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Step-by-Step Online Video Coaching Tutorials

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Are you sick & tired of trying to figure out all of the steps it takes to get things going online?

Do You Want To Start Your Own Internet Business Without Having To Pull Out Your Hair Wondering HOW To Do It?

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Here's to revolutionizing the way you market online, and increasing your income to higher levels with this amazingly effective tools... you are getting nothing less than top quality products that you will be proud to offer to your clients. Instructional videos, demos, marketing messages can all greatly boost your sales to the roof and reduce refunds and support issues more than any marketing words.

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Since we understand that some of you may have difficulty setting-up your website, we will give you "Over the shoulder" video tutorials from setting-up your domain name, hosting, squeeze page, thank you page, auto-responder system, and etc. This will help you to set-up your resale rights business ASAP.

Here are the "list" of video tutorials you will receive:

  • Video Tutorial #1:   Register for the right domain name.
  • Video Tutorial #2:   Register for the web hosting service.
  • Video Tutorial #3:   Register for Payspree Account.
  • Video Tutorial #4:   Sync your domain name with hosting.
  • Video Tutorial #5:   How to create a web form.
  • Video Tutorial #6:   How to create a powerful Squeeze Page Template.
  • Video Tutorial #7:   How to create a redirect with redirect script.
  • Video Tutorial #8:   How to set-up payment on Payspree.
  • Video Tutorial #9:   How to create a new list.
  • Video Tutorial #10: How to create a single opt-in list on your list.
  • Video Tutorial #11: How to segment your list.
  • Video Tutorial #12: How to create signature file on AR.
  • Video Tutorial #13: How to broadcast emails on AR.
  • Video Tutorial #14: How to create follow up messages.
  • Video Tutorial #15: How to track links on auto-responder the correct way.
  • Video Tutorial #16: How to personalize your message on AR.
  • Video Tutorial #17: How to use FTP info.
  • Video Tutorial #18: How to create a thank you page template.
  • Video Tutorial #19: How to create your blog.
  • Video Tutorial #20: How to create your email with your domain name.
  • Video Tutorial #21: How to customize your blog.
  • Video Tutorial #22: Avoid spam on your blog comment.
  • Video Tutorial #23: Add blogstat on your blog.
  • Video Tutorial #24: Add sidebar on your blog.
  • Video Tutorial #25: Add blogroll on your blog.
  • Video Tutorial #26: Connect Facebook to Your Blog.
  • Video Tutorial #27: Get API Key for Wordpress Blog.
  • Video Tutorial #28: Add link to your sales page.
  • Video Tutorial #29: Publish your article the right way.
  • Video Tutorial #30: Add SEO package to your blog.
  • Video Tutorial #31: Add yellow highlight to your HTML code.
  • Video Tutorial #32: Use notepad to create HTML code.
  • Video Tutorial #33: Add color to your HTML code.
  • Video Tutorial #34: How to bold your text on your HTML code.
  • Video Tutorial #35: Get your affiliate ID for clickbank.
  • Video Tutorial #36: Cloak your clickbank ID.

These video tutorials are pretty much everything you need to SOLVE your technical problems on setting-up your resale rights business ASAP. In addition, we will even provide you with all the resources you need to make sure you set-up your website correctly. It is that powerful.

"How To Create Your Own Blog For FREE"

In this video series you get a total of over 50 minutes of exclusive video tutorials... starting with the basics like introduction to the blog service to running the blog properly on your website.

(With Full Master Resell Rights & Customization worth $29.97)

"How To Create A Huge Database Of Articles On Your Website"

In this video series you get a total of over 37 minutes of exclusive video tutorials... starting with the basics like introduction to the script to installing and running the script properly on your website.

(With Full Master Resell Rights & Customization worth $29.97)

"How To Create A Customer Service Support Ticket System For Free"

In this video series you get a total of over 43 minutes of exclusive video tutorials... starting with the basics like introduction to the script to installing and running the script properly on your website.

(With Full Master Resell Rights & Customization worth $29.97)

"How To Password Protect Your Membership Site"

In this video series you get a total of over 63 minutes of exclusive video tutorials... starting with the basics like introduction to the script to installing and running the script properly on your website. You Don't Have To Fork Out Your Hard-Earned Money To Hire Someone To Install Your Membership Script After Watching These Videos.

(With Full Master Resell Rights & Customization worth $29.97)

How To Install An Ad Tracking Script On Your Website

In this video series you get a total of over 25 minutes of exclusive video tutorials... starting with the basics like introduction to the script to installing and running the script properly on your website.

(With Full Master Resell Rights & Customization worth $29.97)

"How To Create Streaming Audio Buttons On Your Website"

In this video series you get a total of over 48 minutes of exclusive video tutorials... starting with the basics like introduction to the software to integrating and running the audio buttons properly on your website.

(With Full Master Resell Rights & Customization worth $29.97)


"Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Create Unlimited Mini-Sites With Dreamweaver™ By Watching Exactly How To Do It With My Most Exclusive Step-By-Step Online Video Coaching Tutorials"

What You Haven't Been Told: You Don't Have To Be A Web Designer Expert To Start Making Serious Money From Direct Response Mini-Sites!

Creating a website from scratch is one of the most difficult tasks that you might encounter when trying to make a living online. You can either start learning by reading "hard-to-read" manuals and ebooks or even hire a website designer who commands a very high fee to get your website created.

But now all those are just a thing of the past.

I've assembled a series of coaching video tutorials that show you every single step in my minisite creation. And - it doesn't matter if you've never created a web page before, I'll show you every single step from scratch -- announcing: 


 112 Minutes of Exclusive Video Tutorials

In "Mini-Site Made Easy With Dreamweaver" you get a total of over 112 minutes of exclusive coaching videos ... starting with the basics like creating tables to inserting your order links/buttons to your webpage... and much more.

These easy-to-follow tutorials come in the form of nineteen videos you view directly at your computer.

(With Full Master Resell Rights & Customization worth $29.97)


Here's the ultimate newbie "crash course" helping you to understand the principles, technology and technical terms needed to start building your own websites.

Packed with tons of valuable information, this guide will take you from absolute beginner to a full understanding of the principles, technology and technical terms, ready to start creating your own websites.

The Newbies Guide to Web Design

Here's a summary of everything you will learn in this information-packed resource...

From the basics:
  • Why you really do need a website...
    • Make money online
    • Post your online resume, easily updated, easily available, with interactive links to really show what you've done in past jobs or education
    • Keep up with friends and family - announce a new engagement, wedding, baby, achievement, job, move 
  • Simplifying the jargon - then using it
    • Know your COM, BIZ, NET, ORG, INFO, WS, etc.
    • Know what you don't need to know about HTML, JAVA, PHP, ASP, etc. - and what you do
  • How do they do that? And should you?
    • Spinning, bouncing, fading pop-ups
    • Animated GIFs
    • Streaming audio/video
  • The myth of the all-knowing programmer or site designer
    • Most use the same tools available to you
    • A lot of those tools are free
    • Many are no more difficult to use than clicking a mouse button
  • Advertise your current brick-and-mortar (offline) business
    • Provide a map to your store or office
    • Offer "specials" you can change daily without spending a dime
    • Showcase your service or product
  • Start a new business online
  • Or expand the one you have to as large a customer base as you desire
    • A website can focus tightly on a single city, even a neighborhood
    • Or it can bring in new customers from all over the planet
  • Learn the history of the Net, how it came to be, where it's at, where it's going
    • Not knowing this is like voting with no knowledge of democracy or the candidates and issues
    • Your choice: Teach your children - or hope they will teach you

      To the detailed:

  • How to get your own domain name
    • There are a lot more choices than dot-com
    • Choose carefully - as you would name a new baby
    • One name, multiple domains?
  • Now, where do you hang your new name?
    • All web hosts are not created equal, from costs to services to support
    • What to look for beyond the monthly or annual fee
    • When - and how - to cut and run if your host doesn't measure up
  • What software and equipment you need - and what you don't
    • Pre-written scripts, many free, are fairly easy to install and can work miracles
    • Depending on need and application, add audio and video to a website with equipment you already have - or go pro
    • Dreamweaver, FrontPage, MS Word - for starters
    • WYSIWYG - Myth or merely fantasy?
  • How to set up your first site in 5 minutes flat
    • Using your host's online site creation system - with pros and cons
    • Using prebuilt templates - thousands available free - to give even your first effort a high-class, professional look
    • How to FTP
  • How to create a more complex website in a few hours or days
    • Move from free templates to paying a few dollars for a package or a few hundred dollars for a complete prebuilt site
    • Where to find - and how to use - templates, scripts, advanced creation software and other tools
  • When, where and what to look for if you need professional help
    • Price does not always mirror quality
    • Neither does experience - ask for multiple site examples and get feedback from previous customers
    • Where to "shop" your request - and have dozens bidding to do your project
  • How to put it all together with the least amount of blood, sweat and tears
    • There are at least a dozen widely used browsers other than Internet Explorer - and no two will display your site exactly the same way
    • Multiply that several times over to accommodate different monitors with different screen sizes and settings (resolution, color, contrast, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Contrary to popular belief, "search engines" do NOT actually search the Internet
    • If you build it, they will NOT come - unless you tell them you exist and where to find you
    • And why
    • How to avoid innocent mistakes that could get you banned from the search engines, your Web host - even the Internet itself
  • Content is King
    • How to fill those empty spaces
    • How to do that with something people actually want to see
    • How to keep it fresh - people and search engines both hate sites that are never updated
  • Troubleshooting
    • The pros and cons of Flash, Java, tables, frames, PDFs, site navigation, site search and more
    • Validate your design
    • Keep your links alive
    • Monitor your traffic
  • A picture paints a thousand words
    • Choosing and using the best graphics programs
    • Paint Shop Pro
    • Photoshop
    • Free alternatives
To the newest innovations - and what's coming next:
  • BLOG
    • The weblog has become this century's version of the "cheap" printing presses that allowed anyone to start a newspaper in the Old West
    • Part diary, part rant, part creative expression, part controversial commentary, part anything you want it to be - including private (only those you want to read it can)
  • RSS - Really Simple Syndication on a two-way street
    • You can send your content to others (without the problems of e-mail)
    • You can pull RSS content from anywhere on the Web to your site, automatically
  • Forums
    • Easy to create
    • Easy to maintain
    • Extremely popular
  • Games, Surveys, Freebies and other ways to attract traffic and keep them coming back
    • No programming skills needed - get everything you need free or at very low cost
    • The Web offers more things to give away than you could ever possibly give away
  • Multimedia
    • Audio means music and much more
    • Video isn't just for exhibitionists - so why let them make all the money?
    • What software and hardware combinations are available - free, cheap or otherwise - to make your site stand out from the crowd
  • Money: Making it, not spending it
    • eCommerce is not just for Microsoft or Sears
    • Taking the fear out of online credit card purchases - including your fear as a merchant
    • Exchanging your product for their money - quickly, easily and securely
    • Creating logos, ads, headlines, sales copy - all things marketing, from a web design point of view
  • Affiliate programs
    • Starting your own
    • Making money as someone else's affiliate
  • Advertising: The Good, the Bad & the Very Ugly
    • What works, what doesn't
    • Ads on your site
    • Ads about your site
    • Be not a spammer
  • Promoting your site
    • How this differs from advertising
    • When and where to link - more importantly, when and where not to link
    • Taking your show on the road
  • The Money is in the List
    • How to create a mailing list
    • How to use a mailing list
    • How not to make a complete hash of both


    You  KEEP ALL THE MONEY  From Each Sale You Make!

RSS Announcer

Would The Thought Of Thousands Of Other Web Site's All Displaying Your Content, And A Link Back To Your Web Site Excite You?

What if it even got better and this could all happen automatically, with a simple push of a button.....

Imagine a tool that would:

  • Simply allow you to add all of your RSS feeds into a list.
  • Select which RSS feed directories you would like to submit your feeds to
  • And with the push of a button blast your feed instantly to all of them
  • Possibly double or triple your income, with the extra traffic almost overnight

RSS Announcer is so easy to use, that even a child could figure it out. When we were having the software developed my nine-year-old son did most of the testing.

He had a ball watching all the content we created showing up immediately in the major RSS directories and knowing that he and put it there all on his own what this simple to use the software.

If only he knew the value these RSS feeds can bring, we would probably have never been able to get him away from the computer

I used to spend hours manually sending me my feeds to all of the major directories.

RSS Announcer submits all of my feeds to the major feed directories automatically with the push of a button and completes all the submissions in minutes rather than hours!


RSS Announcer instantly and automatically submits your RSS feeds to all of the major RSS feed directories on the Internet.

Imagine the power of tens of thousands of other web sites being able to easily display your RSS feeds on their web sites for content.

Think that will drive you some extra traffic?

It's all been automated for you!


 How much is your time worth?? And how much of it do you spend on trying to get other sites to link to your site?

The power of RSS feeds are a give-and-take, everyone knows that you can create massive web sites displaying other people's RSS feeds, which are great for driving search engine spiders.

This works especially well if you are building large content sites for making money with programs such as Google Adsense or also for promoting affiliate programs.

But there is also an often overlooked side of making money with RSS feeds, and that is your creating your own RSS feeds for displaying on other peoples web sites.

But once you have taken the time to learn how to create your own RSS feeds. How do you get other people to display your RSS feeds on their web site?

When you open the
RSS Announcer interface you will be prompted to enter in some basic information such as the title and description of your web site, plus the actual link to your RSS feed, the category of which your RSS feed falls under, and a few other small things.

Don't you owe it to yourself to try RSS Announcer today?

Right about now is usually where most slick talking Internet marketing salesman would go into how many months it took them to create RSS Announcer and how much money they spent creating it, and ask you how much you think you should pay for such an incredible piece of software.

 They would ask something like is $2000 to much for peace of software that will do all this, how about $1500, would you pay $1500 to stop having to do this so you have more time to do that?

You know the pitch - you have seen it a thousand times if you've been on the Internet very long

It's all been automated for you!


You  KEEP ALL THE MONEY  From Each Sale You Make!

With Video Enhanced Tutorials!!!

Use affordable tools and save a fortune!


  • A step-by-step instructional e-book, written in simple and straight forward English, aimed at the absolute beginner.
  • You can easily learn the whole process without having to undertake a web design or programming degree.
  • Find out where to get a tool that will help you build a professional web site, quickly and easily without needing to learn HTML or any other computer language. And yet have the ability to be as flexible as you want it to be. Most WYSIWYG web authoring tools are too constrictive - limiting what you can do. And those that aren't, cost quite a bit. But not this one.
  • No more searching high and low for the perfect tool.
  • Learn how to use this tool to its highest potential. You won't just be given step-by-step instructions, you'll get access to online movie clips that will show you exactly which buttons to push.
  • No more confusion, trial and error and having to read the long Help section. You'll learn all that you need to know just from the e-book and online movie clips.
  • Where to go on the web to create your own logo. Get your own logo in minutes.
  • Where to go on the web to get quality free images for your web site.
  • How to create an eye catching sales letter. Yup! You've heard of it, you know you have to use it. You know how to create one. Now, you'll learn how to make it stand out. How to use different styles, sizes and colors, without needing to know HTML.
  • How to create a simple yet full proof navigation system. You can create as big or small a navigation bar as you like.
  • You will be able to keep your customers on your web site for a longer time with an easy to use navigation system. A good navigation system will also make it easy for your customers to find their way around your web site.
  • How to create safe links from your site to another site without losing your prospects.
  • Safe links will help you link to another web site and still keep your prospects on your own web site. No more losing prospects from links to other web sites.

Plus you will also:

  • get access to online movie clips that will show you exactly how it's done .... you even see my mouse movements. No more guessing. Just watch what I've done and follow. Simple.

You get more than 10 times your money's worth!

How much would all this cost you if you hired someone to do it
for you?

Web design - 3 webpages $600
Images @ $40 per image $200
Total cost for a simple web site $800

If you can afford to throw away $800 on an online business, that hasn't proven it's worth yet, by all means go ahead. Now the $800 is only the set up costs, you still have to consider the amount of money you will have to pay each time you want to update information on your web site or install interactive scripts


You  KEEP ALL THE MONEY  From Each Sale You Make!

How To Create And Customize Paypal Button

PayPal provides payment processing and order buttons for websites. The customer clicks on the order button from the merchant's website and completes the order. PayPal provides buttons with its own logo, but merchants can use a custom image for branding purposes. Merchants who learn how to add the custom image to a PayPal button can create a custom button that matches the look and feel of their websites. The custom button allows the merchant to use PayPal order processing while still maintaining the branding process of the company and product.

Master Resell Rights

How To Create A Paypal Custom Payment Page

A step-by-step guide to creating your very own PayPal Custom Payment Page.  The PayPal Custom Payment Page is created so that the payment page found on PayPal looks more like your website.  This makes for better presentation and makes your users feel as if they're still connected to your website.

Master Resell Rights

How To Add a Paypal Button To a Forum Post



You  KEEP ALL THE MONEY  From Each Sale You Make!

How To Create and Set Up a Database


You  KEEP ALL THE MONEY  From Each Sale You Make!

How To Automatically Backup All Of Your MySQL Databases

MySQL databases are tricky files to copy - you must be careful with them. However once you understand the issues and have procedures in place you shouldn't experience any problems. MySQL is actually designed to make backing up a smooth and reliable process.

Master Resell Rights

How To Hide Your Download Page (or any page!) From The Search Engines



You  KEEP ALL THE MONEY  From Each Sale You Make!

How To Optimize Your Website

Optimizing a website is easy. Learn about the importance of website optimization, and tips on how to best optimize your website.


You  KEEP ALL THE MONEY  From Each Sale You Make!


Web Design for Beginners

Make Your Own Website

You don't need to have technical knowledge to create websites. "Web Design for Beginners, make your own website" is your solution to creating your web presence. At one time or another, we are all newbies. Your ability to learn how to build a web site is crucial to your Internet business success. Here is an opportunity to learn it easily.


You  KEEP ALL THE MONEY  From Each Sale You Make!

How To Start An Internet Business In 4 Easy Steps

Discover the Simplest and Most Easiest Way to Create a Profitable Online Business That Makes You Money While You Sleep... A Goldmine of Information For You to Learn How to Build and Create a REAL Successful Online Business, Instantly!

There's no better time to start your own online business!  If your job is running your life, and you want to find a way out of the financial rat race; if you want to add extra cash flow streams into your monthly income;  if you want to make a killing online and achieve your goal to financial freedom... These 4 Videos are for you!


You  KEEP ALL THE MONEY  From Each Sale You Make!

How to Set up a Forum Using phpBB

Installing a forum is a great way to keep users coming back to your site by building a community feeling and phpBB--one of the most popular open source forum software packages available--provides a powerful forum tool for free. Here's a TUTORIAL to setting up a simple forum using phpBB.

Master Resell Rights

Link Exchange Magic

Link Exchange Magic is Automatic Reciprocal Link Exchange Script. Link Exchange Magic automates the job of exaching links with your link partners. You just put the Link Exchange Magic Script on your site.

There is no need to enter your website information. If the your site's page is being previewed, the your link displays on the Link Exchange user's page. It will be proportional to the number of times that the your page was displayed on the your page.

Link Exchange Magic will help you to increase traffic and your sales, offering your website on other sites.

How To Create  a Squeeze Page

The most simple formula for raking in cash online from just about any niche you can think of is very simple and goes like this:

1. You need a squeeze page that converts visitors into subscribers - and then,

2. You need to drive traffic to your squeeze page so they can jump on your list!

This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to create an opt-in landing page (squeeze page) to build your email subscriber list.


You  KEEP ALL THE MONEY  From Each Sale You Make!

How To Setup A Simple Helpdesk


You  KEEP ALL THE MONEY  From Each Sale You Make!

 How To Upload Files To Your Server

You want a website that allows visitors to upload files and interact with your site. PHP is a scripting language you can use to provide this capability. PHP contains methods you can use to send a file to a web server. An HTML file browse form on your web page can enable the user to select the file.

The files could be uploaded to your hosting server in several ways. Each hosting provider offers some hosting control panel tool with the file manager so you can use it to upload the files.
Be sure you transfer all text files, including your HTML files and CGI script source code, in ASCII format! All image files (.gif, .jpg, etc.) must be transferred in BINARY format.

 Master Resell Rights

Sales Letter Secrets

"Discover How To Create Super Responsive Sales Letters That Sell, In A Few Simple-To-Follow Steps That Work Every Time. - Even If You Never Wrote A Sales Letter Before...''

Read on as guru copywriter reveals his secrets and gives you a PROVEN template to write a winning sales letter that will "FORCE" visitors to buy your product every time...

This complete 2 part course is everything you need to turn you into a pro-copywriter in no time at all...

Master Resell Rights

How To Become An Explosive Niche/Rich Marketer

You’re ready to learn how to:

-Find articles and content

-How and where to sell your created niche products

-Run multiple web sites and turn them into fast cash

-Research to find hot niche markets

-How to use the Bum Marketing Method and attract hot leads to your sites

Master RESELL Rights

How To Create Viral Traffic

 " Viral Marketing" system works for you around-the-clock to bring you traffic!

Master Resell Rights

How To Create Free Animated Gif Images

Learn How To Create Free Animated Gif Images Tutorial...

Master Resell Rights

How To Build Effective Sales Funnels

 Who can resist an offer that makes your sales grow and ensures higher return on investment?

  • Make your business more successful and watch your product or service sell like hot cakes

  • Get more people to be interested in what your business has to offer

  • Convert a higher number of targeted customers to hot prospects and convert a larger percentage of prospects into regular customers

  • Generate higher revenues and have sufficient funds to invest into growth

  • Increase the productivity of your sales team

  • Scale your contacts and sales pipeline rather than increasing your sales team

  • Develop a manageable cost structure that suits your needs

  • Set up an optimal sales team and get improved results

  • Get a higher Return on Investment from the sales team and sales process

  • Get more sales opportunities and more appointments with people in the decision making roles

  • Capture and retail more customers and see your business flourishing

Make Your Sales Skyrocket By Learning How To Build Effective Sales Funnels

Knowing how to create, maintain and tweak the sales funnel has given many companies across the world excellent results. The marketplace is crowded and it takes effective strategies to grab attention and get ahead. Having a powerful sales funnel is the way to go about it.

Learn to create a sales process that is efficient

Understand how the sales funnel works

Learn to optimize your sales to maximum returns

Understand the importance of channelizing your resource

Learn to increase your sales without increasing your sales staff

Watch your sales gain momentum without you having to invest all your profits into sales salaries!

 Master Resell Rights

How to Price Your Product or Service Just Right

The Best Strategies for Pricing Your Product Competitively

Master Resell Rights

How To Sell Services For Instant Cash

Video 1 -- How To Sell Services Online For Instant Cash

Whyselling services is the quickest, easiest, most foolproof way to getinstant results online (try getting $2,500 checks from ad sense yourfirst month!)
Why sitting around wishing for cash is hopeless, and how to jump into action immediately
The one service that almost every business owner needs, but no one ever tells you how to sell!
How to be open for business in 24 hours or less!
The secret to getting your first client, even if you have no experience, nocontacts, no testimonials, no website, and no clue where to start!
The best people to target, especially if you want high paying, fiercely loyal, openly grateful, long term clients for life
How to get paid cash up front and make your clients overjoyed to do it
Why some testimonials are worthless, while others will help you launch a long term cash producing business

Video 2 -- The Internet Is Overflowing With People Who Want To Pay You Money!

Rule number 1 -- think like a blank or continue to get paid like blank!
You're not a service provider, you're a person blank blank blank (they get paid way more)
The biggest reason why some service providers are fat and happy, while others are poor and hungry.
Themost obvious places to pick up clients starting today (people areliterally sitting by their computers, waiting to send you money).
Why most people fail with Craigslist marketing, and how you can set yourself apart (I set up a completely passive recurring income streamwith just this one method, it's really freaking sweet)
What most people won't tell you about forum marketing (and why most people who use it are broke)
How to put together a services website that sells within 24 hours or less(don't worry, I'm a total technophobe so it won't be difficult)
The key to turning your website into a client generation machine.
How to turn traditional traffic generation techniques into $1,000 paydays (this will blow away article marketers!).

Videos 3 -- How To Set Yourself Apart From The Competition- Permanently!

How to get clients to come flocking to you and pay your going rate (no more discounts!)
The missing link that turns word-of-mouth marketing into a raging wildfire
How word-of-mouth marketing can work the other way- and how to avoid it!
There's no better way to command premium fees than to become a recognized blank blank blank.
Screw competition - how to specialize in a highly competitive field and target a market that's ready to dole out serious cash.
How to market yourself as a blank (you've probably never done this before, but I'll give you plenty of ideas to run with).
If you don't have any blank blank, then you need to get some fast!
How to build up a network of referral partners and help each other get highly paid business around the clock.
How to get movers and shakers say "how high" when you say jump, and send business to you at the crack of the whip (snap!)


Video 4 -- How To Use High End Services To Revolutionize Your Profit Funnel

How to use high and services as backend offerings in your profit funnel toincrease your profit by double, triple or more (just like I've done)
The simple shift in mindset that can have an impact across your entirebusiness (ignore this at you income will always have a ceiling)
How to get paid to do the most lucrative market research you'll ever encounter
The simple steps to becoming a highly paid consultant, even if you've never done it before.
How to create a constant stream of high paying clients asking you to taketheir money on autopilot (I discovered this by accident, and holy crapam I glad I did!)

Video 5 -- Your High End Profit Funnel

How to turn highly paid services into high end products (thought you were just selling time for money? Think again!)
The ultimate time management trick for high and services (You could multiply your profits by 10 using just this one technique)
How to charge premium go-to person fees without spending years of effort to get there
How to save yourself a ton of headaches by only working with the best of the best.
The ultimate leverage points (i.e., how I get paid $10,000 for a single project)

If this were the end, I would feel comfortable with having deliveredmassive, overwhelming, "I can't believe he fit all of that in five videos" value.


Bonus video -- Unique Strategies To Develop Highly Lucrative Income Streams With Instant Cash Services

How to gain instant benefits in cash flow, positioning, and product development
The best tip I could possibly give you to start selling more high and services without doing a bit of extra work
Why you'll never look at 100% commission products the same again
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How to get paid over and over again from services rendered in the past
How to create one of the sexiest products in Internet marketing and get paid to do so in advance
How to use high and services to create the ultimate products and solutions for your target market.

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How To Set Up A 404 Redirect to Make Money



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Wordpress - How To Videos...

“Learn All You Need To Know About WordPress! Here’s How You Can Master These 85 Step By Step Tutorial Videos!”

Step-By-Step Videos Reveal How To Plan, Create, Secure And Customize Your Blog Business Empire!

Are You Still Trying To Figure
Everything Out By Yourself?..

If so, then by the time you have read the manuals and watched the free WordPress videos with the hope to figure out exactly how to set-up and manage a profitable blog, others - possibly your competitors, have made hundreds of dollars and have moved way ahead of you in learning the newest tips & tricks

Each one of your blogs can generate money for you each and every day - if they are setup properly. These WordPress Video Tutorials will help guide you to creating as many money making blogs as you want.

This video course show you 60 of the most important strategies you need to know about WordPress WITHOUT any technical jargon or spending any money...

- it’s so EASY that you can start using WordPress confidently within a day!

Most of your blogging business will be set to 'Auto-Pilot' so you can spend more quality time doing the things most other people can only dream about doing.

Imagine have streams of passive income from your Wordpress blogs, earning you money effortlessly day, after day, after day.

Your WordPress Video Tutorials will show you EXACTLY how to setup and configure your Wordpress blogs to create an automatic money maker.

To help you with Worpdress, we have put together a complete pack of WordPress blog video tutorials which you can follow step-by-step to get it up in no time!

Step-By-Step WordPress Video Tutorial To Start and Run Your Very Own Blog!

What WordPress Videos are in the This Package?

    • Video 1: How to Create Subdomains and Add-on Domains in cPanel
    • Video 2: How to Install WordPress Automatically Using cPanel
    • Video 3: How to Install WordPress Manually Via FTP
    • Video 4: How to Change Your Permalinks Structure
    • Video 5: How to Create New Blog Posts
    • Video 6: How to Create New Pages
    • Video 7: How to Insert Images
    • Video 8: How To Install Plugins Automatically
    • Video 9: How to Upgrade / Delete Plugins Automatically
    • Video 10: How to Upload & Install Plugins Manually
    • Video 11: How to Install Themes Automatically
    • Video 12: How to Customize Your Theme Menu
    • Video 13: How to Upload and Install Themes Manually
    • Video 14: How to Use Widgets in The Sidebar
    • Video 15: How to Add and Manage Users
    • Video 16: How to Upgrade WordPress Version Automatically Via The Dashboard
    • Video 17: How to Inserting Audio or MP3 Files
    • Video 18: How to Use Gravatars for Your Blog
    • Video 19: How to Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles
    • Video 20: How to Add YouTube Videos to WordPress Automatically
    • Video 21: How to Create Backups for Your WordPress Blog
    • Video 22: How to Import Content from Blogger to WordPress
    • Video 23: How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress
    • Video 24: How to Place a Banner In the Sidebar
    • Video 25: How to Place an Adsense Ad In Your Blog Post
    • Video 26: How to Add Feedburner to Your WordPress Blog
    • Video 27: How to Install and Use the All-In-One SEO Plugin
    • Video 28: How to Install and Use A Contact Form Plugin
    • Video 29: How to Insert an Aweber Form In The Sidebar
    • Video 30: How to Use The Akismet Spam Plugin
    • Video 31: How to Customize Your 404 Error Page
    • Video 32: How to Add/Delete Categories
    • Video 33: How to Block Your Site From Search Engines
    • Video 34: How to Add & Edit New Links In Your Blogroll
    • Video 35: How to Change Your Login Password Through WordPress Admin
    • Video 36: How to Change The Blog Title
    • Video 37: How To Clean Up A New WordPress Blog
    • Video 38: How to Moderate The Comments Made On Your Site
    • Video 39: How to Customize Your WordPress Dashboard
    • Video 40: How to Put A Custom Header in Your Blog
    • Video 41: How to Delete Comments Inside Trash Folder
    • Video 42: How to Add a Digg Button In Your Post
    • Video 43: How to Edit A Blog Post
    • Video 44: How to Add A Facebook Like Button In Your Post
    • Video 45: How to Add a Google Plus Button In Your Post
    • Video 46: How to Set A WordPress Page As Your Blog’s Home Page
    • Video 47: How to Transfer Content From One WordPress Blog to Another
    • Video 48: How to Manage Banner Ads
    • Video 49: How to Change The Number of Blog Posts That Is Shown On The Home Page
    • Video 50: How to Create A Password Protected Or Private Post
    • Video 51: How to Recover Your WordPress Password
    • Video 52: How to Secure Your WordPress Blog
    • Video 53: How to Schedule Blog Post For Future Date
    • Video 54: How to Create A Sitemap
    • Video 55: How to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog
    • Video 56: How to Make A Post Sticky
    • Video 57: How to Add Text Link Ads
    • Video 58: How to Add Thumbnails to Your Posts
    • Video 59: How to Integrate TweetMeme with Your Blog
    • Video 60: How to Install & Configure W3 Total Cache Plugin
    • Video 61: How to get webhosting so you can store your web pages and images online
    • Video 62: How to register a domain name. Every blogger needs their own .com!
    • Video 63: How to setup nameservers to point to your domain name to your webhost
    • Video 64: How to install WordPress. Installing only takes 3 minutes!
    • Video 65: How to access your WordPress blog as an administrator
    • Video 66: How to customize your WordPress dashboard
    • Video 67: How to configure Permalinks to make your blog more search engine friendly
    • Video 68: How to update WordPress to the latest version
    • Video 69: How to configure Akismet to prevent comment spam
    • Video 70: How to create a new blog post
    • Video 71: How to create new pages
    • Video 72: How to create and manage categories
    • Video 73: How to add and edit links
    • Video 74: How to add and edit users
    • Video 75: How to format a blog post
    • Video 76: How to add images to your blog post or page
    • Video 77: How to change your WordPress theme to give it a new look
    • Video 78: How to install plug-ins
    • Video 79: How to use widgets
    • Video 80: How to add a ‘Contact’ form
    • Video 81: How to backup your blog
    • Video 82: How to create & use custom menus
    • Video 83: How to track your blog and gain insightful analytics
    • Video 84: What to blog about?
    • Video 85: How to install and configure All In One SEO Pack

If you have a website for your business that has been developed in WordPress, you will find these video tutorials very helpful in managing and updating your site..  If you want to setup and run a WordPress blog to make money online, it is just a matter of finding a topic you are passionate about and writing posts onto your blog.

Simply Watch And Follow The Videos To Get Your Website Up And Running In No Time!


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How To Install Wordpress Using The Setup Files


 If you plan to start your own blog website, the best choice for a blog application would be WordPress. Wordpress is an Open Source blog tool which offers a rich set of features as well as a large supporting community.

WordPress has an intuitive administration interface which anyone can handle. In WordPress you will be able to compose a post and publish it on your website with just a few clicks!

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Wordpress Themes

Over 50 Niche Wordpress Themes


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How to Write and Publish Your Own Books

 Have you always want to write a book and be a published author?

This ebook gives you a complete method. The ebook shows you EXACTLY HOW to write and SELL.

You can be a published author much faster than you imagine.

"How to Write and Publish Your Own Books" also includes a complete, selling proposal, which got a contract from the first agent who saw it.

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'Kick Ass' Sales Page Video Creation

Creating professionalvideos to LAUNCH your products, DELIVER your message and get people totake ACTION is the MOST POWERFUL HIGH CONVERSION method there is ininternet marketing... period..

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In 'Kick Ass' Sales Page Video Creation, You Will Discover...

  •  How to make KICK ASS Sales Videos Quickly in Less than 10 Minutes

  •  How to One-Click Upload Videos to YouTube

  •  How to Embed Videos in Your Sales Page

  •  How to Download ANY YouTube Video

  •  How to Upload Custom MP4 Files to Your Server

  •  How to Create PROFESSIONAL Embeded Video

  •  How to Create One Time Offer (OTO) Pages

  •  How to 'Time Out' Pages so Visitors CANNOT Re-Visit the Page!

  •  How to Include a Page Timer Set to ANY Countdown You Want



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Sales Video Formula

"Goodbye to Long Hours Of Writing Your Own Direct Response Copy And Say Hello To Brand New Sales Video Formula..."
Step-by-Step Secrets to Churning Out Easy Sales Videos for Whopping Profits!

Sales Video Formula is a 3-part step-by-step digital course on how to create your own sales video from scratch - even if you are an absolute newbie to sales!

Here's What You Will Learn:

Module 01: Secret Elements of High ConvertingSales Videos

--Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

Discover the 4 'P's to successful sales videocreation!

A 5 step process to creating your own sales video

Secret recipes and ingredients to making a supersuccessful and highly captivating sales video- no need for special effects, bombastic English,yadda yadda...

Module 02: How to Create Your Sales Video in 5 Easy Steps
--Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

In this video, I show you how the technicals of creating your sales video without the need for costly software and hardware. Also I want to remind you that you don't have to be a pro voice over talent to pull this off!

Module 03: Sales Video and Page Optimization
--Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!

The ideal length of sales video - it's been testedthat any shorter and it produce mediocre results... and longer and it will snap your prospect's attention!

Simple images and animations to boost your videosales optimization!

How to increase your signups and sales throughthis Call-To-Action!

And so much more!

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How To Create Your Own Video Products

In Less Than 24 Hours

 Now YOU Can Finally Learn All the ins and outs of Creating Your Own Video Product... and it's broken down into simple terms ANYONE can understand! 

Are you ready to learn what marketing experts have known for quite awhile about creating your own video products? It's simple with this step by step guide.

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How to Write Quality Targeted Content

 It’s Time You Read How to Write Quality Targeted Content

 Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) and social media optimization (SMO) may gear traffic to web pages but it is GOOD CONTENT that keeps the traffic glued to the page.

  • Learn some easy tactics of generating focused content, pull more traffic to your web page and decrease the bounce rate

  • Find out primary keywords, deploy them throughout the content and let Google spiders list your website on the first search engine result page

  • Enhance your grammar skills, offer visitors a better experience with substantial and to-the-topic content

  • Become a brand name to contend with in the internet market

  • Avoid writing spam content and improve the readability of your write-ups

  • Do not allow SEO companies to take credit for your success! Learn search engine optimization strategies and add another feather to your cap

  • Learn to covey your message through the tone of your write-up

  • Write targeted content and see measureable results in the form of greater traffic volume

  • Enjoy larger number of organic links

  • Improve your website ROI

Get some quick researching tips – quote credible sources – and increase your writing speed.

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How to Outsource to Grow Your Business
Audio MP3 Included!


 Doing everything yourself in your own business is a thing of the past. Gone are the days when you have to turn work away because you just 'don't know how to do it' or you 'don't have time'...

You CAN get everything done that your business commands AND take all of the credit WITHOUT having to do it yourself!

If you really want to get things done, you must leverage on a team of people. This audio ebook will teach you how to find all the best people to build your business, and your profits, for you!

Here's What You'll Learn Inside this Audio eBook:

Why you should outsource;
How to find professionals to outsource your work to and selecting the right person;
How much should you pay?
Getting your job done;
Important steps in online business evolution;
And much, much more!

"How to Outsource to Grow Your Business" shows you the steps you need to take to push your business to the next level without any extra work on your part!


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How To Create A Successful Marketing Plan

Is The Return On Investment From Your Website Very Low? Are Your SEO-SMO Tactics Not Reaping The Desired Benefits? What About Making Some Organized Efforts To Market Your Products Online?

Detail your objectives, identify your target market and connect with your customers with a successful marketing plan!

  • Get to know your target market, focus on specific geographic zones that has your potential customers and count your profits from the very first day

  • Impress your financers and fill them with confidence in you with the fact that you know your target market thoroughly and will achieve your objectives

  • Find new leads and create new networking prospects for yourself and your business

  • Identify your precise client needs, design your products accordingly and see the demand graph surge

  • Outline different measures for generating money for your daily operations, repay old debts and double your profits

  • Identify your competitors, analyze your competitive advantage and get ahead in the race

  • Find out the potential areas of growth, evaluate the market demand for new products and services and launch them successfully

  • Conduct market experiments to check whether your strategies are yielding the desired results

  • Interpret information correctly, make realistic financial projections and gear your business in the direction of growth

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your business skills; capitalize on your strong points, get rid of your flaws and grow your business smartly and quickly

  • See your website featuring in different search results and enjoy brand exposure like never before

Learn internal linking to reach out to your potential customers, easily and quickly.

Formulate a winning link strategy and insure a high page rank on Google.

Add appropriate keywords, optimize your website’s content and show up on the first search engine results page!

Give a boost to your Alexa ranking and see a marked increase in the inflow of targeted traffic.

Strategize your ad placements, appear for every relevant search query and let people wonder why your business seems to show up everywhere in the online world!

Learn the tricks of getting high turnovers on very low investments.

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