advanced Yoga Techniques provides a complete manual for the study and practice of Raja and Gnani Yoga. This book of timeless teachings is a treasure to be read and referred to again and again by those seeking the spiritual path. The classic Sutras cover the yogic teachings on ethics, meditation, and physical postures, and provide directions for dealing with situations in daily life.

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Yoga - A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind and Spirit 

You'll learn:

  • Yoga - Practices and History
  • Yoga Facts
  • Common Mistakes and Misunderstandings About Yoga?
  • The Effects And Benefits Of Different Types Of Yoga
  • Yoga Creates A Balance Between The Body, Mind And Soul
  • Learn Yoga - Step by Step
  • What Yoga Exercise Do For You!
  • How to take those first steps into Yoga
  • Yoga techniques on the loose
  • Yoga Poses And What They Achieve
  • Different Yoga Poses and Asanas
  • Is Yoga the perfect form of exercise and relaxation? 
  • Yoga  - In Sickness And In Health
  • Yoga Positions for Beginners
  • Yoga Positions – A Few Tips
  • Why Yoga is Important For An Office Worker
  • HOW Yoga Can Benefit The Businessperson
  • Yoga: How To Develop A Home Practice
  • Yoga And The Breath
  • Yoga For Stress Relief
  • Yoga Meditation
  • How To Practice Meditation
  • Positive Energy
  • Yoga Diet
  • How To Perform Yogic Exercises
  • The Top 5 Yoga Positions
  • Have a health Problem? Yoga can solve it
  • Yoga's Eight Fold Path to Enlightenment
  • Finding The Right Beginner Yoga Class For You
  • Frequently Asked Questions On Yoga

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A Guide to Gnani Yoga

A Guide to Gnani Yoga gives you a plain, practical and simple exposition of the great truths of this world-old philosophy--endeavoring to express in plain simple terms the greatest truths known to man on earth to-day, the Yogi Philosophy. We hope that our work opens up new worlds of thought to you, aiding you in casting off the old material sheaths that have bound you for so long, and unfolding the beautiful blossom of Spirituality.

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The Doctrine and Practice of Yoga 

Yoga practice forms a ladder leading to perfect knowledge. (1) Self-control (yama) involves truthfulness, abstinence, avoidance of theft, refusal of gifts, and not doing injury to living things. (2) Religious observance (niyama) embraces austerity, poverty, contentment, purification rites, recital of the Vedic hymns, and devoted reliance on the Supreme Being. (3) Postures (āsana), of which there are a great many, are regarded as basic to all the stages that follow. (4) Regulation of the breath (prānāyāma) includes altering its depth and rhythm, breathing through either nostril at will, and the virtual suspension of breath. (5) Restraint of the senses (prātyāhāra) means their withdrawal from external objects and the consequent turning of the mind upon itself. (6) Steadying of the mind (dhārāna) narrows attention to some one part of the body, such as the navel, the tip of the nose, or the middle of the brow, and in that way renders the practitioner insensitive to outside disturbance. (7) Meditation (dhyāna) fixes the mind on the object of knowledge, especially Brahma, to the exclusion of all other thoughts. (8) Profound contemplation (samādhi) is the perfect absorption of thought in the object of knowledge, its union and identification with that object. The achievement of samādhi liberates the self from the illusions of sense and the contradictions of reason. It is thought that has gone beyond thought, reaching its goal by its own negation. It leads to an inner illumination, the ecstasy of the true knowledge of reality.

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The Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion".

You'll learn:

  • Tai Chi History
  • Tai Chi in the Modern World
  • Tai Chi Facts: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Learning the Sword of Tai Chi
  • Tai Chi Sword: A Connection Between the Human and the Weapon
  • Tai Chi used for Self Defense
  • Benefits of Tai Chi to People’s Health
  • Tai Chi Versus Stress
  • Preventing Arthritis Through Tai Chi
  • Tai Chi Exercises Suitable for Arthritis
  • Tai Chi to Battle Parkinson’s Disease
  • Tai Chi Rejuvenates Immunity in Older Adults Against Shingles
  • Tai Chi for Health and for Science
  • 10 Important Concepts of Tai Chi
  • Ten Principles of Yang Style Tai Chi
  • Suitable Styles and Advices for Tai Chi Lovers
  • Tai Chi Precautions
  • Tai Chi Techniques and Training
  • Tai Chi in Motion
  • How Tai Chi Works in Workplaces
  • Tai Chi Uplifts External and Internal Systems
  • Tai Chi Push Hands: A Two-man Battle
  • Looking Forward to Tai Chi Benefits and Advantages
  • and more...

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 The Hindu-Yogi Science Of Breath 

A complete guide on Eastern practices of breathing, mental, psychic and spiritual development. 

The book teaches that Yoga is divided into several branches, ranging from that which teaches the control of the body, to that which teaches the attainment of the highest spiritual development. It explains that while the science of yoga is chiefly concerned with the development and control of the physical, it has also its psychic side, and even enters the field of spiritual development. 

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Easy Steps To Yoga 

You'll find useful lessons on the practice of Yoga. According to the temperament and capacity of the Sadhaka, the student can select any course of Sadhana given in this book and safely proceed higher and higher in the spiritual path and surely attain the goal of life quickly. Special instructions given in Chapter VII will be of great help to all aspirants. The Chapter VIII containing simple lessons on the practice of Asanas with illustrations will be found highly useful to all.

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       Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism 

Contents: First Three Principles; Mental and Spiritual Principles; Human Aura; Thought Dynamics; Telepathy, Clairvoyance; Human Magnetism; Occult Therapeutics; Psychic Influence; Astral World; Beyond the Border; Spiritual Evolution; Spiritual Cause and Effect; Yogi Path of Attainment.

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 Introduction To Yoga Techniques

Introduction To Yoga Techniques covers all the basics and gives you everything you need to know about yoga philosophy and tradition. You will learn traditional yoga philosophy and practice in an inviting, easy-to-read way. Packed with lessons and exercises, you will love this book and refer to it time and again as you progress in your Yoga education.

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Autobiography of a Yogi 

A classic text, AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI describes the life and teachings of the Hindu monk Paramahansa Yogananda. From his childhood in India that inspired his search for a spiritual teacher, to the time that he spent in the West as a teacher himself, this book gives not only the facts of his life but also the spiritual tenets by which that life in its faith was lived.

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A Guide To Raja YOGA

This is a very helpful, and enlightening manual on the art of yoga - more specifically, "Raja Yoga" which is a balanced and comprehensive approach to yoga practice.

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The Yoga of Meditation 

You can LEARN:

  • Yoga Meditation Facts
  • Common Mistakes and Misunderstandings About Yoga?
  • The Effects And Benefits Of Different Types Of Yoga
  • Importance Of Controlling Your Mind
  • Exactly What Is Meditation Anyway?
  • Understanding Contemplation
  • The Types Of Meditation
  • What Happens During Meditation?
  • Yoga - Step by Step
  • Are You Ready To Meditate Yet?
  • Yoga And The Breath
  • Yoga For Relaxation
  • Elements Required For Meditation To Happen
  • Your Meditation Object
  • Meditating In A Simple Form First
  • Yoga Meditation
  • How To Practice Meditation
  • Other Methods Of Meditation

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Better Health Through Yoga 

You can learn:

  • WHAT is YOGA?
  • Discover Yoga's Healing Power
  • The Many Benefits of Yoga
  • How to Start?
  • Points To Be Followed Before Learning Yoga
  • Improve Your Eyesight With Trataka
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure by Practicing Yoga
  • How Yoga benefits the Circulatory System
  • Marjaraasana Yoga Asana - For Sound Physical And Mental Health
  • Yoga For Asthma Cure
  • Yoga Treatment for Hernia
  • Trying Yoga for Back Pain
  • How to Treat Infertility With Yoga
  • Yoga for Those With Parkinson's Disease
  • Yoga for Prevention of Heart Attacks
  • Yoga is a Safe Solution to Weight Control
  • Yoga Diet
  • The Most Effective Scoliosis Exercise
  • Yoga's Holistic Treatment For Arthritis
  • Yoga - The Solution for Insomnia
  • Breathing & Relaxation Exercises For Expectant Mothers
  • Improve General Health and Sexual Abilities Through Yoga
  • Applications in Cancer Treatment
  • Beneficial results in curing diabetes
  • Yoga – A Cure for Modern Day Stress
  • Breathing and Relaxing
  • Mudras For Good Health
  • Yoga Promotes A Healthier Life
  • How to find the right Yoga teacher?

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 Practical Lessons in Yoga

This book entitled “Practical Lessons in Yoga” consists of twelve easy and interesting Lessons.This book has been specially designed by the author keeping in mind the needs of the students of Yoga in Europe and America,who need practical but non-technical presentation of the subject in a language accessible to the beginner in the path.

  • The Universal Prayer
  • I. Yoga And Its Objects
  • II. Yoga Sadhana
  • III. Yogic Discipline
  • IV. Yogic Diet
  • V. Obstacles in Yoga
  • VI. Yoga-Asanas
  • VII. Pranayama
  • VIII. Concentration
  • IX. Meditation
  • X. Samadhi
  • XI. The Serpentine Powers
  • XII. Spiritual Vibrations And Aura
  • Daily Routine For Aspirants
  • Yoga And Science

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  • Karmas and Diseases
  • Mind, Prana And Kundalini
  • Practice of Karma Yoga
  • The Science of Pranayama
  • What Becomes Of The Soul After Death
  • Yoga in Daily Life

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With The Power Of Yoga package, you will receive guides that cover every aspect of the yoga lifestyle, including relaxation, exercise, breathing, meditation and health. Whether you're using the package in conjunction with a class or on your own, The Power Of Yoga can help you:

Develop a fit and beautiful body

Boost your energy and vitality at any stage of life

Reduce stress and experience greater peace of mind

Increase your powers of concentration and discipline

The Power Of Yoga package will enable anyone, regardless of age, sex, or physical ability, to start practicing yoga at home.

 Yoga is a journey toward your physical and spiritual wellness. With these guides in hand, you will experience the health, energy, and vibrancy that yoga can bring into your life.


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