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  • Random Image

An extremely simple script that will show a random image (gif, jpg or png) from a directory that you specify. Only one variable to change (your picture directory) and the directory is hidden from visitors so that they can't mass download all of your pictures. This script is ideal for random banners, funny pictures, cartoons, web graphic displays and about a zillion other uses, just use your imagination to make a fun, entertaining site. A few pictures have been included to get you started.

  • Random Text
Another extremely simple script that will read one line at random from a text file and display it in your web page. Two text files are included to get you started - "snippets.txt" and "didyouknow.txt", but you can make up as many text files as you like and just change a simple variable in the script to match. This would have to be one of the simplest but effective scripts around (apart from the previous script).
  • Voting Booth
This script will allow you to have multiple polls on one page and show the results in the form of a coloured bar with percentage on the same page your visitors use to vote. You can have any number of answers for each poll and IP logging means that no-one can vote more than once in any 24 hour period for each poll. It's quite simple to set up and is fully customisable to suit your website.
Examples are included and a working setup can be seen on this site by using the navigation menu at the top right corner of this page.
  • Data Backup
Backup any number of files of any description and compress them into one file for a quick and easy download. This is ideal for backing up game scores, counter files, log files or any files from anywhere in your server space. Full setup instructions are included.
  • Counter Plus v1.1

        An easy to setup counter that will record the date your counter started, the total unique visitors, current number of visitors online, most visitors online (including the date), visitors yesterday, two days ago and three days ago. There is an invisible counter to include in all pages and another counter that will also provide a fully customisable display of your data. With only two variables to set up this script can be up and running in 5 minutes.

  • Downloader PRO v1.1
A file download script that will only allow files to be downloaded from selected hidden directories. An unlimited number of files are easily added complete with a download counter for each file, a total download count, downloads yesterday, two days ago and three days ago. A simple display can be added to any page to show X number of top downloads. 
  • Web-based Reservation System
    A web-based reservation system that allows administered management of reservations on any number of resources. Typical applications are room or machine reservation management.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

  • PHP Online Project Management Script
    You can now have online project management with team collaboration, user management, multiple access levels, tasks, projects, and time tracking, task change history, files approval tracking, notes, client project sites and more with this super useful script that can really help organize your business. 
  • PHP Link Listing Script
    The Script Is Unique from Other Link Listing Scripts In That It Creates Different "Rooms" For Different Links! Making This Powerful Script its Own Little Web Surfing Tool For The Visitor Of The Site! It Is More Or Less A Nice Little Search Engine! Once A Visitor Signs Up For The Website they are placed on a mailing list, and the script automatically sends out an email to each visitor every time a new link is added! You Can Make Money Selling Advertising To Other Webmasters! The Automatic Email Will Guarantee Your advertisers that their link will be seen! The Visitor will have a choice on whether to receive an email for each link OR one email with all new links listed! There is a top ten list for the most popular links! When you add a new wing, you choose a name and also who can get there. You may have rooms that are off-limits to the public. These private rooms will never be shown to the public or appear in the Top 10, Last 10 and Random lists! A very nice script!

  • PHP MySQL Yahoo Style Link Directory/Search Engine
    This Script is a PHP and MySQL powered links database which allows You to run a database driven categorized links section on a web site - similar in structure to Yahoo or any other categorized links collection. Features include:
    * Fully database driven utilizing MySQL.
    * Full template system allowing you to control the HTML output of the script without needing to alter any of the PHP code.
    * Easily customizable if you wish to alter the script in any way.
    * Very easy to admin via the web - log in and add / edit categories and links.
    * Visitors to your site can recommend new links, which you can then validate.
    * Allows visitors to rate your links from 1-10, and displays average rating.
    * Rating a link more than once is discouraged using cookies.
    * Number of hits each link has received is recorded and displayed.
    * Very easy to set up and use, thanks to an installation script and config file.
    * Built in Search Feature.
    * Most popular, top rated and newest links pages.

  • PHP MySQL Website Stats Business

    This script is simply awesome! It is a new PHP script, and will allow you to set up your own link tracking business! There are two different memberships you can sell with this script, and both are beneficial to you! The lite membership costs less, but requires your customer's to keep a banner to your website on theirs in order to track their stats! The pro membership of course costs more (Whatever price you set!) and does not require the customer to link to your site! The script automatically takes payments via the PayPal subscription method so you are insured to receive your fees every month! It also keeps track of your customer's statistics daily, weekly, and monthly! This is a VERY nice script! 

  • Automated Form Submission Prevention Script
    Did you ever sign up for a website that makes you enter a combination of distorted letters and numbers to prevent automated signup and wish you could add that script to your site? Well now you can. This script generates distorted images of random sequences that most humans can read, but computers cannot, therefore to prevent automated robots from submitting forms and signing up for your service.

  • A Sophisticated PHP Ecommerce Site
    This script will allow you to run a very nice, and very secure ecommerce area or store front from your website! It is very easy to install and comes with an installer script so that all you need to do to set it up is point and click! This in-depth script will keep your customer's entire records safe in a database, and will allow you to update orders and more! Highly Recommended!

  • The Well Known osCommerce PHP Shopping Cart!
  • osCommerce is quickly becoming the shopping cart of choice for many online merchants! This script is simply AWESOME! You can literally have a store set up and ready to take orders within an hour! The script comes with a VERY easy to use admin section where you add all of the products, manage customers, shipping, tax, payment process, inventory, and just so much more to mention! You can use MANY, MANY different payment gateways with osCommerce including PayPal, 2Checkout, authorize.net, and many more!

  • Your Own FTP Program Written In PHP
    This is another truly GREAT PHP script! This script actually allows you to set-up and run YOUR OWN FTP SERVER! The best thing about having your own FTP server is You know who is using your FTP and if there is someone trying to retrieve your password for your server (which is impossible to do with this script I might add)! You will be able to set up and use your own FTP program with ALL of the benefits of the expensive FTP software! If you are a web host, or have any anonymous FTP users this script will also let your customers use it for their uploading purposes as well!

  • A FAQ Generator PHP Script
    Have you ever wanted to find an easier way to add your customer's frequently asked questions to your website? This script will easily allow you to add topics, and questions to your new FAQ page! It is very easy to install, And comes with an administration section so that you can add the information to your page/pages directly from your web browser! Every site needs to have a FAQ page for the sake of its clients, and this script provides the easiest way to build one! 

  • Two Very Nice PHP Toplists Scripts
    The First Is A Detailed PHP Script With MANY Features:

    If you have ever wanted to run your own toplist website THIS IS THE SCRIPT FOR YOU! It comes with such advanced features as Anti-Cheating, Rules members MUST follow, Easy to match the look of your website, looks up lost passwords, allows you to decide if you want to allow banners to be used by your visitors, Allows you to sell advertising for your toplist, and a lot more! A very sophisticated script!

  • The Second Is A VERY Nicely Designed PHP Topsite Script:
    This toplist script has a VERY nice design to it! It is very easy to install, and is template based so all of the HTML work has already been done for you! This toplist script is limited ONLY BY YOU! You can allow as many or as few links to be added to the entire list, or even page by page! Many toplists make the major search engines fast due to the amount of links, and visitors they receive! This is a great way to SELL advertising Or simply advertise your own websites!

  • Two Auction Scripts 1 PHP, And 1 Perl/CGI!
    The First Is a Popular PHP Auction script!

    This is a VERY nice PHP auction script! It Is a very easy script to install! There are Many Premium features that come with this auction script! Once it is installed you can easily manage your new auction site from a secure administration section! You can manage the look of your website, manage all of your users, approve, and delete members, send out a newsletter, and much more right from your browser! The script will automatically notify your customers when they register, get outbid, win an auction, or owe you money! Once it is installed it is virtually a hands off business!

  • The Second Is Another Popular CGI Auction Script
    A Perl Auction Script That Is Used WIDELY By webmasters! The Script Comes with MASTER Resale Rights! Create auction sites with unlimited categories, and set the price you wish to charge! There is only 1 file to upload to your CGI-Bin! Make a few changes, and WOW! You've got your own Auction website! 

  • Two Affiliate Scripts Both Written In PHP
    The First Is A Very Simple Script To Run:

    This PHP MySQL script will allow you to run your own affiliate program! One of the easiest ways to get QUALITY traffic to your website is to start your own affiliate program! Pay your affiliates per click, per sale, or in tiers! You will find that when you get more and more affiliates signed up, your sales will skyrocket!

  • The Second Affiliate Script Is A More Sophisticated Script
    This PHP MySQL script has taken running an affiliate program from your website to the next level! It is very easy to install, And The use of MySQL will securely keep your user's information confidential, and keeps excellent track of all commissions earned by your affiliates! To further secure the scripts it also makes excellent use of sessions! If you have a business online, and do not have an affiliate program, you are missing out on some serious cash! 

  • POP-UP Creator
    This set of scripts will amaze you when you see how easy it is to create your own POP-UPS on your website! The Simple To Use Software Makes Creating Popups So Easy, A Child Can Do It! If You Ever Wanted To Use The Power of Popups, This Software Is For You! This version of the POP-UP generator also supports the cookie based pop-ups!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

  • PHP Authentication Script
    If you are looking for a way to secure an area of your website this is one of the most powerful, and secure ways to do so! This PHP MySQL script secures your member's passwords via the powerful MD5 in MySQL! Your members can finally feel secure about their passwords being secure when you use this script! The script is VERY easy to install!

  • The Perpetual Traffic Generator
    If you are in need of traffic to your website this script is for you! It Will Increases your traffic by a whopping 927%, Allows you to generate traffic 24/7 absolutely FREE! Frees you up from clicking away mindlessly in front of the PC to chalk up traffic credits. Just set it up and it?ll do all the work for you. Sends a stampede of visitors to your website the very day you invest in this incredible web marketing tool Makes you kick butt profit in the traffic generation process! 

  • A PHP Links Exchange Website Script
    This link exchange script is a PHP script that allows your visitors to sign up for an account, and add their link to your website! It keeps track of all dead links on your website so that you can easily maintain your site, and keep dead links off of your link exchange! It also has an administration section that is password protected, and allows you to add categories, links, approve, disapprove, and delete links right from your browser! This would be a very nice script to start up a paid or free link exchange! Either way you win because Linking is the best way to get listed in the major search engines!

  • Two ClickBank Scripts : The First Is The Affiliate Linkmaster
    This Script Stops you from losing your hard earned affiliate commission. No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant affiliate link masker does The Rest For You! Instant affiliate link masker puts more money in your bank account and NOT somebody else's! Makes sure you get credit for your affiliate referrals. Quickly create your masked affiliate link in less than 5 minutes. No coding involved, Instant Affiliate Link Masker automatically creates your affiliate web page for you With Instant affiliate link masker you can instantly protect and encrypt your affiliate link. Encrypt an unlimited number of affiliate links. No software to install, just download, unzip and run!

  • The Second ClickBank Script Is The Instant Site Maker
    You can automatically build profit pulling web pages in an instant! Quickly create stunning web pages in less than 5 minutes. No coding involved, Instant Site Maker automatically creates your web pages for you. No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant Site Maker creates your sales page, thank you page and even automatically creates your ClickBank instant download link. No software to install - just download and run. (Requires Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher) Forget about difficult and tedious hand coding of your web pages . . . Instant Site Maker does it for you and without HTML errors. Instant Site Maker lets you create your own custom web pages instantly. No need to learn HTML or spend hours debugging code, just paste your sales copy straight from MS Word. With Instant Site Maker you can instantly and easily add testimonials to your web page. Quickly and easily create the ClickBank order links so customers can immediately order products from your site. Quickly and easily create your ClickBank thank you page. Quickly create your product download link - so customers' get their products automatically as soon as their order is processed. Quickly and easily create web pages that are fully optimized for high search engine ranking because Instant Site Maker is designed to automatically include search engine friendly HTML code (meta tags) for your pages.

  • "Suggest My Site" Script
    Let your visitors suggest your site easily by just filling out a form. This script checks the required fields, sends a thank you message to the person who suggests your site and attaches a pre-defined text to the suggestion mail. Supports both English and Turkish languages. 

  • PHP Script For Building A Web Ring
    A Webring Script! Create Your Own Network Of Websites by creating a webring with this nice script! It will automatically email the members of your webring, and keeps detailed stats of the visitors you receive to your webring! A Very nice well designed script, and very easy to install! 

  • A PayPal Store Shopping Cart
    This shopping cart script is a data base driven content management system using PHP and MySQL on a Unix platform (it may work on a windows but I have not tested yet). It supports PayPal IPN, LinkPoint, Worldpay and Authorize.net integration and for those who have a merchant account at their bank there is a way to store credit card info encrypted on the server using mcrypt; it uses a key for encrypting/decrypting CC numbers to and from the data base in SSL.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

  • Email Script SECURE!
    It is hard to find a form mail script that will securely deliver your client's results every time, while concealing your email from the SPAM bots! This Script Will Do Just That! The script was cleverly written to disguise your email address, and yet get the results of every form filled out straight to your inbox! We recommend this script highly, and our clients LOVE it! 

  • A Online MultiPlayer Chess Script
    This is an advanced WebChess game where two people can meet up online and play vs. each other. It has many advanced features such as Pawn Promotion, Move Validations, Tells if King is checked, and many, many more. It requires PHP and at least one MySQL Database.

  • A Super Easy Administration Program
    With this super easy admin program user's can create, modify, and delete files and directories. The code is in a modular format so new modules can be easily created and added. The download is small and contains no un-necessary images or advertising. This is the newest version which has encrypted passwords and now works on newer PHP systems and does not require register_globals to be on.

  • Web-Based Address Book Script
    This script is a web based address book, sharable, multilingual with data import/export features and is based on PHP4 and MySQL. Main features include Create/Access your address book on an internet website; import/export your addresses from/to your email client and/or other address manager applications, users and contacts groups management, group's members messages send facilities (small mailing list utilities which won't replace a mailing list manager). This script is also tunable (colors, fonts, content display, language). This script also comes with installation instructions in French (other than English).

  • A News Publishing Script
    With this state-of-the-art news publishing script written in PHP and using MySQL, you can post news any time anywhere to your website by using the password protected administration section. Some features include; post news, delete news, delete all news, edit news, delete multiple news, change status (make visible/invisible), supports multi-language, supports CSS, you can call the script via JavaScript, allow/disallow html, display news as NEW for any amount of time, display the latest news, display all the news, display full story and display how many times an article has been read. 

  •  A " PRO Users Online" Script
    This "Users Online" script is written in PHP and allows you to display the exact amount of online users on your website in a very convenient and efficient way. "Users Online" scripts make your website look high-tech and professional and are something no webmaster should be without on his/her website. 

  • File Transfer Script
    This awesome file transfer script allows your users to upload and download files from your server; it id highly configurable with user accounts support. Users can give descriptions to files, create and delete their own files and directories and sort lists by filename, upload date or downloads. Currently supports English, Italian and Spanish, but you can customize the application in your language too. If you own a community website such as an online forum or wish to start one, this is the perfect script for you either as a stand-alone or an extra service on your website. This script can get visitors to come and keep coming back time and time again. 

    Affiliate Banner Rotation Script
    This affiliate banner rotation script is probably the most easiest to install ad manager on the web! All you've have to do is upload a list of all your affiliate advertising codes in a list and that is about it. Simply include the script using a PHP include code (included) and you're on you way fast and easy. The script changes which advertisement will be viewed next making sure that all your adverts get equal viewing (does NOT show at random like most scripts) and the script requires the page to be refreshed to change the advertisement seen so that you get extended viewing per banner.

  • Dating Website Script
    This is simply one of the best dating scripts available written in PHP & MySQL. Several cool features available in this script are users can add, edit and delete profiles, upload up to three photos, user messaging system, users can set to be notified when another user will reads their message, users are given numeric usernames to increase privacy, who is online feature, recommend us feature, current birthday list and statistics on the main page (amount of men and woman members). 

  • Powerful Download Counter Script
    This simple yet powerful download counter will log the details of anyone who downloads any file you specify. It will log their IP Address, Remote Address, browser type and even operating system and you can easily modify and add new downloads through a powerful password protected admin panel. This script can keep track of an unlimited number of files. MySQL and SSI (Server Side Includes) are required. 

  • "Users Online" Script
    This Users Online script shows how many users are on your website, you can change the time in which the MySQL Database Table is refreshed so you can count users online per minute, hour, week etc! This script is more user friendly and comes with a "setup.php" installation file which will set the script up for you.

  • Text based counter written in PHP
    You can quit paying for traffic counter services. This script is a very simple and super easy to install webpage hit counter. The font and color of the counter are completely customizable and there are only 2 files to upload to your web server. Plus you will even have the ability to separate the thousands for added customization. 

  • A FAQ manager written in PHP and MySQL
    This PHP "FAQ" manager is a simple script yet powerful script that will help you to create (and manage) a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on your site. It is written in PHP, MySQL and FastTemplate so it is fast and easy to configure. Every website needs a FAQ page so you don't look like just another "fly-by-night" website that won't be in business for longer than a month or two. 

  • A Sports League, Fixture and Prediction Management Script written in PHP and MySQL
    This powerful script is a football management software written in PHP that use a MySQL database. It has a modular design and comes with two free modules. The league module features wizards for managing a football league, fixtures, games, teams, results, divisions, etc. League team statistics are automatically calculated and updated every time a game is played/entered. The news module features an HTML news creator/editor that can be used to post news.

  • Whois Lookup PHP Script
    This script is a ready to use WHOIS lookup PHP script that all you have to do is unpack, upload and you are ready to go. The script checks for .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domain names. No PHP knowledge required! This is the latest updated version which is super easily to customize; you can easily change the language (few lines) or disable domains you don't need. 

    Visitor Logging Script
    This Hot PHP script is a state-of-the-art visitor logging script that can easily display 10 vital statistics about your users. The advanced visit logs this script generator tells you the IP Address, language, browser, operating system, if the user is new to your website, date and time of visit, last visit, days since last visit, referrer page and the keywords they used to find your website (if applicable).

  • LiveHelp Script
    A live Help support chat system that allows the operators of the websites to monitor their visitors as they are browsing the site and proactively open a chat session with the visitor. Other features include either text based database or MySQL database, chat notification, user is typing message, multiple chat sessions and multiple operators.

  • PHP & MySQL Content Management System
    This hot script installs in just minutes on any Windows, UNIX, Linux, or BSD based web server and setup is made super easy through a complete web-based installation system and an included installation guide. Once this software is installed changes to the content of your website is made in complete real-time through an easy to use web-based administration control panel. The control panel allows you to tune every aspect of your web sites visual appearance and layout and also provides an easy to use content authoring & management approach unique to this script. The visual appearance, layout properties, and navigation scheme of the web site can be instantly changed at a global level selecting from installed professional looking skins and navigation bars which will automatically reformat the look of your content "on the fly" while leaving your database driven content completely untouched. Users of this script will find that authoring and editing content for the web site is a snap by making use of the enhanced authoring interface which includes support for both WYSIWYG editors and plain text/HTML markup languages. Uploading and managing your files is also simple using the included file management utility allowing you to upload your images, documents and other files directly from your computers hard disk to the web server where it will become available for use in your websites content. This script is a must have for webmasters who are looking to make completely managing their website a breeze without a lot of programming knowledge.

  • An Electronic Reminder Script
    This script allows web-clients to set up reminders to automatically email them at a certain time to remind them of special events. They can set up a one-time reminder or a recurring reminder and they can have it notify them in advance. 

  • Hot Mailing List Script
    This mailing list management script is written in PHP and all subscriber info is stored in a MySQL database for security. Features include checking whether a subscriber is or isn't already registered/subscribed, sending out messages at the time of subscribing and unsubscribing. A powerful and user-friendly administration control panel allows you to send messages, list and delete subscribers, supports HTML emails, gives a preview of the message before sending, logging system, Multilanguage support for English, French, Italian and German, plus a user-friendly web configuration and installation system. 

  • Web-based Image Management System
    This hot web-based image management system is written in PHP and uses MySQL. It features cataloguing by standard comment fields or Photoshop-type embedded comment fields, sub-categorizing into separate repositories, database searching capability, and more. This is a great script! 

  • Web-based POP Email Client
    This script is a web-based POP mail client and is very simple to install but nevertheless a quite advanced program. Some of its features include easy to install (does not require PHP to be compiled with IMAP support), reads and sends attachments, displays text/HTML attachments in-line (while still giving you the option of saving them to your hard drive), all the basic functions (send, receive, reply, reply to all, forward, delete), view all headers or the full source of the email, works even if the user has disabled cookies, localized date field, translated into several languages, can be set up to check for new messages automatically, customizable page layout, and more.

  • Web Portal System
    This script is a web portal System for any webmaster; you can set it up as a storytelling software, news system, online community or whatever you want your site to be. Port the system to your local language and customize every aspect of this remarkable script. Each user can submit comments to discuss the articles, similar to Slashdot, only faster and more secure. Features include a web based admin, surveys, top page and access stats, user customizable box, friendly admin GUI with graphic topic manager, option to edit or delete stories, moderation system, customizable HTML blocks, user password encryption and retrieval, search engine, backend/headlines generation, and more. Written in PHP and requires Apache, PHP and MySQL; the over-riding development philosophy for the software is performance, privacy and security.

  • FFA Link's Page Script
    Out of all the basic FFA (Free for All) links page scripts I have seen I actually like this one. This script allows visitors to add links to your page in a specified category and it is quite, if not super, easy to install and the administration area supports the deleting of existing links. FFA Link's pages are a great way to look established and keep your visitors coming back to your website again and again.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

  • Guestbook Script
    This highly advanced guestbook script is written in PHP and uses MySQL. It includes many useful features such as preview, templates, email notification, picture upload, page spanning, HTML tags handling, smilies, advanced guestbook codes, language support and it has a great interface to seal the deal. The admin area lets you modify, view and delete messages which gives the owner extra control.

  • Powerful Portal with Content Management
    This script is highly customizable and high powered all in one system; it provides content management combined with the power of a portal by including in the core package modules features such as FAQ, polls, and forums. This script uses dynamic-template-design which means you have the power to control what your site will look like. Themes are included, but not required as you can create the page however you want and this script will just insert code wherever you want it. Written in PHP and utilizing MySQL to make it amazingly fast and secure, this script is a great solution for all size website communities.

  • Online Classifieds PHP Script
    This classifieds script is an easy way to set up a classified ads website; it is designed in such a way that it is extremely easy to change the look and feel of your website. You can design your pages around the functionality of the application. Although this script does give you a lot of control over the look and feel of the site, it lacks an interface for advanced administration features. However all the administration can be done through an interface such as phpMyAdmin. If you know how to use phpMyAdmin or a similar application and are familiar with relational databases, it should be really easy to administer categories and users, etc. 

  • Fully Featured Web Event Calendar PHP Script
    This is a customizable web calendar developed using PHP and powered by MySQL. The calendar is viewed in month format with a popup window detailing the events of each day as they are clicked on. The title and colors are fully customizable within a single file and the application can be modified to work with other database types.

  • A PHP Bookmarks/Favorites Script
    This PHP Bookmarks script is a web-based program that allows you to store your bookmarks and display them in many useful ways. This script will sort your bookmarks with usability in mind, keeping often-used bookmarks at your fingertips. It has a bookmark search, private/public bookmarks, nested groups, usage rankings, popularity sorting, and a quick add feature.

  • Client Invoicing PHP Script (HOT)
    This is a MySQL powered PHP program for invoicing clients so they can view/download invoices. The system allows an administrator to enter the client details and invoices. Each client must be given a username and password to login to view their invoices and the administrator can view the full database by client, date, amount etc. There is an optional email notification system and full setup instructions included.

  • ICQ Pager Script
    This script enables you to put a ICQ pager form on one or more of your web site pages; the visitors to your website then can use this form to send a short message to any ICQ user. A cool script that will keep your visitors coming and coming over and over again. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions Management Script
    This cool script allows you to administer a website's frequently asked questions. It blends easily with your site, allows unlimited category depth, is searchable and allows questions to be in multiple categories. And optional user question submission option is available, along with most recently added and most popular lists.

  • ClickBank "Thank You" Page Protector Script
    This is a fully automated "Thank You Page Script" which is much more powerful than a Static HTML Page. This System will verify whether your buyer is forwarded from ClickBank after payment, order Details including the ClickBank "Receipt #" will be displayed on your Thank You page, this System will collect the name and email address of your buyer, a sales report will be sent to you Instantly, a Thank You message will be sent to your buyer without any delay, it adds the buyer to your Autoresponder System so that follow-up emails will be sent to promote your other products, the whole system is fully automated and easy to customize with any text editor. With this script you don't have to send a thank you message to your buyer manually, you don't have to add them to your customer database yourself, you don't have to send them promotional emails manually to promote other products, you don't have to worry about getting repeated sales and you don't have to worry about ebook and software Hackers. 

  • MySQL Database Backup Perl Script
    With so many scripts in this package using MySQL databases, I only thought it be fitting to add a script that would easily allow you to make backups of them. But this script can be used anywhere you have a MySQL database and Perl is supported, this script will save your skin over and over again.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

  • CGI-Based Autoresponder Script
    This script is very easy to install and in less than 10 minutes you can have it up and running which could be the reason it is the number one choice of website owners who want to take control of their online operations. It has highly advanced features that every autoresponder script should have. With this script you can send an unlimited number of follow-up emails and send follow-up emails everyday if you want (some autoresponder scripts allow you only 20 follow-up emails). This script also works on an unlimited number of subscribers and it will work great even if you have 100 or 1 million subscribers.

  • Fully Featured Message Boards PHP Script
    This is a fully featured message board system and is meant to be both powerful and easy to use for the users and the administrator. With this script you can setup an online message board community which is sure to keep your visitors coming back again and again and is especially useful for people to ask support questions for your members to answer for free :)

  • "Submit-A-Link" Style PHP Script
    This "Submit-A-Link" style script gives you the ability to offer instant links on your site. Your ads appear above and below the links and also on the submit page. You only need to edit one file and upload which makes this script very easy to use. This script also doubles as an opt in list! When anyone submit their link they give you permission to send them email. All email addresses are stored in one .txt file, making it very easy for you to add the emails to your current email program/newsletter script!

  • USENET News Client PHP Script
    This PHP script is a USENET news client based totally on a web interface and written in PHP4 with a MySQL database at its backend which allows you to develop useful tools such as search engines, SPAM filters, subscriptions, stats, and much more. The web interface of the "news group" script is very easy to use, and has all the advantages of the modern webmail systems because you can search through any news group anywhere in the world without the need of setting up any program.

  • PHP Image to ASCII Generator
    This is a PHP program that generates ASCII images from JPG, GIF or PNG images. There are several options to alter the generated output, such as color, inversed color, font sizes, background color, line height or letter spacing only to name a few. So if you are looking to generate ASCII images from regular jpg, gif or png images, look no further as this is definitely the PHP script for you and will get the job done.

  • MySQL-Based Office Intranet Suite
    This hot script is a PHP and MySQL-Based office intranet suite similar to other more expensive scripts. It includes a news page, calendar (WebCalendar), rolodex, contact log, network status page, task list, time sheet, office survey, and more. All-in-all this is a great script and will be very useful for those who are looking an office intranet solution.

  • Another PHP Web FTP Program
    This tool can be used to access FTP sites from behind any firewall or proxy. Simply enter the server name (e.g. ftp.ebay.com), username and password or click the anonymous button and enter your e-mail address. The script will make a FTP connection from the server it is running from. When the file is fetched from the FTP server, it will send it to the browser via the HTTP protocol.

  • PHP Based Image Watermarking Script
    This script aims to provide a simple way of marking an image with a digital "watermark" to prevent unauthorized use. It is implemented as a PHP class and should be usable inside most PHP scripts. Images are accepted either as a filename or as a reference to a PHP resource.

  • Nice Looking PHP-based eCard Script Website
    This script is a PHP-based eCard system that is easy to setup and use. The simple Administration Console allows the administrator to upload images (JPEG's or GIF's), add eCard categories, and modify existing settings - no more messing with HTML or PHP to get your eCard site up and running and comes with a nice looking template design to close the deal. 

  • A Simple Document Management System
    This script uses PHP to provide you with a great interface to a MySQL server that allows you to store and retrieve documents and to share those documents between users. In addition, the system uses ACL (Access Control Lists) to grant access rights to documents on a per-user basis. It allows you to distribute project documentation on a need-to-know basis, whilst keeping a central repository of documents that is accessible to all team members and easy to manage. 
  • PHP-based Instant Photo Gallery Script
    This script is a tool for posting customizable, template based galleries, by simply uploading images to the server the script is running on. The script scans the directory you point it to (via a query string), and then it stores the list of images it retrieves in an array that is POSTED from page to page as the user moves through the gallery. This method of file-list-passing makes this script significantly more efficient than gallery tools that scan image directories each time they generate a page.

  • Anchor Tag Creator Script
    This nifty little script pre-processes HTML before displaying it to the browser locating user-defined keywords in the HTML string (or plain text for that matter), and subsequently replacing the keywords with anchor tags of user-defined URL's. Pre-defined 'template' anchor tags are available for Google.com searches or Dictionary.com lookups. This script takes care that no replacement inside an HTML tag is made and also avoids matching keywords which were found inside of a pre-existing anchor tag?s text. With this script your website vistors experiences are enhanced by providing links to dictionary definitions, web searches or any user-defined URL's. And whats even better is that web content developers are provided with a simple way to link keywords without having to manually create all those anchor tags.

  • Customer Tracking System CGI Script
    You can now let your customers submit their request/questions and you will get email notifications in order to respond to your customers. A simple and colorful way of tracking customer requests with an easily configurable customer request form. A sort on customer, status of ticket, date submitted and even agents is available.

  • Advanced Photo/Image Gallery Script
    This PHP & MySQL based photo album features include unlimited albums and photos, users and comments, automatically add and remove photos, thumbnail support, multilanguage and themes. 

  • Awesome Chatroom PHP Script
    This easy to install, simple to handle, cross-browser compatible chat system comes with its own socket server. If you have a modern browser with frame support and JavaScript enabled, it makes use of these technologies; if you have an older browser, have JavaScript disabled, or even a text browser, you can still chat using this script. In contrary to many other PHP/MySQL webchats, this script can (but must not) be run using a non-forking socketserver to handle all message transport.

  • PHP Counter Hosting Script Website
    This script is a complete counter hosting tool. It lets you offer counter service to others from your site. Your members don't need any PHP-support on their webserver, they just pass the required data through JavaScript to another script that is hosted on your server. It supports IP-check with timeout, show online-users, visitor-paths, download-count, multi-page count, email-notification, admin-mode to create/del users, request new password, visitors per day, search-function and a mailing list.

  • Perl Visitor Welcome Script
    With this handy little perl script you can welcome your visitors depending on the time of day. The greeting text can be modified and is inserted by SSI. Features include the ability to greet the visitor depending upon the time of day, ability to insert the script by SSI, greeting words can be adapted freely, time offset between local time and server time can be adjusted.

  • Website Indexing and Searching Script
    This sophisticated, powerful, versatile, customizable and effective site indexing/searching suite comes as a pair of distinct scripts. The indexer automatically scans and indexes a web site, and the search engine, a cgi script that serves search queries for keywords over the index, displays results pages in HTML, in a standard format including title, description and relevance ranking for each matching document.

  • PHP-Based Help Desk Script
    With this script you can own your ticket based help desk system that allows you to completely manage and answer your clients questions with speed in ease. Messages are archived so you can refer back to questions when they are the related which will greatly reduce the time you have to spend managing your business.

  • Complete PHP Bug Tracking Script
    This highly-usable PHP and MySQL based script is an easily deployable, web based bug tracker to aid in product bug tracking. Features include easy installation, platform independent, supports multiple projects and languages, emailing, searching and more. This script is a great thing to have if you are developing scripts or real-life projects and want a way for your users to submit bugs and for you to keep track.

  • Document Management System PHP Script
    This super script expertly programmed in PHP is a web based document management system designed to comply with ISO 17025 and OIE standard for document management. It features fine grained control of access to files, and automated install and upgrades. 

  • Banner Management and Tracking System
    This powerful script is a banner management and tracking system written in PHP; it can manage multiple banners (any size) per advertiser and allows you to view daily, overall and summary statistics plus send statistics to advertisers via email.

  • Web Form Generator Script
    This script is an easy-to-use tool to create reliable and efficient web forms and the best part is that absolutely no programming of any sort is required and it has the ability to create up to 100 different form fields plus can add a variety of field types including text boxes, drop down selection and more.

  • Directory Indexer PHP Script
    This PHP script makes a table that lists the files in a directory and lets you access the files and subdirectories. It includes searching, icons for each file type, an anti-leech feature, bandwidth limiting, access logging, and more.


Most webmasters have lot's of domains.   Some have thousands!  For webmasters like us it is a royal PAIN to keep track of all your registrations.  Ever go on a vacation and find out some domain name you completely forgot about is expired?  Well, now you can fully automate your registration watching with DNSALERT.  This script will monitor ALL of your domain names and email you a warning WELL in advance DAILY until you register the domain name!   It also keeps track of all your other domain names and gives you an exact readout of when everything expires day by day.  Great time saver!


CGI Script that allows you to sell or give away autoresponder email addresses that send out unlimited followup emails to subscribers.   Subscribers can be manually added or just email the recipient.  Secure admin and webmaster area provide detailed statistics and management of mailing lists.   Admin may add custom footers and headers to all outgoing email.  Remove link function.  Setup is a breeze.


CGI Script sets up in seconds and interfaces with any paypal account for easy automated billing.  Even charge monthly recurring billing for your subscribers!  New users simply click a button to signup!   They get a confirmation email with instructions which you can customize.   Custom headers and footers.  Everything you need to quickly setup a money making safelist service.  Works with paypal billing.


CGI Script scans our DAILY UPDATED EXPIRED DOMAIN DATABASE for domain names with high search engine presence.  Scans all the search engines that matter including google, lycos, msn, altavista...  Threshold value allows you to cutoff loser domains with less than interesting presence. 


This script allows you to scan for popular search engine words and phrases derived from your search word.  Also allows filtering undesirable words (badword list) which can be modified on the fly.  Great for generating doorway pages or getting ideas for domain names or buying search engine keywords. 


Shopping cart that uses Paypal Pay Pal payment checkout.   Takes 5 seconds to setup.  All code automatically generated.  You don't even have to set permissions.  Just upload the files and set 2 paths and you are ready to rip.  Design your shopping mall anyway you like by simply inserting the generated itemcode into your website for seamless design integration.  My 2 year old can set up this program.  Handles shipping charges and everything else you would expect


DNSRESEARCH sells lists for hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars and is making a FORTUNE doing EXACTLY this.  It's STUPID.  You get a big list of domain names.  Sort them out into lists which are about to expire and sell them as "onhold" domain lists. This is the secret to the entire business.

DNS RESEARCH TOOL DNS analyzation tool

Very useful script for DNS and network analysis.  Also useful for network security.   Script can be altered to do a number of really cool DNS functions as well.   Easy to use interface for NET:DNS perl module.  Gathers complete DNS records and does comprehensive lookups in batches.

HTML ROTATOR Say goodbye to advertising as you know it. This is the new revolution!

MYSQL backend database system allows you to rotate HTML.  Similar to a banner rotator in concept but allows rotation of complete HTML (including images, javascript, any HTML tags).  HTML can be rotated as an exit system, rotate your start page or you can rotate a frame in a page or just a paragraph or WORD inside any HTML page.  It gets better though!  This rotator also allows you to categorize your system with unlimited categories of rotations.  In other words you can setup a category example such as "marketing" or "webhosting" and only rotate HTML ads appropriate for that target audience.  You can sell your ad space however you like (exit pages, frames, whatever) and each client is provided a login to check their stats.  If you have a client with multiple ads the convenient interface lets them see all their stats with ONE single user/pass so they dont have to be bothered remembering 500 different passwords - although that is optional too.  You can also setup to expire one of two ways.  Accounts can be set to expire by number of impressions (when the account holder exceeds the set number of impressions their ad automatically expires).  Accounts can also be set to expire by number of days (flat rate advertising).  This offers you a dual marketing approach to selling your valuable banner space.  We use this very same system to sell ads on our site and it works great.  System load is virtually undetectable.  All stats are in real-time.  Admin panel allows you to browse all accounts and their individual statistics, view all ads at once, modify/delete accounts, and even check the overall stats to your server.  Single installation can run ads on unlimited sites.

AUTOMATIC MYSQL BACKUP Automate backup and archival of your MYSQL databases

Simple to install script which completely automates backup and archival of any or all of your mysql databases.  You can use in combination with "Nightly Backup" to even backup to remote servers.  Easy to install and reliable.  Date stamps each backup so you have no worries about 0k database backups!  Just plug this script in and all your MYSQL backup needs are done automatically.

MICROCITIES Inserts headers and footers on the fly into HTML Geocities Style

Now you can setup a true geocities clone not only on a dedicated server but on a VIRTUAL SERVER!  If you are using a dedicated server our AUTOMATIC USERADD program combined with a little tweaking completely automates the setup of REAL ftp, telnet, webspace, and email pop accounts.  Now add on this program to insert HTML headers and or footers on the fly on every webpage!  You can even set this up to work in just a subdirectory of a domain or the whole domain!  The applications are endless.  Use to put ads at the top and bottom of forums, guestbooks, wwwboards, you name it.  Script allows you to choose extentions affected (.htm, .html, .shtml, etc) and sets up in seconds!  No compiling or hacking apache.  This is the easiest and once again the FIRST program of its kind on the net. 

SUPER SORTER Sorts any file alphabetically and removes duplicates

A CGI Script that you can use to sort and organize ANY text file database.  Use it to cleanup email lists, URL lists, addressbooks, absolutely any text file can be quickly sorted into alphabetical order and all duplicates removed.  Great tool to use with the whois parser so you don't waste time querying whois over and over for the same domain name.  Also a great tool to sort through address books and lists of URLS if you are building a search engine.   Works great for flatfile search engines such as matchmasters (not pro version) where you can quickly delete all of the duplicate submissions made from people hitting the submit button multiple times.  A great tool for any webmaster.

REGEXFILTER PHRASE FINDER Batch Find and Replace Spider

Drop this CGI script into any directory on your webserver and run it from the browser or telnet and it instantly does a search and replace (or delete) for any regular expression(s) in every file present inside the directory structure.  Smartspider technology locates all files and will completely probe even the most complex subdirectory trees.  Use it to replace (for example) any slogan, menubar, graphic link, phrase, misspelled word(s), old phone numbers, etc.   Best of all is you can use this tool to remove all of those stupid MICROSOFT spam HTML tags <!--msnavigation--> & <meta name="Microsoft Border" content="t, default"> for example from your entire website.  The CGI script counts, logs and reports on all files filtered in real time.  CGI script is extremely fast. 

AUTO THUMBNAIL & GALLERY MAKER Automatic Thumbnail Maker and Photo Organizer

CGI Script which you simply drop inside your website and execute and it spiders your entire directory structure, creates thumbnail images and organizes all your photographic content into easily browsable html with thumbnail tables that link to the actual image.  Creates true uniform, beautiful thumbnail images - this is not just some cheap html trick.  Great way to surf and organize complex image archives and to organize content automatically.  You can control the size of the thumbnail images and the look of the html output very easily.   Spiders even the most complicated directory structures and wont make mistakes like other programs!  Save endless hours creating thumbnail galleries and organizing content by using this program to archive thousands of images in seconds.  Thumbnails are organized into a seperate, parallel directory structure and not littered everywhere.   Logs all activity and creates files you can use for other applications or simply search through to find that jpeg you lost 6 months ago.


CGI Script works with the new-mangled whois system introduced 1 Dec 1999.  A web based whois client for RFC-954 compliant whois servers using the shared domain registration system as revised 1 December 1999. Under the new domain-name regime the whois system is now distributed amongst the various domain-police^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H registrars, thereby requiring that we make at least two separate requests (to two separate servers) for each whois record. This program will first go to the "root" whois server and ask for a record. If found, the root server will tell us where to go get the actual record, and then we go get it. You can replace the whois program on your server and run by telnet or run as a cgi script.


CGI script allows you to setup in minutes and users signup to build forms to use for selling products, surveys, or whatever.   Easy to use web based interface helps clients build forms even if they don't have a clue about html.  They can also add custom autoreply messages, delete forms and build as many forms per account as they wish.  Each form has a custom header and footer area for you to display banners and information so its a great way to target BUYERS.   Set it up on a secure server and you have about the best banner targeting available!  All administration is done through the browser.  Shows you how many forms are currently online and how many forms have been executed.  Admin panel allows you to broadcast email messages to all users though the web.  Also allows you to add a custom email signature to each outgoing message.


CGI script that prevents right clicking to save images from your HTML and also prevents viewing source code AND downloading the HTML.   Completely stops snaking HTML and importation by busting up links trees.  This will annoy the hell out of those losers ripping off your HTML source code for sure.  It's not 100% bulletproof but will stop 99.99% of the idiots that can't create content that's for sure and will give them one hell of a headache trying to rip off your site.


Simple script allows you to parse TLD's .com, .net, and .org into delimited flatfile databases.  All data is extracted including domain owner information, all contacts, email addresses, name servers, and more.   Complete whois information is stored in final database.  Lightning fast parsing and no limitations on how big or small your parsing jobs can be.  Great for doing marketing campaigns as both email addresses, names, and domain names are included in database which makes it easy to use for contacting webmasters on a personal basis.   Great tool for constructing search engine databases.


There are hundreds of domain names expiring every day. For one reason or another people give up on their sites -- they've lost interest, or because of current situation with advertising on Internet they can't afford to pay for hosting, or maybe they simply didn't renew their registration in time. But old links from other sites are still there. In fact, some expired domains have thousands of old links still pointing to them. It's a shame that all this traffic is going nowhere.

Webmasters work hard to get links on other popular sites, and here we have hundreds and hundreds of old links pointing nowhere. Wouldn't it be great to be able to find those expired domain names with great link popularity, simply register it, and get hundreds of unique visitors practically for free?

This handy CGI Script which probes Internic for domains on hold status.  Intuitive browser based point and click interface allows you to use keywords to scan for domains about to drop or that have recently dropped.   Stores domain name lists in flatfile format so you can easily interface with our AUTONIC domain registration bot.  You can also manually just click on the domain name to register quickly through network solutions.  Another greatly useful feature is the ability to scan each domain name for search engine links.


The old days when you had to cloak page by page are over.  When I first invented HTML cloaking in the mid 90's you had to install a special page for EACH html page you wanted to cloak.  Now with supercloaker a single 5 minute install will protect your ENTIRE WEBSITE.   Furthermore, if you have ability to fully utilize .htaccess you don't have to use .shtml extentions so the cloaking is 100% transparent.  NOBODY has ths technology... until now.  The program comes with a recently updated list of spider IP's and these lists can be updated and found all over the net.  Keep your precious HTML protected with SUPERCLOAKER the most advanced HTML cloaking software online.


This awesome script allows you to entertain your visitors with randomly generated poems in any style you want.  Just change the simple text files containing nouns, verbs, and the like and you get randomly generated poems in any style you want.  Ginsberg was chosen as default.  The point of this script will not be obvious at first.  Sure its fun to play with and entertaining but the power of this script was when I hacked out the routines to generate titles for websites to spamdex the hell out of adultcheck and other sites...   don't worry, its coming soon.  In the meantime have a little fun for a change.


Easy to setup CGI Script that generates highly targeted sales leads or perform surveys by allowing your website visitors to register and download a free sample of your merchandise, a coupon, discount code, tutorial, information, or any other incentive.  Requires visitor to enter valid email address in order to receive free download access.  Registration form may be customized - only required field is email field and opt-in checkbox.  All information collected in the form is stored in a flatfile database which can be easily imported into Excel or Access.  Also works with our Xtractor Pro Mailing List Manager and Microextractor CGI Scripts to send out more information about your company if they opt-in.  Script allows registrants to opt-out so there is no worry about sending email to anyone that did not request it. 


Forget link-o-matic.  They suck anyway.   This is a multi-level free giveaway guestbook replicator that is completely self contained.  Easy to install.  Setup and users can create with a simple form an instant customizable guestbook on any topic they wish.  Each "sub" user even has their own admin panel.  The master admin panel keeps you in control and allows you to blast messages to all the message boards (you can charge for this by integrating with one of our many billing systems).  Since everything is cross-linked this makes a great spider trap to give you traffic.  Your custom header and footer are displayed on every single page.  Admin point and click allows total control over the entire system.


From a simple 2 form field (username/password) this script creates a REAL ftp account.  Any mediocre programmer can also add other routines to add mail accounts, etc.  A great building block and you won't find this type of script ANYWHERE on the net.  We are the only site with this technology.  


Don't you HATE it when you are trying to customize a script and they strip out all the new lines in some lame attempt to keep you from taking out their spam and making it look the way you want it to?  I mean that's the whole POINT of perl - that's WHY its a beautiful NON-COMPILED language.  Well, this little tool is the solution


Works just like cdomain. Increased the speed of performance with all the features a professional registrar needs.  All whois does everything cdomain pro boasts only better.  Enables researching domain name availability for all registrars (not just internic).   This script is a nice service for webhosting companies.  Allows user to search for domain name availability with ANY registrar.  Also does global searches based on keywords so if you can't register party.com you can search all the other NIC's in the world (i.e. .uk, .mx, etc.) to see if you can register something like party.uk.co or whatever.  Adding new registrars is a snap and installation takes maybe 2 minutes.


Clickblaster will send you so much traffic your provider may actually shut you down.  This is a seriously hardcore promotional engine with a mysql backend for ultraspeed and ultralow CPU drainage.   The system tracks hits through 3 levels and even to the point of sale.  Thus you track the "hit and runs" or primary clickthroughs, the people that actually surf through your site to a secondary page, and even to a 3rd (or tertiary) page.   Various rewards are distributed depending on the QUALITY of the clickthrough traffic so you don't get screwed by losers trying to cheat your system.  There are 4 variables to compare.  Initial clickthrough, secondary page, tertiary page, and sale.   The 2nd, 3rd, and sale pages can be hidden ANYWHERE on your server making it a virtual nightmare for anyone to try and hack through.  Banners are served from the AFFILIATES server which minimizes server load.  Impressions are not tracked in this version because well - who the hell cares anyway?  The point of this clickthrough system is that when an affiliate earns a specified number of "credits" they earn a free prize, free password, or whatever.  All screening is done manually and the great thing is everyone that signs up is automatically stored in a handy email database for future marketing.  Tracks with cookies and our special IP tracking for extra security.  You really should try this one out on our site to get a feel for what this is all about.  All I can say is when I launched the predecessor (bannergate) I was completely unprepared for the level of traffic this was about to generate.  This is now the second generation of this type of clickthrough marketing tool and I feel it is a superior design.  Bannergate has its place, but this in my opinion is like the atomic bomb.  Members can check their stats in realtime.  Admin interface allows easy overview of accounts and deletion of dead accounts.  Once user has surpassed your predefined threshold an email is sent out to the administrator notifying that a free account has been earned. 


I purchased Web Trends awhile back.  The program looked great, but was virtually useless.  Everyday you had to download your stats (10-20 megabytes of data) and then Web Trends would spit out a ton of data which I manually checked and found to be innaccurate.  I also signed up for their affilliate program but they never sent me a dime.  Worse was 50% of the data analysis was completely worthless.  Thus, I invented a completely automated version of their program except I took out all the bugs and didnt waste time making pretty graphics.  This is a hardcore statistical analyzer.  Calculates raw hits, page views, bookmarked visitors, home page views, unique visitors, bandwidth, page views per visitor, operating systems and browsers used, error reports, lists top refering URLS, most and least popular webpages on your site, and even does security checks to warn you of hackers trading passwords and networks launching password hurler attacks.  This may not be as pretty as Web Trends but its a hell of alot more useful.  Runs automatically via crontab.

.BANNER GATE   Clicks for password promotional system

A completely new concept in marketing your password site.  Allow users to signup and send you unique clicks for free access to your password site.  Instant account activation, secure code blocks uses of image tag and frame triggers.  Tracks both with cookies and IP addresses to prevent cheating.  Members can check their stats in realtime.  Admin interface allows easy overview of accounts and deletion of dead accounts.  Once user has surpassed your predefined threshold an email is sent out to the administrator notifying that a free account has been earned.  30 days after installing bannergate on one site they received over 50,000 FREE impressions and 2900 UNIQUE clickthroughs.  The best part about this is it only costs you a password for the traffic.

AUTONIC   Automatic Domain ONHOLD stalker and grabber

Stalking out a killer domain name that is on hold status?  Set autonic to run on crontab every morning with Internic reboots and it will query whois automatically to check the current registration status.  If Autonic finds the domain name to be available it will instantly register it automatically.   Also sends you a copy of the registration form.

NIGHTLY BACKUP Automated website archiver - mirror - backup utility

If you make money online then you know your website is your lifeline.  Keep your password databases, billing databases, or even your entire website safe and secure on multiple webservers!  Now you can sleep assured that your files can be restored in seconds from a perfect backup done automatically as often as you wish.  Easy to setup script that will archive and transfer a copy of your entire website or any directory of files to another server to provide you with a nightly, weekly, or monthly automated backup.  Files are not overwritten so there is no danger of file corruption caused if backups fail and write 0K files. 


Not only is this the fastest banner rotator script known to mankind it also has cool new expiration concepts for selling ads.  You can setup multiple accounts and each account holder can login with a username/password to check their impressions, clickthroughs and CTR's in realtime.   The cool thing is you can set accounts to expire one of two ways.  Accounts can be set to expire by number of impressions (when the account holder exceeds the set number of impressions their ad automatically expires).  Accounts can also be set to expire by number of days (flat rate advertising).  This offers you a dual marketing approach to selling your valuable banner space.  We use this very same system to sell ads on our site and it works great.  System load is virtually undetectable.  All stats are in realtime.  Admin panel allows you to browse all accounts and their individual statistics, view all banner ads at once, modify/delete accounts, and even check the overall impressions and clicks to your server.


Affiliate engine capable of integrating into virtually any billing system allows you to reward affiliates commissions for referred sales.  Our newest system supports unlimited levels of payouts to drive your sales through the roof!  Each payout level may be set to a percentage of the sale or a flat rate commission.  Similar interface and features as our popular Agents of Fortune Professional including instant account activation, secure text links, real time statistics, easy database backup and restore.  Simple integration into virtually all online billing systems and shopping carts.  Negligible server load requirements.  Ergonomic statistical interface allows zooming into sales records from year to day to sale. 


Clever opt-in email collection cgi script which allows visitors to your site to play a virtual "slot-machine" to win a product or get a free membership to your website.  Player can "warm-up" spinning the slot machine as many times as they want before spinning for real.   Multiple security features allow you to prevent abusers from using bots or cheating the system.  Requires real email address to collect prize.  If you setup the slot machine for "products" you can also customize and link the slot machine images so visitors are looking at products from your site.  When they click on one of the images they are taken to a special product information url.  Great way to build targeted email lists from your visitors and great promotional tool.


Supermall is much more than a shopping cart.  Supermall allows a single mall administrator to sell merchandise from multiple vendors by drop-shipment (like CD-now does).  The administrator can add vendor information to the mall and add individual items provided by each vendor so when an order is placed invoices are emailed (or can be faxed through email-fax translation services) to vendors and orders are drop-shipped so you never have to actually stock any inventory.   The mall client interface allows browsing by categories (yahoo-style) or multiple keyword searches.  All features are accessible by the admin panel to allow easy editing and administration of the mall.  Customers and the administrator can check and print out confirmation pages created when an order is approved.  Supermall supports manual credit card validation and real-time validation through authorize.net.   Stores customer information in mysql which you can use for future promotional purposes.  No HTML required to add new items - simply fill out forms and pages are generated for every item.  Each item page can have html, pictures, etc.  Item pages give you maximum search engine visibility unlike cgi-generated html pages.   Many more features planned for future upgrades including statistical and profitability reports.  Easily integrates into any of our affiliate software packages


Based on our popular matchmasters script this is a more serious solution for dating sites.  The pro version uses powerful MYSQL database structures and modular code design to allow complete customization of the searching/profile parameters and html output (cosmetics).  Capable of altering the search parameters/fields to unlimited option or keyword based search fields.  Multiple keyword search logic allows matching for complex search profiles.  Admin panel allows counting members, bulk emailing all members, login/edit/delete of member profiles.  Members can upload photos, search, bookmark profiles, view member photos, and send private email messages anonymously.   Many more features planned for this systems future upgrades.  May be implemented as a free "attraction" to your existing website or easily integrates into billing systems to charge for services.


Need to put a searchable database online?   Microsearch allows you to easily generate custom, searchable databases with unlimited searchable fields (keyword or selection based).  Creates add.html and search.html interfaces automatically.  Admin interface allows search and delete of records quickly.  Mysql archtitechture for handling large databases with the fastest search technology.   


You are going to love this script!  A simple, yet powerful cgi script with mysql database interface that will allow you to spider the internet and collect unique urls and domain names at the speed of light!   5 minutes to configure, set your starting url and the spider will start probing the internet from the starting url collecting every single link and unique domain name it finds along the way.  A great way to construct targeted marketing databases or start your own search engine.  Script allows you to select spidering depth or just leave it until your hard drive explodes with data.  This script is a masterpiece. 


Basically this is a clone of adult check age verification system.  Probably even better than their software actually.   Mysql database backend and authorize.net payment gateways allow you to run your own Age Verification System.  Built in 2 level affiliate structure allows you to payout commissions to both webmaters that refer members and webmasters that refer other webmasters.  Search the entire AVS database by keywords or browse by category.   Generates signup messages, realtime cc processing.  Webmaster lounge lets them see their commissions in realtime or tweak their sites.  Admin interface gives you overall control to approve or delete sites.  You can also revoke commissions to webmasters in event of fraud or chargeback.


Finally!  Now its simple to sell single files with MIMEMAILER.  Easily integrates into any of our billing systems such as IBILL Processor (use as webgood page) or Mastergate, or any of our other systems.  Simply use MIMEMAILER as your "Thank you" page and you can instantly send single attatchments automatically!  Security protocols block people from sending multiple copies of the file to their friends or multiple files to themselves.   Requires no modules and can be setup in about 1 minute.

SUPER WHOIS Whois client for RFC-954 compliant whois servers

CGI Script works with the new-mangled whois system introduced 1 Dec 1999.  A web based whois client for RFC-954 compliant whois servers using the shared domain registration system as revised 1 December 1999. Under the new domain-name regime the whois system is now distributed amongst the various domain-police registrars, thereby requiring that we make at least two separate requests (to two separate servers) for each whois record. This program will first go to the "root" whois server and ask for a record. If found, the root server will tell us where to go get the actual record, and then we go get it.

AFFILIATE AD ROTATOR  MYSQL Affiliate code rotation system

HEY!  This is NOT just another banner rotator - although it DOES rotate banners, the concept is different.   Similar to our superfast banner rotator but instead of rotating just banners - this script actually rotates AFFILIATE HTML used by sites like advertising.com, linkexchange.com, et.,al.  Thus allowing the serving of banner images from REMOTE servers.  Provides ability to quickly rotate at random your affiliate ad partners and also countercheck their statistics against yours to see if anyone is cheating you.   Accounts can be set to track by impressions, clicks, or days.  You can set price per click, impression, or day and the system will keep track of all your affiliate codes as they are displayed on your site in one convenient interface.  System load is virtually undetectable.  All stats are in realtime.  Admin panel allows you to browse all accounts and their individual statistics, view all banner ads at once, modify/delete accounts, and check overall statistics and payouts you are earning from affiliate programs.  Also a great script to trade banner space with other sites that use their own tracking software.


Automatic Bookmark is a cgi script that will automatically pop up a "bookmark" suggestion box for new people that visit your site for the first time.  This Script increase the percentage of Return TRAFFIC!  Unlike using straight javacode, the script will not "annoy" regular visitors or people that return to your site by popping up the window every time they return.  The first time a new visitor hits your "target page" the bookmark window pops up but never again.  This is a great way to get your site bookmarked by more visitors.  You can also execute the script by using javascript (eg:  close window type scripts) so if they quit their browser the bookmark window pops up.  Also a great way to collect custom 404 (page not found) traffic by redirecting to this script.


No more sales price limits!  This tool allows you to sell file packages by an installment plan.  Clients make an initial down payment then get partial access every month until they complete the payment plan.  Great way to increase sales and revenue!   Installment payment plans include interest after all!  Compatible with revshare to distribute commissions to resellers on recurring or non-recurring basis.   Admin panel allows easy editing of accounts through the browser.


Sick of jerks spamming cgi scripts on your site?  Now you can forever block their lame ass with this simple script that scans a parallel logfile for such activity.  Too many support posts from a client?  Solves that problem too!  Just set this up and anyone executing too many scripts is banned from the site.

MIME MAILER II  Client side formmail with attatchment sending

Simple form mail system that allows your CLIENTS to send your formmail with UNLIMITED attatchments.  Requires no modules and setup takes less than a minute.  Easy to customize.  Similar to our other program (mimemailer) but the difference is Mimemailer II allows the CLIENT to send YOU files whereas Mimemailer sends files from you to the client.  Working demo is available on our site so you can see the difference.


CGI Script to manage your opt-in ezines, mailing lists, and membership lists with a single interface.  Works basically just like EXTRACTOR PRO which sells for as much as $200.  This is browser based CLONE.   Our program won't time out like other programs that attempt to do the same thing.  Allows you to create unlimited unique mailing lists, removes duplicates automatically, merge lists, remove from lists by substring match (EG: 'donotspam". "edu").  Email lists are saved automatically as flat file databases which are compatible with most email software.   Keeps accurate count of unique emails per list in realtime.  Add or remove single email addresses from any list.  Also allows you to send attachments to your mailings.  No modules required.  Easy installation.


Ever need to go through a huge list of urls and filter out the dead links?  Most webmasters do from time to time.  Link sorter allows you to upload a simple ASCII one per line file of urls and run the script from telnet.  The script goes through the list and sorts the urls into numerous lists of good urls, dead sites, redirects, etc.  If you have a long list and need a break the program can be restarted from where you left off automatically.


SUPERCLIX is a MYSQL database driven 2 tier clickthrough system which allows you to effectively recruit and payout commissions to advertisers that send you banner clicks.   Superclix features instant account activation, text or image based link code, gateway support and real time statistics.  Negligible server load requirements.  Ergonomic statistical interface allows zooming into sales records from year to day to sale.  Exports payout schedules into flat file database.  Offers multilevel commission structure to reward advertisers that recruit new advertisers.  Supports gateways (modulars) so you can make the system payout only when the visitor visits a page deeper in your site than the initial redirection url.  


Now you can completely run your own recurring billing system through Authorize.Net for a fraction of the cost of using 3rd party billing solutions such as IBILL, DMR, EPOCH, and CCNOW who charge up to 25% per transaction.  Supergate allows you to replace these companies with software that does the same thing and process orders for only 2-3%.  Supergate supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Novus, Diners, and Online Checks.  Supergate supports unlimited billing intervals, unlimited cycles and delay times, free trial periods, and complex billing cycles just like IBILL.  Also does rebilling attempts at customized intervals if there is a problem with a credit card just like DMR and the other companies do.  A complete billing log is recorded and your current billing databases may be imported/exported as flat file into Microsoft XL/Access.  All transactions are stored in secure binary MYSQL database.   Supergate also interfaces into negative credit card and checking databases and allows you to upload 3rd party negative databases into your system.  Secure administrative interface allows searching for records, delete/modify account information, import/export databases.  Supergate also is completely compatible with our Agents of Fortune affiliates software allowing you to reward affiliates commissions for referred sales.


Based on the popular EBAY auction site, we have created a MYSQL driven clone with many of the same features.  User registration, feedback ratings for users, proxy bidding, automatic batch closing done hourly.  You can add unlimited custom categories.  Performs keyword searches and category browsing just like the real thing.  Binary MYSQL database allows you to serve even the largest auction based websites.  Supports auction reserves, minimum bids, bidding wars, and more.  Default setup charges flat rates per ad type (i.e. bold faced, add icon, highlight ad).  Customizable headers and footers appear on every page.  Credit buying interface supports Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Novus, and Online checks.  Admin interface allows you to edit/modify/delete users.  Member interface allows editing information or if they forget their password it is automatically emailed to them.


Flat-file database software will crash your server or the software after about 5,000 hits per day.  These systems are commonly banned on most isps for this reason.  clicktraders employs streamlined code, MYSQL binary database support, and the latest code tricks from the gurus to provide a superfast link exchange system that will handle MILLIONS of hits per day.  Banners are served from the client server so you don't have to pay bandwidth for all of those impressions.  Provides editable subtext link that appears every time a banner is generated to drive your program.  Ergonomic statistical interface tracks raw/unique impressions and clicks through new technologies developed by drew star that do not rely on bogging down your system with huge databases of ip addresses.  Super Link Exchange members can BUY credits to get more impressions by the push of a button where they are transported to your handy order form.  Uses either syntax or realtime validation through Authorize.Net.  clicktraders can be customized for any billing gateway by our cgi gurus.  There is truly nothing like this on the internet.  Credit buying interface supports Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Novus, and Online checks.  Admin interface allows you to check the overall system performance and statistics, browse through and count your users, bulk email your members and edit/delete their information.


MATCHMASTERS personals is a completely automated cgi system which allows members to signup instantly, have their account information emailed to them and interact with other members online.  Members can browse the database or refine their search criteria to find the mate they are looking for specifically.  Search results are broken down into 10 per page and members search criteria are saved in the event that no suitable matches are found.  A matchbot program may be set to run through the entire member database and search histories to notify by email any member that the matchbot finds a suitable match for.  This pulls older members back to the site to retrieve the results.  Members may also upload pictures of themselves, send messages to each other, and bookmark other members they want to keep in touch with.  All contacting through the site retains complete anonymity for the security of the users (including their REAL email address).  All members are known to each other by screen names only. 


VTERM is a browser based billing database manager and processing system that allows you to securely processing entire billing databases from your desktop without uploading data to a webserver.  Accepts your flatfile billing database or create one from scratch through the handy editor.   Allows you to delete and modify client billing data in realtime.  Software keeps track of complex rebilling schedules automatically so all you have to do is upload and click away.  Rejected cards are marked with error messages allowing you to notify all of the problem accounts with a single click that they need to correct their billing information.  Easily modify billing schedules and client information at any time.   When you are done billing for the day simply click the download button and save the updated database to your desktop.  Allows you to process online checks, Mastercard, visa, American express, discover, and JCB.


Completely automate your affiliate system and check writing with the REVSHARE TOOLKIT.  The Revshare Toolkit allows you to fully automate your affiliate system into IBILL's Revshare system.  Also supports MULTIPLE site promotions through a common portal and a single installation.  Instant account activation from a single form. Real time statistics, support for recurring commissions, and ability to set different commission levels for each affiliate.  Check processing and payouts are handled for you automatically.  Ergonomic statistical interface allows zooming into sales records from year to day to sale.  Pro version uses MYSQL database for unparalleled SPEED, and reliability. 


Need a quick and dirty solution for processing billing databases?  Batch processing engine allows you to process bulk credit card transactions via authorize.net.  Simply upload your comma delimited text database and execute.  Outputs results to comma delimited text databases compatible with popular spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft XL and Access.   Supports Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover, JCB, and Online Checks.


Agents of fortune professional offers MYSQL database support to handle extreme data loads.  We can completely integrate your website into any payment system and structure multiple commission structures/formulas and even set up the install to handle multiple websites.  Realtime stats, automated data backup and completely compatible with revshare, authorize.net, shopping carts, and other popular billing solutions.   Database backup and restore in the event of server crash. 


First script of a series of tools to be released that will put a massive dent into hackers trying to use false information to gain access to your website or products using stolen or fake credit card information.   Works with virtually any billing system allowing you to see if the billing address and actual geographical location of person ordering correlate. 


THE FIRST AND ONLY SPAM TERMINATION SOFTWARE EVER RELEASED!  Install script in seconds and say goodbye to unwanted email, spam, people you don't like, FOREVER!  THAT'S RIGHT!  ZERO SPAM!  Easily manage your buddy list which determines who can email you.  Anyone NOT on the buddy list is dumped into oblivion!  Even better you can still accept emails from new customers that submit emails through forms by some ingenious filtering!   So GET RID OF THOSE STUPID GET RICH SCAM MAILS and DITCH all those LOSERS emailing you NOW!  Get only the email you want!


Easy to install security cgi script that will create a list of untraceable or traceable but fake IP addresses which you can use with any browser to surf in absolute privacy.  CGI Script uses live database information to find "anonymous" hubs all over the world.  The script then tests each hub for connectivity and security and sorts all of the results into several files such as a list of hubs you can use to make people think you live somewhere else (new zealand, russia, whatever), a list of hubs which block traceroutes back to your REAL ip address allowing complete privacy while you surf, also other lists are created for informational and research purposes thus all of the hubs analyzed are recorded.   Default scan is to seek out hubs on port 80 and 8080 but you can scan for any port you like.  Every 11 year old hacker knows all aout this little secret but nearly all "webmasters" do not.  This is the second script in our new fraud scrubbing security software products.  This allows you to exploit the internet to mask your location and identity or completely fake it.  Nobody can block you from their website!  This script just made all those 2bit PC .htaccess tricks  obsolete!   Don't worry!  We wouldn't release something like this without a countermeasure (cure).


CGI Script allows you to provide keyword based searchability to your entire website or parts of your website.  Intelligent spidering does all the work.  HTML is opened, parsed, metaterms extracted, titles extracted, and all html is converted into raw text.  You can alter search output results by awarding point scales to matches by keyword, title, metatags, metakeywords, etc.  MYSQL based so even the largest sites wont crash even with hi search load.


Installs in 10 seconds, upload any text file of your choice and the email extractor sucks all the valid email addresses from the file and dumps them into a flatfile database for use with your mailing software.  You can use html, sqsl databases, or any txt file to upload. 


This is only the beginning of the insane scripts we have decided to release after 3 years of hiding them away.  Cgi script sends emails to your OPT-IN newsletter lists with message of your choice.  As soon as the email lands in the recipients inbox and they read it or even try to delete it the browser pops open and lands them right on your homepage!  They wont have a clue what hit them!  Works from telnet or browser


No telnet required!  Debug perl scripts right from the browser with this great tool that lets you execute telnet commands from the browser.  Installs in seconds, simple design shows you a simple one field command line where you can execute single commands or multiple commands (seperated by semicolons) just like a regular telnet account.  Most useful for debugging perl scripts.  NO MORE 500 Internal Server Errors!  You get REAL actually USEFUL debugging information!  A MUST for any installer working in a "telnet free" hosting environment.


Developed as an extra security measure for people that sell FILES and SOFTWARE.  REMOTE FTP SERVER runs from the browser and will push a file off of your server to the client server.  Client enters their host, username, password, and a destination directory and the file is transferred at ethernet speeds even if they are only using a dialup account.  Great way to add extra security to sites distributing files.  May be integrated into payment systems fairly easily by using ENV(remote_user) variable as the ftp hostname. 


Why spend hundreds of hours toiling away on your website when a single person armed with a web spider can suck all the data from your site in minutes?  Tired of spiders mining data from your site?  Whether its images, mp3's, avi's, midi files or whatever if you have a lot of files on your site you are going to become targeted by computers running powerful spiders to datamine your entire website.   In minutes they can grab THOUSANDS of images off your site and give them away for FREE.  Protect yourself with Mine Field.


Is your website on a fixed bandwidth budget?  Now you can kick heavy users off your password site and keep your bandwidth bill under TOTAL control!  The choker scans and kicks users off your password list if they surpass the webmaster defined bandwidth quota.  Also effective secondary measure to monitor for password leaks.  Most password leak security programs only scan for multiple logins but PROXY servers such as AOL, etal FAIL to get noticed!  Not so with the choker.  Stop data hogs cold. 


Are you safe from password hurlers?   This isn't the first or the last but its the FASTEST password hurler ever.   Test your security and see just how safe your site is from attackers.  Unless you are using the latest password software you are vulnerable to brute force attack where hackers can enter and trade passwords to your site in less than 5 minutes.  Password Hurler runs at blazing ethernet speeds to crack weakly protected .htaccess style password sites by hurling thousands of password guesses per minute until the system successfully guesses the correct combination.  A study of 3,290 passwords revealed:

  • 15 were a single ASCII character

  • 72 were two characters

  • 464 were three characters

  • 477 were four characters

  • 706 were five characters (all same case)

  • 605 were six characters (all same case)


Protect your password site by immunizing yourself against password hurlers.  401 Neutralizer intercepts failed login attempts virtually instantly and blocks the referring IP address to send the attacker off to find easier prey.   Logs attacking addresses so you can hunt down the guilty party and torture them at your convenience.


Completely automate your affiliate system and check writing with the REVSHARE TOOLKIT.  The Revshare Toolkit allows you to fully automate your affiliate system into IBILL's Revshare system.   Instant account activation from a single form. Real time statistics, support for recurring commissions, and ability to set different commission levels for each affiliate.   Check processing and payouts are handled for you automatically.  Ergonomic statistical interface allows zooming into sales records from year to day to sale. 


The only form mail online that actually deposits your sales into your online merchant account.  Setup a credit card processing account and use FORMMAIL 2000 to process your sales with REAL TIME credit card processing.  Also does syntax only validation and address validation.  Authonly or Deposit funds.  Also compatible with IBILL Basic TP accounts.


Agents of Fortune allows you to payout referring sales agents a commission based on every confirmed sale they refer to you.   Affiliates signup and receive instant account activation and bannercode is generated for them with a push of a button.  Realtime statistics track their sales activity.  Compatible with all forms of billing including formmail, Mastergate, IBILL Processor, Cyberstash, and DMR.  Server load requirements are negligible.  Administrative interface allows you to view sales activity for the entire year, scroll around pay periods and zoom in for details.   Handy export feature allows you to export all of your users payout data to a flat file ASCII field delimited database for check writing software.  Also allows you to revoke sales in the event of chargeback or fraud.  Agents of Fortune also allows you to offer a secondary commission structure to affiliates that recruit affiliates. 


Mastergate is simply the most comprehensive pay site billing and security system available. No other software package offers such advanced security and administration power. Processes your billing information and automates your password database. Includes form error checking, automatic account expiration, admin search, admin modify, admin edit, and admin delete. Clients are forced to provide a valid (working) email address to obtain access to your pay site. Mastergate is also capable of interfacing into online processors for real-time validation.   Default installation emails invoices through secure or non-secure servers.   Tools available for interfacing into IBILL Basic TP accounts for real-time validation.  Online merchant account required for real time validation.   Compatible with manual processing, IBILL Basic TP accounts, and Authorize.net


Superclix is a fast, powerful affiliates program that will enable you to build traffic from referring websites.  Affiliates are paid per unique banner click to your website.  Affiliates may also earn a secondary commission for referring affiliates (this will help your program compete with other affiliate programs).  Real Time statistics feature ergonomic browser interface to allow zooming in for details.  Editable payout schedules and exporting feature allows importing payout database into check writing programs.  Form tag tracking defeats cheaters using image tags to load urls.  Now supports gateways (modulars) so you can make the system payout only when the visitor visits a page deeper in your site than the initial redirection url.


CGI Script will spider your websitet to index all html files then you can run the parser to convert the html to RAW TEXT.  Great way to build information databases free from html tags if constructing search engines.  Also useful analytical tool for search engine studies such as keyword densities, etc.  Great subroutine that can be applied by the wise webmaster for many purposes.  Useful tool for integrating with LINKING scripts such as gossamer threads, etc.  Extracts the core data from HTML and turns into simple text.


CGI Script emulates unix crontab script scheduler which is not available on all isp's.  Script can schedule scripts per hour, day, month, or per # of visitors.  Option to email you when execution takes place and email describes processes completed.  Installation in seconds and works on virtually any ISP.


Easy to install cgi script forwards your emails to you as normal but FIRST REMOVES and STORES all attatchments SECURELY on your ftp/html server where you can decide if you want to download them at your discretion.   Absolutely NO attatchment viruses or worms can penetrate this system.  Emails are delivered with all other information intact and a link at the bottom you can click on to view your attatchments received.  Also great for saving time download your email as attatchments are all stored on the webserver.


CGI Script allows you to find out how many websites are linking to you all over the web!  Searches the BILLIONS of websites in seconds to return total number of links found for your domain name!  Returns a numerical value for total number of links in seconds which equals the number of sites found currently linking to your domain name.   


CGI Script TERMINATES ACCESS TO HACKERS USING NETWORK SPOOFING TECHNIQUES!  Easy to install security script that stops hackers from using possibly their FAVORITE hack of choice - NETWORK SPOOFING.  These are the number one criminal techniques used by hackers, hotlinkers, credit card fraud, etc.  These hackers will use sites that publish lists of hubs you can connect into and make people think you live in england, florida, arizona, you name it.  They think they are untraceable and for the most part they are.   NOT ANYMORE!  HA HA!  This nifty script kills them in 60 seconds or less.   No matter how many times they come back with a new fake IP they are blocked at the ROOT!  After a few retries they will go to your less secure competitor and screw with them instead!  An absolute MUST HAVE SECURITY SCRIPT.  NO SITE IS SAFE WITHOUT IT!


CGI Script monitors for suspicious activity generated by network users stealing your content.  Easy to setup perl script will monitor your logfiles for suspicious activity and allow you to block access to people relying on your website for content. 

PLUG-IN (soon to be released) Script allows you to completely screw over users that stalk you and steal from you by sending them to a completely different website!  It sure would be a shame if those losers that steal from you and make a living off of your hard work would accidentally end up downloading viruses, trojan horse files, spyware, and packet sniffers.  Revenge is in your hands!


Topsites is a popular promotional program that allows your affiliates & promoters to send traffic and earn reciprocal displays on a link list.  Our advanced software generates the linklist from crontab to allow ultrafast operation even under heavy fire.  Topsites is fully compatible with our AGENTS OF FORTUNE affiliate software which tracks and awards sales commissions.  The topsites list may be inserted on the fly into any webpage with a simple server sides includes command, be used as its own web page or in a console.  Comprehensive statistics are provided for both administrator and affiliates which breakdown the traffic sent and traffic received from each promoter.  Admin stats allow overview of traffic for the entire year, bi-monthly, or daily statistical periods and may also kick out malicious users.


Powerful shopping cart script allows you to turn any form based website into an instant shopping mall!  Gives you creative freedom to do your mall any way you want!  Extremely simple to interface your online catalog or catalog database.  Use sytanx credit card validation or REALTIME credit card validation right into your bank.  Fully compatible with AGENTS OF FORTUNE affiliate software to rev up your sales by awarding commissions to referred customers.  Runs on HTTP or remotely on HTTPS.   Online merchant account required for real time validation.  Compatible with manual processing, IBILL Basic TP accounts, and Authorize.net: 


Portal Analyzer is a convenient solution to tracking your websites popularity.  Its a lot like having an invisible hit counter on every page.  Portal Analyzer produces daily reports telling you exactly how many unique visitors you received and which page they entered by.  This way you can tell not only how many people visit your site but which pages attract the most visitors.   Works behind the scenes by crontab or can be exactitude from the browser to provide the easy to follow reports.  Results are tabulated by most popular to least popular entry page.  Unlike access counters which are frequently not accurate this works off of your server logs to provide absolute accuracy in counting. 


EMAIL CASH PLUS allows you to recruit and reward affiliates for collecting email subscribers to your opt-in mailing list.  Your affiliates signup and place the EMAIL CASH PLUS banner code on their website.  The bannercode allows anyone to signup for your newsletter from any website without actually leaving the site.  You reward affiliates that send you new subscribers by cash or advertising credits in your newsletter.  A powerful way to build up enormous mailing lists.  Instant account activation, secure POST method banner code, real time statistics, and tracking of split cash and advertising payout credits.  Ergonomic statistical interface allows zooming into sales records from year to day to sale.  Exports payout schedules into flat file database.we know about one adult site that has built up a email subscription base of over 100,000 active members with this software.  Similar packages are selling online for as much as $5,000 per copy.


Search, edit, and import ASCII databases on your web server. Endless possibilities for serving databases over the world wide web.  Import your ASCII database from Microsoft access right over the internet.  Password protected editing offers administrator ability to edit or delete any file.  Also features the ability to allow visitors to add individual password protected database entries that they can edit.  Export and import the database into any program that can interpret comma delimited formats.


Web based chat similar to AOL.  Members login with a unique username.  The chat server offers members the ability to create their own public or private rooms.  Each room displays a list of people in the room.   Members may send private messages to anyone in the room or whisper to a member privately by selecting their name from the CHANNEL menu.  Members may create room.  After creating a new room a member may choose to be public or private thus turning the room into a public or private chat area.


Now you can stop password traders forever!   Password nazi is a completely self contained application that installs in minutes, running automatically on your server watching people that login to your password protected areas.  Password Nazi notices suspicious login activity and immediately terminates the account sending the password trader back to the password sites searching for one of your competitors that doesn't use Password Nazi.  Save thousands on your bandwidth bills and sleep peacefully... Password Nazi takes no prisoners.


Georgia Tech's GVU surveys indicate that links from other sites are the most popular way that people will find you on the Web.   Commercial sites like LINKOMATIC are charging over $100 PER URL to submit sites through FREE FOR ALL LINK ENGINES. Great way to promote your site and get traffic - why sell gold when you can sell the gold MINE? When FFAN V1 was released a couple of months ago LINKOMATIC FREAKED OUT!  They did EVERYTHING in their power to try and stop me.  I was also surprised by the level of interest in this script so I have taken FFAN to the next level.  Now it is a MULTILEVEL MARKETING MACHINE!   FFAN allows you to develop YOUR OWN network of link sites.  Also features automatic list cleaning and sorting.  The network allows your site visitors to put their link on your FFA page AND download the FFAN script from your site so they can join your FFA NETWORK.  When a new site installs the FFAN script you are notified by email after the first link goes up.  With a simple click their FFAN is added to your submission list.  The new site may also allow visitors to download the script and so on creating a pyramid of FFAN sites.  Everytime a new site appears you are notified thus building your submission list.  Through the admin interface you can cleanup the list if there are any dead links and with one simple form you can now broadcast your urls of choice into every FFAN site that joined under you!  


CGI Script allows surfers to email webpages to their friends from your site.  Smart CGI works so you do not have to create special unique forms for every page of your website.  One form will work from any URL.  Email arrives as exact copy of your webpage in HTML format.  You can insert custom headers and footers such as banner ads, text ads, affiliate code, etc.   Script also records IP of sender to block malicious users.  Subject line automatically generates full URL of webpage.  Works great with Automark to get people to bookmark your site or our Mailjacker script which will force email recipients browser to open up your website.

IBILL BROKER            

Billing system and referral system all in one.   Complete integration of IBILL PROCESSOR and AGENTS OF FORTUNE.  Contains ALL FEATURES of BOTH SYSTEMS!  Works on ALL WEBSERVERS and OPERATING SYSTEMS.  Allows you to payout advertisers a commission on your internet billing sales.  Superfast code for even the largest sites.  Fully automatic control of your password sales and databases.  Deletes users automatically after accounts expire.  Handles unlimited account configurations of recurring, nonrecurring, and web900.    Manual admin interface allows you to add/delete/search and modify accounts.   Advertisers signup and receive realtime statistics on their commissions.  Each account has independent commissions so you can structure your sales commissions any way you want.  Does not require server sides includes.  Your advertisers may access their statistics in realtime.  Allows you to revoke sales in the event of fraud or chargeback from the admin interface. 


If you need to completely automate the administration and billing of your password site this script is the answer.  Integrates into all IBILL Company PINCODING accounts to provide powerful, automatic and manual administration of your password site.  Years of development has produced the fastest perl code possible for even the largest websites.   Allows both automatic and manual administration of your membership password database.  Supports only-the-fly database search and modify, integrates with password nazi to allow security scan of illegal passwords and multiple logins.  Handles unlimited account configurations of recurring, nonrecurring, web-900 billing, and online checks.   The only IBILL cgi system that allows members to cancel accounts and billing from a single form thus completely automating your membership site.


Easy to setup autoresponder sends automatic responses to usenet posters in specified newsgroups.  All required modules supplied.  Requires NNTP news service.  Easily modified for usenet experimentation.  Runs automatically by crontab.


CGI Script allows you to host and point unlimited domains into distinct directories on one hosting account.  Works for canonical domains also (eg:  test.yourdomain.com, example.yourdomain.com, whatever.yourdomain.com).  Script also allows you to insert customized HEADERS, FOOTERS, AND also INSERT html ANYWHERE via keyword match.  Thus you can insert banner ads right after the html header information so it doesn't screw up people's background colors and titles.  This script is so simple and powerful it allows you to turn a $20 hosting account into a miniature dedicated server with GEOCITIES style advertising!


Don't you hate it when you find some super cool shockwave, midi file, pdf, flash, or whatever and you CAN'T save it from the website!    Well now its super easy!  Just enter the full URL to the file and click the button.  File will be transferred to your webserver at blazing fast ethernet speeds.  This CGI SCRIPT will download ANY FILE!  Works great for downloading .swf - midi - pdf - flash files and more from ANY website!


Easy to install security script that will filter out dangerous attatchments such as .pifs, worms, viruses, .dll's, etc. from your email in realtime.  Returns dangerous emails to actual recipient with customizable warning message.  If recipient is faked it dumps mail into the trash.  All email that passes security screening is forwarded to your mailbox untouched.


Automatic security and billing system for pay sites. This version interfaces DIRECTLY into cybercash merchant malls either through your own cybercash server or a merchant account on a mall server.  Unlike many other systems, Mastergate completely PREVENTS your users from submitting duplicate orders causing chargeback chaos.   We are an OFFICIAL Merchant Developer Partner Candidate for Cybercash.


REALTIME CREDIT CARD VALIDATION FROM PC AUTHORIZE!  Why pay ENORMOUS TRANSACTION RATES WITH OTHER BILLING COMPANIES?  Get your own merchant account and INTERFACE DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BANK!  Direct posting to PC AUTHORIZE HUB and automation of password databases for membership sites.    Includes all the usual MASTERGATE fraud-scrubbing and duplicate transaction blocking tools.  This requires setup of a PC AUTHORIZE network which is not exactly trivial.  However, if you are processing $50,000 per month or so in password sales then you can save a LOT of cash with this and even start up your OWN billing company!


Multi level spider engine that indexes web servers and creates ASCII list of URLS for automatic submission software.   An ESSENTIAL tool for system administrators.  If you ever wished you could push a button and get a list of ALL the URLS on your webserver then this is EXACTLY what you are looking for!


Fastest way to submit your sites to the search engines.  Hit the TOP search engines in SECONDS. Simply enter your URL and email address and newswire submits you to the top  search engines automatically!   A great way to collect email lists, get visitors to BOOKMARK YOU and INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC!


How many times have you heard about some company that offers to promote your URL to 300, 500, or even 900 search engines for some low price of $49.95 or whatever?  Regardless of their CLAIMS the FACTS are that there simply are only a handful of search engines that actually will give you any traffic whatsoever.  Exploit's submission wizard, Linkomatic, Submit-It, etc all make the same claims but the truth is that you will see the same results from repetitive submission to only 10 search engines that you will see by wasting your valuable time and money spamming free for all link sites and other worthless "search engines" that make up 99% of their submission lists.  This is why I wrote WAHOO!   Wahoo fully automates the TEDIOUS task of keeping your links fresh in the search engines.  This tool can be run with crontab or simply from telnet to submit MILLIONS of URLS into the IMPORTANT search engines 100% THOUGHT FREE! 


Never spend HOURS downloading files from websites off your modem again! Fetch 100 MEGABYTE files in MINUTES and save to your server!


Serves other peoples web sites from your domain. A great way to serve other web sites dynamic content from YOUR WEBSITE! NOW SERVES LINKS/IMAGES and SPLICES HEADERS!


Selectively Serves HTML based on the CLIENT HOST INFORMATION. Great for protecting your html that you worked so hard on to get your site at the top of the search engines. Serves one page to the search robots and another to surfers.

OPT IN PRO Multiple Opt In Newsletter Email Harvester Affiliate Program

MYSQL Backended script based on our email harvester only this is MYSQL powered and does UNLIMITED mailing lists.  Recruit webmasters and pay them for collection of emails.  Create unlimited newsletters.   Webmasters never worry about lost traffic since surfer never leaves their site.   Secure confirmation and removal system included.  Webmasters and admin have realtime statistics.  Payouts only for UNIQUE email addresses.

  • "Submit-A-Link" Style Script linksubmit
  • "Suggest My Site" Script suggest
  • "Users Online" Script #1 usersonline
  • "Users Online" Script PRO
  • Advanced Guestbook Script guestbook
  • Affiliate Banner Rotation Script adrotator
  • Affiliate Linkmaster affiliatemask
  • Affiliate Program (Advanced Version) postaffiliate
  • Affiliate Program (Basic Version) phpaffiliate
  • Another PHP Web FTP Program webftp
  • Auction Website phpauction
  • Auto Hits Script
  • Automated Form Submission Prevention human
  • Bookmarks/Favorites Script bookmarks
  • Build a Webring webring
  • ClickBank "Thank You" Page Protector Script cbscript
  • Client Invoicing Script myinvoice
  • Document Management System sdms
  • Easy Administration Program easyadmin
  • EasyStream easystream
  • Electronic Reminder Script ereminder
  • Expired Domain Finder wgs-expire
  • FAQ Generator whatdafaq
  • FAQ Manager faqmanager
  • FFA Links Page Script ffalinks
  • File Transfer Script net2ftp
  • Hot Mailing List Script newsletter
  • ICQ Pager Script pager
  • Image to ASCII Generator img2ascii
  • Image Watermarking Script watermark
  • Instant Photo Gallery Script instantgallery
  • Instant Site Maker instantsm
  • Link Listing Script links
  • Links Exchange Website conservatory
  • Live Help Script livehelp
  • MySQL Database Backup Perl Script backupscript
  • News Publishing Script topstory
  • Office Intranet Suite intranet
  • Online Classifieds Script classifieds
  • Online MultiPlayer Chess webchess
  • osCommerce PHP Shopping Cart oscommerce
  • PassGen passgen
  • PaymentPal paymentpal
  • Perpetual Traffic Generator trafficgenerator
  • PHP & MySQL Content Management System contentm
  • PHP Form To Email Script SECURE! emailer
  • PHP Message Boards Script messageboard
  • PHP-based eCard Script/Website gcards
  • POP-UP Creator popup
  • Powerful Portal with Content Management phpx
  • Secure Authentication Script authentication
  • Simple Yet Powerful Download Counter Script hitcounter
  • Sophisticated PHP Ecommerce Site xtcommerce
  • Sports League, Fixture and Prediction Management Script phpfootball
  • Toplist Website Manager #1 toplist
  • Toplist Website Manager #2 topsites
  • USENET News Client newsgroup
  • Visitor Logging Script tollbooth
  • Web Event Calendar calendar
  • Web Portal System geeklog
  • Web-Based Address Book Script wa-boo
  • Web-based Image Management System photoseek
  • Web-based POP Email Client webmail
  • Website Stats Business trafficgopher
  • Whois Lookup whois
  • Yahoo Style Link Directory/Search Engine sslinks
  • PayPal Type Payment Processor Script  
  • StormPay Randomizer PHP Script   
  • 3x3 Matrix PHP Script   
  • iPaid Email PHP Script   
  • Script Jungle Package - 10 Scripts    
  •  WGS Messenger PHP Script   
  •  StormPay Cart Plus PHP Script   
  •  PayPal Money Making Safelist Script   
  • Deadline Generator Script Creator  
  • iFantasy 3 Lotto PHP Script    
  •  iPaid4Clicks PHP Script    
  •  iReplikate PHP Script   
  • iMailing List PRO PHP Script    
  •  iRebilling PRO PHP Script
  •  Internet Connection Speed Checker Script
  • ClickBank Search Script  
  • CoolEmail Script
  • Site FireWall Script
  • PHP Error 404 Catcher Script 
  • Site Arrive Check Script
  • Shopping Cart Script
  • Traffic PHP Script
  • Ultimate AdTraker Script
  • Autoresponder Script 
  • Script Jungle Package - 10 Scripts 
  • Banner Exchange Script 
  • yourBay Online Auction Script 
  • Website Hosting Script
  • Postcard Script
  • Affiliate Master Script
  • Automatic PICTURE POST Script
  • Thumbnail Gallery Post Script Stealth Cloaker
  • Popup Exit Exchange Script
  • Server Info Script
  • Doorways Script
  • Bandito Script
  • Pass-O-Matic Script
  • eZine Manager Pro Script 
  • SpamCruncher Script
  • PryTracker Script
  • ProForma Script
  • Free Serve Script
  • MultiHost Script
  • SiteShield Script
  • Browser Buddy Script
  • ClickBank Total Protection Script
  • Popular CGI Auction
  • Two Affiliate Scripts Both Written In PHP
  • POP-UP Creator
  • PHP Authentication Script
  • The Perpetual Traffic Generator
  • A PHP Links Exchange Website Script
  • Two ClickBank Scripts.
  • Suggest My Site
  • A PHP Script For Building A Web Ring
  • PHP Form To Email Script
  • A PayPal Store Shopping Cart
  • An Online MultiPlayer Chess Script
  • A Super Easy Administration Program
  • A Sharable Web-Based Address Book Script
  • PHP Link Listing Script
  • PHP MySQL Yahoo Style Link Directory/Search Engine
  • PHP MySQL Website Stats Business
  • Automated Form Submission Prevention Script
  • A Sophisticated PHP Ecommerce Site
  • The Well Known osCommerce PHP Shopping Cart
  • Your Own FTP Program Written In PHP
  • A FAQ Generator PHP Script
  • Two  PHP Toplists Scripts
  • Two Auction Scripts 1 PHP, And 1 Perl/CGI
  • Payment Processor Script
  • Randomizer PHP Script
  • 3x3 Matrix PHP Script 
  • Paid 2 Read Email PHP Script 
  • Banner X Change Rotator PHP Script 
  • AzDGDatingLite Dating PHP Script 
  • bMachine Blog Creation PHP Script 
  • Script Jungle Package - 10 Scripts 
  • WGS Messenger PHP Script 
  • StormPay Cart Plus PHP Script 
  • PayPal Money Making Safelist Script 
  • Deadline Generator Script Creator 
  • D-Ring Webring PHP Script 
  • Easy Admin PHP Script 
  • dB Masters PHP FormMailer Script 
  • Lotto PHP Script 
  • Live Help PHP Script 
  • osCommerce PHP Script 
  • PHPFootball Script 
  • PayPal Store PHP Script 
  • ssLinks Portal PHP Script 
  • Paid 2 Click PHP Script 
  • bBlog Blog Creation PHP Script 
  • Replicating Site PHP Script 
  • Mailing List PRO PHP Script 
  • Customer Rebilling PRO PHP Script
  • Paid to Read Email PHP Script
  • Autosurf Exchange PHP Script
  • Traffic Exchange PHP Script
  • Complete Multi-Level-Marketing Website Script
  • Search Engines Submit PHP Script
  • Link Back Checker
  • Shopping Catalog PHP Script
  • Shopping Cart PHP Script
  • Banner Rotating CGI Script
  • Banner Exchange CGI Script
  • Link Listing PHP Script
  • Links Exchange Website PHP Script
  • CGI Based EveryAuction
  • PHP Affiliate Script
  • Live Help Script
  • Expired Domain Finder Script
  • Form To Email PHP Script
  • PHP MySQL Website Stats Business
  • Toplist PHP Script
  • TopSite PHP Script
  • PHP Authentication Script
  • PHP Script For Building A Web Ring
  • A News Publishing Script
  • A "Users Online" Script
  • File Transfer Script
  • Best Dating Website Script
  • Affiliate Banner Rotation Script
  • Powerful Download Counter Script
  • Users Online Script
  • EZ PRO JavaScript

Is a program that contain 50+ JavaScripts for you to use on your webpage. With the script wizard, you can change the variables of the scripts faster. For most of the scripts,you don't have to look in the script to change the options. Just change it in the script wizard

  • Game Script PRO

Game script - php game portal script - powerful php flash game arcade script for every webmaster. ever wanted to own a cool flash arcade for your website? with many of great features: great admin panel, professional template, integrated community you will be able to set up your own game portal in minutes. all files come complete with a code allowing users to post files to their myspace/blog/website. ideal for making your site even more popular! offer your visitors hundreds of flash games with this website php games script. start your own high traffic online flash games website now! all upgrades are currently free for everyone that purchases this fantastic script and upgrades are relesed frequently making the script better and better. from start to finish, our extremely competitively priced arcade script allows any webmaster new or experienced to setup a professional arcade website. You can build your own arcade portal in minutes! Start your own game portal now.

  •  Premium Scripts Collection is comprised of 60+ mini applications (scripts) which control and extend iTunes to do all of the things you wished it would do. Create playlilst with ease, rename track's albums, artists, ... bulk, find all of those orphaned files and names and control when to start, stop, play even a remote control which sits in the system tray.








Over 1800 PHP Scripts Mega Pack
- 80 Categories

Ad Management
Affiliate Programs
Bookmark Management
Chat Scripts
Classified Ads
Click Tracking
Communication Tools
Content Management
Contests and Awards
Customer Support
Database Tools
Date and Time
Development Tools
Discussion Boards
Email Systems
Error Handling
FAQ and Knowledgebase
File Manipulation
Financial Tools
Flash and PHP
Form Processors
Games and Entertainment
Graphs and Charts
Groupware Tools
Image Galleries
Image Handling
Interactive Stories
Link Checking
Link Indexing
Mailing List Managers
Music Libraries
Networking Tools
News Publishing
Polls and Voting
Portal Systems
Quote Display
Reviews and Ratings
Search Engines
Security Systems
Server Management
Site Mapping
Site Navigation
Site Recommendation
Software Repository
Tests and Quiz
Top Sites
URL Submitters
Usenet Gateway
User Authentication
User Management
Vertical Markets
Web Fetching
Web Hosting Tools
Web Rings
Web Search
Web Traffic Analysis


MORE Software and Programs:

    1. Turbo Tweet Viral Power - Quickly And Easily Get People TALKING About YOUR Products And Sending Visitors To Your Site. With Turbo Tweet Viral Power , you offer a discount or free gift in exchange for followers tweeting about your product or service.
    2. Testimonials Generator - Pushbutton Software To Create Powerful Easy And Convincing Testimonials In Just Seconds. Testimonials Generator™ - The Only Software of its Kind that Automatically Writes Proven "Attention Getting" Reviews and Recommendations with Ease!
    3. Auto Countdown
      The AutoCountdown script generates a countdown for your webpage. Great For New Product Launches, Firesales, Giveaways and Dime Sales! 
    4. Auto Launcher
      "Not Only Works Great For Counting Down To a New Product Launch, but Also For Creating Buyer Urgency By Setting A limited Time Constraint!". When a person goes to your website, the countdown will start. If they leave and come back, it will continue the countdown for them. And when the countdown ends, it will redirect them to your new sales page.  
    5. Auto RSS
      "Populate Your Site With Videos, Blog Content, Articles, And More! Using Selected Niche Keywords!"
    6. AutoRSS will take any keyword, then go and find news, articles, blog posts, and videos about that keyword, and then display the information on your webpage. The cool thing about this software, is it actually "translates" everything to HTML. 
    7. Auto Squeeze
      "Get Visitors To Join Your List NOW By Presenting Them With A Self-Destructing Offer!". AutoSqueeze is a floating Email Optin box that follows your page viewers as they read your sales letter. The AutoSqueeze box will self destruct in 90 seconds (or any time you choose) giving a sense of urgency for your page views to enter their email. 
    8. Easy Cloaker
      "Protect Your Commissions WithThe Easy Cloaking Script". Affiliate links are long, ugly and a lot of people recognize they are trying to "sell them something." . Also, many affiliate links (like ones from clickbank.com and cj.com) are blacklisted, so if you try to use them in an autoresponder, the email will probably end up in the spam box. This simple tool will take a single affiliate link, and make it look like it's from YOUR domain. 
    9. Auto SplitTest
      "Easy Split Test Is A SUPER Simple .PHP Software That Takes Less Than 2 Minutes To Setup!" Test two or more different versions of your sales page. Split-testing allows you to know which conversions come from which sales page. Easy Split Test even cookies the users computer!  
    10. Email Router
      "Cut Down The Number Of Spam Complaints From Subscribers That Use Free Email Accounts!" Aweber will force your WHOLE account to be double optin (meaning each new signup will have to confirm his subscription) if your spam complaint gets to high. Fortunately you can use the Email Router software to get rid of Spam Complaint headaches. 
    11. Mass URL
      "Shrink Your Long Links Using The Mass URL Software!" Have you ever used TinyURL.com to mask your affiliate links or post on to shorten a long URL for Twitter?   You simply enter the affiliate URL and it gives you a short one you can add to an email.
    12. Article Ideas - Article Ideas" is a Push Button Solution! This tool not only visits the first top 100 Google results for you, it doesn't waste your time with pieces of text with only commercial fluff.
    13. Easy PDF Maker - Creating PDF's Has Never Been Easier

      If you are anything like me you probably have private label products gathering dust on your hard drive. You can use to INSTANTLY make quality reports you can use to… Here are a few things that you can do with this easy to use software: Outright sell, Create Mouth Watering BAIT to Get People on Your List, Bribe People to Click on Your Affiliate Links,  Establish Creditability, Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Field. Any One Of These Strategies Could Literally Be Thousands of Dollars in Extra Commissions to You…

    14. IM PopUp - You can use IM Popups to make sure your visitors know about:
      • Your Product's Most Important Feature - Highlight it in a popup and it will really make an impact!
      •  Special Discounts Or Promotions - Everyone loves a sale, but only if they know about it.
      • An Important Endorsement - Build credibility from the minute a customer hits your website!
      • Contest & Sweepstakes Announcements - Who doesn't want to be a winner?
      • Product Updates - Displaying an "updated last week" message will skyrocket your sales.
      • Reminders - Let your prospects know that a new product is coming, or that a sale is ending so they'd better act fast!
      • Opt-in List Building - Tell your visitors about a free gift and your list will grow by leaps and bounds.
      • Traffic Control - Have an old domain that's still getting traffic? Make sure your visitors know where to go!
      • Up Selling & Cross Selling - Include an IM Popup on your thank you page and grab your buyers while their credit card is still on the table!
      • Affiliate Product Promotion - Let your prospects know about new product launches the minute they get to your site.
    15. Online Source Code Editor - With this Online Source Code Editor, you can edit your online files in just a few simple steps:
      • Upload the script file to your folder.
      •   Enter the name of the file you want to edit in the 'File Name' - field.
      • Click 'Edit'. 
      • Make all desired changes, using the full-featured WYSIWYG-editor.
      • Click 'Save'. Your page will be updated automatically. There has never been an easier way to keep your sites up-to-date!
    16. Sales Page Examiner PRO - Sales Page Examiner Pro software can analyze any Sales Page and find out more than 50 features about the page that makes it a raving success. Just point your mouse to the sales page location (url or a saved file on your hard disk) and click the "Start" button. The sales page gets downloaded immediately and analysis starts instantly.
    17. ClickBank Affiliate Reward System - The automated CB Affiliate Reward system gives you the power to offer much more than just a share in the profits... you will now be able to set specific targets for your affiliates to achieve pre-determined levels of sales and when they reach those targets they will automatically be rewarded with a relevant bonus. You can reward your affiliates with special bonuses (What a great way of getting real value from those resale rights products you already own) and, as soon as they achieve the targets that you set, your affiliates get an immediate notification with a direct link to a download page.
    18. PDF To Text Converter - Reverse PDF's Into Editable Text Files
    19. Split Test Profits - The Split-Test Profits Automation System is a new software program specifically designed to increase your web site's conversion ratios with incredible ease. This system will let you completely automate the entire split-testing process, giving you full statistics to that you know without a doubt what is making you money and what isn't.
    20. Competitor Ninja - Just point the Competitor Ninja at your competitions website and watch it go! It will tell you... The site title. Its keywords. Its description. The text on the page. All the links on the selected page. All the email addresses on the selected page.
    21. Rollercoaster Pricing System - We always talk about the psychology of selling in Internet Marketing, but one thing that is often overlooked is how annoying and short-lived some of the sales schemes are. Firesales, or “Dime Sales” where the price goes up, sometimes rapidly, increases the desire to “get in early” by prospective buyers, but it can leave a bad taste in their mouth because they feel rushed or weren’t around when the price was low. Not only that, sales that run up in price in one direction, tend to become less popular with time, as the price gets out of reach.
    22. Redirection Rocket - Turn Long Affiliate Links Into Powerful Search Engine Friendly Tracking Links Guaranteed To Increase Your Clickthroughs Up To 300%. With "Redirection Rocket" you can finally look like a professional marketer and track your affiliate link click thru directly from your password protected admin control panel!
    23. Ultimate Exit Pop-Up - This dynamic popup is served up only when a visitor hits the back button, hits the refresh button or tries to close the browser window. You no longer have to deal with worrying that your exit popup will show up any time except when someone tries to exit.
    24. Article Helper - Perfect for Bum Marketers, Article Marketing and Content Creators! ArticleHelper can help you write and finish more articles. And if you are using it for marketing, that means more income and faster growing lists.
    25. StumbleUpon Bribe Machine - Attract Thousands of Highly Targeted Visitors To Your Websites With Ethical Bribes Using This Automated Social Networking Software. The StumbleUpon Bribe Machine allows you to ethically "bribe" your site visitors to take an action that shares your website with others (viral marketing).
    26. EZ Download Page Protector - The E-Z Download Page Protector is for those of you that are looking for a quick, easy, and very effective solution to securing your Product's Download/Thank-you page. The E-Z Download Page Protector allows you to quickly secure your Download or Thank-you page without the need for your site to communicate with your Payment Processors site, (ie: PayPal's IPN system or ClickBank's Secure Key variable).
    27. Promo Page Generator - Allows you to create professional promo tools pages fast and easy. And maybe the best part about it is that you don't need to know anything about HTML or PHP - If you can copy & paste, you can present your affiliates a fully featured promo tools page in less than 10 minutes. By giving your affiliates ready-to-use affiliate promotion tools with their affiliate links already embedded, the number of affiliates actively promoting your products will increase, which will - of course - have a positive effect on the number of sales you make.
    28. Smart DD - This is how SmartDD automated digital delivery works, in a nutshell:
      • You receive a payment from a customer via PayPal.
      • PayPal sends the details to SmartDD. 
      • SmartDD sends an email to your customer with a UNIQUE link to the download page.
      • Your customer goes to the download page and downloads their purchase by clicking on another UNIQUE link.
      • After they've downloaded, the link expires.
    29. ClickBank Niche Builder - As a matter of fact, here is a simple formula you can follow:
      1. Research and discover a hungry, profitable niche to penetrate into.

      2. Find and join rewarding affiliate programs that caters to that niche.

      3. Build one or several niche sites, with your affiliate links embedded.

      4. Drive targeted traffic into your niche site. And...

      5. Start making money!

    30. Tiger Project Management - An easy to use management system that allows you to keep on top of several projects so easily it really makes life so much better. The software  is designed to be as simple as possible to use.
    31. Auto Copyright
      This wizard will produce a copyright message that doesn't need updating. Each year the date will click over to the correct year.
    32. Auto Expire
      This wizard will produce a script that makes a block of text appear and then disappear on the specified dates. Great for time sensitive material.
    33. Auto Popunder
      This wizard will produce an automatic popunder script with a cookie that will allow the popunder to appear only once per browser session. The window is fully customisable to suit your requirements.
    34. Auto Popup
      This wizard will produce a fully customisable automatic popup window that appears every time your page is opened.
    35. Banner Rotator
      This wizard will produce a rotation for up to 10 banners. The banners will be rotated every x seconds and include clickable hyperlinks.
    36. Color Picker 1 (by Color)
      This wizard will produce hexadecimal color codes from our browser safe, 216 color, palette. The colors are shown how they will look against the 9 main colors (black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and white).
    37. Color Picker 2 (by Name)
      This wizard will produce hexadecimal color codes and Name codes for those who find remembering the hex codes difficult. Honeydew is much easier to remember than #F0FFF0. there are 140 color names and they are shown how they will look against the 9 main colors (black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and white).
    38. Countdown
      This wizard will produce a script that counts down to a specific event. Just enter the details and the job is done. Creating automatic messages like "Sale ends in XX days" or "Only XX days until Christmas" is a breeze.
    39. CSS Menus
      This tutorial will help you create some stunning button menu effects without using graphics. This method of creating menus really makes it easy to alter if menu items change. No more redesigning graphics.
    40. Div Scroll
      If you have content/text or tables that are too long for your page then you can enclose the content in <DIV> or <SPAN> tags that have a defined height, width and scrollbars.
    41. Dropdown Menu 1
      This wizard will produce a dropdown menu with up to ten menu items. By using a form dropdown box for your menu you can save lots of valuable screen space.
    42. Dropdown Menu 2
      This wizard will produce a dropdown menu with up to five menu items. This is different to the previous script in that a description box shows information about each selected link.
    43. FAQs Page
      This wizard will help you create a Frequently Asked Questions page with up to 10 questions. Additional questions and answers can be added to the page by "hand". The wizard will create the code for the entire HTML page.
    44. Forums
      This is an online link to, not only the Webmaster Tools Forum, but 10 other forums that will help you find the answers to you scripting questions. If the answer isn't here it probably can't be done.
    45. Heading Shadow
      This wizard will create a great text shadow effect for your headings and give your pages a lift.
    46. HTML Encryptor
      This tool will encrypt part or all of your HTML document and keep your code from prying eyes.
    47. HTML Glossary
      A Glossary of most HTML 4 tags and a brief outline of their usage.
    48. HTML-2-JS
      This tool will convert part or all of your HTML code to JavaScript. This is a great way to handle repetitive coding jobs such as menus, headers and footers.
    49. I-Frames
      I-FRAMES can help you become quite creative with your page. Our wizard will quickly help you script them into your pages.
    50. Link Cloaker
      This wizard will produce an HTML frameset page that will help cloak your affiliate links from prying eyes.
    51. Link Popup
      This wizard will produce a fully customisable popup window that will only appear when a hyperlink is clicked.
    52. Meta Tags
      Quickly and efficiently create your all important meta tags. This wizard will make your meta coding so much easier. Create meta tags for a number of pages in one session by just changing a few variables.
    53. Miscellaneous Tools
      These tools will help you calculate download times for your files, view the source code of any page on the www, search for graphics for your web pages and create a 3D graphic title for your site.
    54. Mouseover Image
      This wizard will create graphic button rollovers. Great for menus and navigation. The script will handle up to 10 buttons and also includes a preloader. We have even included links to some FREE graphic button sites.
    55. Mouseover Text 1
      Create style sheet mouseover links that change color. These links will work in IE4+ and NN6+. All other browsers will see a normal link. Just choose your colors and decoration & you are done.
    56. Mouseover Text 2
      This wizard will create 100's of different text-link mouseover effects and will allow you to have a number of different effects on the one page. The wizard is lengthy but the effects can be stunning.
    57. No-spam Email
      Stop the email-spam robots from getting your email address from your web site by using our clever email cloaking script. No method is perfect but this script will stop most spam bots.
    58. Note Pad
      This handy utility will allow you to quickly make and save notes as you are working. Notes are saved as a .txt file by default but you can change the extension to .js, .html or other text based files.
    59. Order Calculator
      This wizard will produce an Order Calculator for up to ten product items. If your customers are purchasing a number of items they will be able to add up the total before they go any further. This attractive calculator will look great on your page.
    60. Online Scripts
      The wonderful people at www.cgiscripts.net have graciously given us permission to access their database of JavaScripts and wizards. We have also added links to 8 other script archives giving you access to thousands of scripts.
    61. Page Border
      This wizard will create an attractive border that surrounds the whole page inside the browser (or frame) window.
    62. Page Transitions
      This wizard will create 24 different kinds of page fade in and fade out transitions. On the right page this can be a stunning effect. The transitions can be configured to work on either page entry or exit.
    63. Protect Images
      This script will hide your images behind a transparent image. This method is not 100% infallible but it will deter all but the most knowledgeable and persistent thieves from grabbing your images.
    64. Quick Scripts
      This is a collection of short scripts, like "No Right Click" and "Auto Bookmark", that can be inserted into your pages with little or no alteration. There are over 35 great copy & paste scripts here.
    65. Random Text
      Give your page some dynamic content by creating up to 10 Random Text messages for your page. Each time the page is loaded a random text message appears.
    66. Script Tester
      This tool will allow you to test your HTML and JavaScript code on the fly.
    67. Scrollbars
      The colored scrollbars can only be seen in IE5+ browsers. All other browsers will just present their normal scrollbar.
    68. Search Engine Doorway Pages
      Create doorway pages that are targeted to getting your site registered higher in the search engines.
    69. Special Characters
      A library of codes that will enable you to print special characters to the screen. Some of these characters include...
      © ® £ ? ¼ ¢ etc.
    70. Thumbnail Popup
      Do you have a lot of thumbnail graphics linked to larger graphics. This wizard's script creates pages on the fly opening the graphic in a popup window with its own close button.
    71. Time of Day Greetings
      This script will greet your visitors with a different message depending on what time of day it is.
    72. Mailto: Tag
      Create an email "mailto:" tag that has the ability to include multiple addressees, courtesy copies, subject lines and information in the body of the email.
    73. PopUp Machine
      Your popups become an integral part of the HTML code on your web page, and can even help in adding more content for search engine spiders to find, and help rank your website. You can add the popup code anywhere you like from the top to bottom of your page, the choice is yours. In fact, if you already have your web page optimized for the search engines, you can add your popup window code to an external file, and access it without harming your optimized page.
    74. Pop-In Generator is a simple, effective and innovative software breakthrough! Generate User-friendly, unobtrusive and unblockable attractive multi-shaped Pop-Ins! Pop-In Generator is an amazing software tool that is extremely easy to use. Still, when you download your copy, you get a step-by-step video tutorial that teaches you how to use it.
    75. Note Pops is incredibly robust and easy to use . What Exactly Does Note Pops Do? Easily manage, add, delete your pop ups!  Customize your pop-ups to match the theme of your site!  Discover exactly which popup is generating the most sales! It Creates an unblockable note pop over ad that gets attention right when a visitor hits your page! Tracks how many times the popup was shown and how many times a visitor clicked it! This is a brand new technology never offered before!
    76. Float-In Window Technology - Instantly Boosts Your Sales, Opt In Email List, And Conversion Rates By Up To 224% By Adding Float-In Window Technology To Your Websites!
    77. VIP Interactive Site Creator allows you to create and manage interactive SEO Niche sites where you can have articles, tips, jokes, pictures/images, audio, video and games, as well as have ratings and comments by site visitors, and a lot more.
    78. Instant Site Creator is a powerful software system that will really impress you. The fact is that when used properly, Instant Site Creator will set you up with an online business that will run almost totally on auto-pilot, offering you the opportunity to make staggering amounts of profit online, from little or no effort. Lets look at some of the advantages that Instant Site Creator has over other similar software! Unlimited number of websites, Unlimited number of Rivetting Sales Letters, Unlimited number of Mini Sites, Unlimited Number Of Affiliate Web Pages, Easily Integradable to your online services!, Javascript or Buy Button Generators, Unlimited number of doorway pages, Unlimited number of Press Release Generators, Legal Document Generator, Customized Business Form Generator, Your own customized Meta Tag Generator, Keyword Analyzer (Determines which Keywords are best for your Website). Instant Site Creator creates Whole Websites not just Pages!! Instant Site Creator is designed for ease of use without any HTML knowledge. ..
    79. Blog Advertising Site - It takes only 3 minutes to install Blog Advertising Site and you are on your way to making more money than you ever dreamed possible. The simple installation makes it easy for anyone to start making money with their blog site with money making advertising controls set into the script.  Blog Advertising Site has a fully automated system that helps new members signup for free or to upgrade membership to a pro version. That's right, some people will pay you to help make YOU money!
    80. Traffic Hurricane - Uses Top Quality Content On All The Pages It Creates! Our system is not just creating a bunch of keyword rich pages that are going to automatically forward the traffic that arrives at them to your main web or affiliate link.  They will actually provide good quality content that will not be banned by search engines. You will also have the ability to add RSS feeds for dynamic  up-to-date content.  This is content taken from other information service web pages and inserted into your web pages automatically.  Search engines love this type of content because every time a search engine spider visits your site, there will always be new content.
    81. ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0 turns your content into an instant profit magnet by dynamically transforming keywords on your site into affiliate links for literally any affiliate program you choose to promote.
    82. KEYWORD COACH - This software allows you to take any website and pull a report of every word used on that site. It will list the word, as well as how many times that particular word is used. You can monitor sites with great search engine rankings and Really analyze their content. You'll then know what is overkill and what isn't enough. To the search engines, there is a fine line between keyword rich content and keyword spamming. Scan for keyword density from Web pages on you're computer hard drive or scan pages on the internet. Easily generate a report in HTML format for your records.
    83. TheDowser Keyword Research and Management Software Is One of The Most Powerful Keyword Research and Management Tools in Existence Today. Now you can instantly locate thousands of profitable keywords and drive targeted visitors to your website - with just a few mouse-clicks!  For pay-per-click marketers, TheDowser Professional will help you discover high-value yet low-cost keywords for your pay-per-click campaigns. You can easily analyze top ten bid prices for each keyword from Overture and Enhance - so you can determine the “optimal” price you should pay for each keyword and reduce your overall pay-per-click advertising costs.
    84. EZNewsletter Ezine Marketing System will easily create interactive, content-rich, HTML Internet Marketing Newsletters for you in 10 minutes or less. Saves you time and money. You simply fill in a few blanks, then publish to the web.
    85. PANIC OTO - is a simple tool that allows you to create a TIME LIMITED offer that will be displayed ONLY ONCE to each visitor
    86. Easy JV & Affiliate Manager is a software program that is installed on your server. It will track and manage all of your joint ventures for you without you lifting a finger.
    87. Sonic Opt-In is a piece of software that lets you fill in some blank fields and in just four steps you'll generate a complete forced opt-in page. Audio can be included in your opt-in page
      - Special bullet editor allows you to include as many bullets as you like.
      - The prospects name and email are required.
      - People who have already opted in are taken automatically to your sales page.
      - Prospect can be taken to a special page targeted exactly to their interests.
      - Depending on the prospects answers, subscribe them to different autoresponders. Now you can create sub-niche lists with ease!
      - Personalize your sales page.
      - Use one of the built-in HTML templates or create your own.
      - Works with Aweber, Get Response, 1 Shopping Cart, Email Aces, etc., most of the major autoresponder services.
    88. Video LightBox PRO - helps you easily add video to your website or blog, in a few clicks without writing a single line of code. All it takes is 3 easy steps: 1.Add Video, 2.Select Template, 3.Publish.
    89. JavaScript Collector is an offline searchable snippet database stuffed with over 200 ready-to-use JavaScripts with the installation package, which you can preview within an instance!!! With just a mouse click, you can easily preview the output of the JavaScript without any coding in your favorite browser. Just sit back and relax and let the JavaScript Collector do the work for you. With an easy and overviewable interface, it has never been easier to find those "hard to find" JavaScripts snippets. Just let the JavaScript Collector keep track of all of your JavaScripts and other HTML-based scripts collected and organized all in one place and always in reach!
    90. RSS Reader - is an excellent tool to attract and keep visitors.
    91. JavaScript Collector is an offline searchable snippet database stuffed with over 200 ready-to-use JavaScripts with the installation package, which you can preview within an instance!!! With just a mouse click, you can easily preview the output of the JavaScript without any coding in your favorite browser. Just sit back and relax and let the JavaScript Collector do the work for you. With an easy and overviewable interface, it has never been easier to find those "hard to find" JavaScripts snippets. Just let the JavaScript Collector keep track of all of your JavaScripts and other HTML-based scripts collected and organized all in one place and always in reach!
    92. SOFTWARE INDEX - The software is entirely self-contained, on your own server. Users can register and have their own account to submit their listing for software scripts, etc. Visitors can vote on software, write reviews, download, visit the authors home page. Authors can even get their personal detailed stats for the software they submit. You could sell banner advertising, sell featured ads, sell sponsor ads, sell newsletter ads, add your own Google Adsense codes to make it even more profitable...
    93. Page Brand Generator is simply an automatic find and replace system for special %TAGS% within webpages and .txt files. It's just a 3 step process.
      1. Fill in the blank fields,
      2. Hit the 'Brand' button and it will instantly replace the tags with your fields, and finally...
      3. Save the File. That's it, it is so simple a child could do it.
    94. Blogging Ninja - New SEO Tool Makes It Super Easy To Capture Top Search Rankings In Potentially Thousands Of Niche Markets
    95. Download Meter can alert you to this immediately - simply login to the password protected control panel and you can monitor exactly how many times each of your products have been downloaded. Knowing this important fact alone could save you plenty but Download Meter goes one step further. It silently tracks the location that the download requests come from - You can catch the thieves in the act.
    96. Simple Form Builder - Easily Create Online Forms With A Few Clicks Of A Button Creating online forms has never been easier ! Whither you need a simple form to allow users to contact you or you need a form to collect information from your visitors SIMPLE FORM BUILDER is the solution to endless online form need's. 
    97. Second Chance Profits - Discover How Your 'Exit Traffic' Can Tell You Exactly How To Increase Your Sales, Get More Subscribers, & Explode Your Profits... Literally Overnight! Second Chance Profits deploys an unblockable pop up survey whenever someone leaves your site without buying or opting in to your list. It has been tested to work in any browser, and is 100% unblockable by any popup blocker available.
    98. Text Link Sales System - Never before offered source code to unique script that you can monetize RIGHT Now! This is your one in a lifetime opportunity to be the first on the market and cash in handsomely!
    99. "Top Packages Project Genius" takes you gently by the hand and guides you through the process of creating a project plan from beginning to end. Only "Top Packages Project Genius" simplifies the process of planning by taking a step by step approach to each aspect - no matter what you are planning. Remember - failing to plan is planning to fail.

    100. Mail Giant Pro - Easy-To-Use Software Creates More Sales, Increases Cash Flow and Generates Traffic!
      - No Monthly Fees - Pay Only Once & Own it for Life.
      - Easy to Install - Comes with Easy to Follow Instructions.
      - Use on Unlimited Number of Domains.
      - Send Unlimited Number of Follow-up Emails.
      - Fully automated, will work for you 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week.
      - Send Personalized Mailings - Just Insert Special Code Where You Want Their Names.
      - Manually Unsubscribe any email addresses.
      - Easy to use Admin Control Panel.
      - Ez Subscription - Easily Generate a Subscribe/Unsubscribe Form With the Click of a Mouse.
      - Multi-List - Run as Many Mailing Lists as You Want.
      - Email the Entire List.
      - Archieve All Your Mailings.
      - Track Clicks and Who Has Opened the Email. ....and Much Much More!
      Mail Giant Pro Is A Must Have For Any Website Owner!

    101. Ad Tracking Pro - you will be able to:
       - Easily track, measure, and analyze all traffic and sales with the click of a button. 
       - Scientifically test sales letters to immediately increase conversion ratios and boost cashflow. 
       - Save time and money by making your marketing campaigns twice as effective instantly after implementing Ad Tracking Pro . 
       - Eliminate all guess work! Simplify your advertising efforts and know from the start which ads are working and which aren't by using our Campaign Control Technology! 
       - Plug it in to any web site that you own and anything you promote to track and measure every marketing campaign that you are involved in. No scripts to install! 
       - Automate all aspects of your "marketing numbers" and save massive amounts of profit time. 
      This system is fully integrated, incredibly user friendly and has real useable features that you won't find anywhere else.
    102. Promo Buddy - UNIQUE Internet Marketing Software Saves You At Least 33 Minutes Of Your Valuable Time Per Day! With Promo Buddy You'll Never Need To Lose Another Important File Ever Again.
    103. RedirectBoss allows you to create domain name based redirection scripts in the following languages. PHP
      All with No programming knowledge needed! Any time you need to redirect visitors somewhere else based on domain name, RedirectBoss can create the script for you. No need to wait for and pay for a programmer.
    104. Keyword Content Multiplier can quickly insert your specified keywords into web pages, creating multiple keyword relevant pages in seconds.
      Perfect for PPC landing pages and allowing you to offer more relevant results to your visitors.
      Super Easy To Use: Just add your individual keywords into the software or paste in from a list, add the special keyword tags into your web page content and your ready.  Then let Keyword Content Multiplier get to work!
    105. Phoenix Ezmembership
      "Incredible New Software Lets You Run A Money-Making Membership Site, On 100% Autopilot!”
      • Run A Subscription Site Like The Internet Marketing Pros
      • Generate Recurring Income, Month After Month
      • Get Paid Without Having To Set Up A Merchant Account
      • Automatically Manage All Your Subscription Accounts
    106. Order Page Magic is an easy to use software program that creates scientifically proven to convert order pages. This is not an ordinary, generic type of page creation software. This software creates custom made pages and although the order form is at the end of your sales copy. It is a vital, if not critical, part of the whole online selling process. Since this is the last chance you have to turn your visitor into customer, now is when every extra detail counts the most and your last chance to impress.
    107. Keyword Cash Generator - This amazing software program is specially designed to monetize any web content whether it is regular web page content, an article, a blog or numerous other types of content – all with a few simple clicks of your mouse.
    108. MsAgent Javascript Editor (MJE) - With MJE, webmasters can easily enhance their Web pages with interactive personalities in the form of animated characters. These characters can move freely around the computer display, speak aloud (and by displaying text onscreen), gesture, wink, wave and be animated in many other ways to help get your message out.
    109. E@sy List Cleaner
      List Cleaning Is A Simple Way To Make Sure Your List Stays Responsive..
       - No More Duplicate Mailings - Stops any chance of subscribers getting duplicate mailings whenever you send to your list.
       - Cleans Any List In Seconds - So simple to use that all you have to do is paste your list in a box, click a button and the software does the rest...on ANY list!
       - Helps To Build Trust - Your subscribers will never receive double mailings again once you start using the software while other list owners are still sending to lists with duplicates out the whim-wham.  This will build more trust with your list members.
       - Keeps Your List Responsive - Your list will be twice as responsive as those that are sending to un-clean lists because your subscribers will only get one email per mailing making it so they almost always open your messages.
       - Helps To Stop Spam Complaints - With all of the spam issues online today, people are complaining about every little thing they can.  The 'Easy List Cleaner' puts a stop to some of these complaints by removing duplicate emails.
       - Keeps Your List Readers Wanting More - Your subscribers will only see one email per mailing instead of two or more which will start building more and more interest in your upcoming mailings as well.
    110. Screen Shoot-It is a simple and easy to use program that will easily capture screenshots from your computer.
    111. ==>Cache Spy- Search and clean your computer's cache with a click of a button

    112. ==>Contact Form Wizard- Never have to fill in an online form again! Just click and the blanks are filled in with your information

    113. ==>Email Protector- Protect your e-mail from SPAM-Harvesting programs, but not from legitimate customers with this simple tool.

    114. ==>IE Toolbox- Speed up your internet browsing and protect your privacy

    115. ==>Image Grabber- With a click of a button, save all the images of any website to your hard drive

    116. ==>Instant Download Form- Improve your e-business with this utility that creates messages to automatically go to customers who download your products.

    117. The AdsDX Software allows YOU to easily manage your advertisers the way you want, saving more time and effort on your part while you go on to make even money from selling advertising spaces within the boundaries of your web pages!

    118. Ads-Rotator is a simple to use website program. You just upload it to your website once and then all management of your ads is done through a user friendly web based administration section.
    119. The popularity of your site is an important attribute the search engines consider when listing relevant sites in response to a search. Search engines will comb thru a website, and store pertinent info about that site, including these links to other websites.

      The more websites it finds with your URL in the code, the higher your site popularity is rated. This is not something you can easily attain, and for some nearly unattainable. Until now. With SuperChargedLinking, you can offer 100% reciprocal linking with others, and be assured it is viable and easy for you to maintain!.

      With SuperChargedLinking, you can offer a place for others to post their link with the distinct advantage of knowing yours is in place FIRST, before they post theirs! This is a milestone in search engine placement techniques, and you have the outstanding good fortune to come across this amazing product today.  The best news is that it is all automatic! 
    120. Website Fire is the fast, convenient way to create content rich websites today. It’s time to put it to work for you … It’s time that you started working smarter, not harder … It’s time for you to achieve the personal and financial freedom you’ve always wanted. Stop wasting your valuable time struggling to create your own content or manually managing all of your sites. Getting Website Fire is your chance to produce the articles you need and manage all your existing and future websites with a few clicks of your mouse. Look at just a few of the many benefits that come from using Website Fire:
       - Quickly and easily generate content-rich websites that will draw both prospects’ and search engines’ attention! 
       - Use your new content sites to generate AdSense and affiliate commissions!
       - Receive more frequent spidering and ranking by search engines that give preference to sites that have fresh content!
       - Generate free, unlimited traffic!
       - Use the sites to gain instant credibility and guru status, which will help boost your sales conversions
        And much, much more!
    121. You Can't Block This - can do...
        - Adds any required codes to your pages automatically... NO cut and paste required!
        - Quickly and easily add multiple popup pages to your site.
        - Multiple popups rotate randomly - great for testing different lead capture pages!
        - Choose any background color, border color and text color you wish.
        - Set a delay for the popup to appear.
        - Set the popup to automatically close - 10 seconds, 10 minutes, it doesn't matter!
        - No matter how far down a visitor scrolls on your site the popup appears right in front of them!
        - Yes, you can incorporate audio, video, etc. on the popup pages.
        - Set your popup to load an already existing web page within seconds.
        - Control the frequency your visitor will see your popups - every visit, once per day, once ever and anywhere in between!  And MUCH More!
    122. Site Comments Pro will instantly integrate with any html or php web page and allow your visitors to easily interact with your content and each other through discussion right on your webpage.
    123. Conversion Equalizer -Automatically Boost All Your Google AdWords Conversion Ratios To The HIGHEST Possible Level
    124. Complete Shopping Cart supporting Paypal, Stormpay, SFIpay, 2checkout, Moneybookers, Intgold and E-gold Payment processors.
    125. You can have your shopping site setup in no time and can start taking orders right away.

      Master Resell Rights.

    126. Multilingual Profit Generator is a software solution that helps you generate multiple streams of income by enabling you to:

      Create your own search engine optimized Amazon store(s) and web pages loaded with products of your choice (categories of your choice) and fully/heavily armed with your affiliate links... with a click of a button.

      Create your own Amazon store(s) in English, German and French.

      Maximize your Google AdSense commissions from the English, German and French-speaking markets.

      Increase your affiliate commissions from any affiliate program through top and bottom ad space/banners.

    127. Powerful Reciprocal Link Manager - Instantly verify your links, and see accurate detailed info. This software can even be set to automatic mode working while your sleep. You gain assurance and confidence you have a growing linkage in place, with a simple login to your control panel.
    128. eZine Machine V.1 - By releasing eZine Machine V.1, I'm offering you a way to write eye-popping HTML newsletter issues on the fly-- without HTML knowledge!!  Simply choose which template you'd like to use, enter your personal information and let the software do the rest! 
    129. Traffic Boost News Ticker -
       - Gain more web traffic by offering your news ticker to other webmasters.
      - Syndicate your news, information, and articles in a snap!
      - Make delivering your news and updates even easier. No email required!
      - Make a brand for yourself and your web business.
      - News headlines and information can be linked to the web page of your choice.
      - Save time and money.
      - Super Easy to Install!
      - Gives your website a fresh feel.
      - Endless personalization allows you to change the look and feel to match your website.
      - Adds a professional polished look to your website.
      - Using an RSS feed, your news ticker can update hands free.
      There are endless benefits and possibilities using Traffic Booster News Ticker!
    130. 10 Minute Tool-Bar Creator - You're About To Discover An Awfully Simple-But-Powerful System That Can Do All The Coding Work For You And Create Toolbars For IE At The Push Of The Button!
    131. The 30 Minute Software Creator is designed so even the newest of marketers can use it without difficulty. There are no scripts or codes that you have to enter and figure out on your own.  An easy-to-understand quick start guide that will show you exactly how to get the most out of your software maker and maximize your income at the same time!
    132. CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)
    133. Instant Turnkey Million Dollar Pixel program, is what the market is looking for, new ways of advertising their businesses, and now you can supply that opportunity to them too.
    134. Keyword Niche Power - Finding Potential Keyword Niches Has Never Been Easier! Discover Multiple Red Hot Keywords For Your Web Pages So You Can... Rank Your Websites HIGH In Popular Search Engine Results, Take the Guesswork out of grabbing the potential keywords you need, And use them to Drive In HOT FREE Targeted Traffic! With Keyword Niche Power, You Can:
      <  Easily search website sub directories and pages and uncover profitable keywords responsible for high Google PageRank (PR)! Speedily and effectively calculate the keyword density! Find your keyword niches with this very flexible and customizable tool! Perform keyword analysis and extraction in seconds, even if you have a dial up connection! Quickly find meta tag keywords and later narrow down the search to laser-focused, red hot keywords you should be using for your web pages for maximum Search Engine Optimization! ncrease your web page's ranking for popular, related searches in major Search Engines using potential keywords! Analyze upto specified directory depth, and find high ranking meta-keywords in specified pages in ascending order, View results with specific keywords and Google PR page-wise with a few easy clicks of the mouse! Save your keyword researches and results in Meta Tag files, TXT or even Excel Spreadsheet format for your own convenience! Analyze keywords for your PPC Campaigns with ease, enabling you to research the profitability of your chosen niche market! Take the extracted keywords and find even more specific potential keywords and its market keyword count.
    135. Name branding Syndicator - Simple to use software instantly lets you start to personally name brand yourself worldwide... you will also be able to instantly and easily syndicate your articles on websites worldwide with one simple line of code.
    136. Reply E-mail Automator types an E-mail response that used to take you 5 minutes in less than 3 seconds! In order to be a successful advertiser on the Internet, you need an edge over the competition. Reply E-mail Automator is a feature-rich software that can type the responses to your repetitive information seeking, E-mail and support questions that you are receiving every single day. The busier your website gets the more E-mail like this you will receive! Let Reply E-mail Automator cut the time you spend responding to these E-mail's by 1700%. When you save that kind of time you can put it to use doing the things you love or spend it on making more money, not answering the same E-mail day after day.
    137. 15 Minute Lead Pg Creator System - The software records the originating Referral ID together with the prospects details thereby ensuring that the JV Partner will always get the referring reward(s) no matter what product or announcement you make.
    138. ClickBank Profits Automation System - Finally, A new product that enables you to...
      1. AUTOMATE Your ClickBank After-Sales Setup
      2. Automatically send out a personalized 'Thank You' message AND add your customers to any follow-up autoresponder!2. PROTECT Your ClickBank 'Thank You' Pages
      3. Unauthorized visitors will be redirected to a WARNING ERROR page if they try to access your download page without paying first.
    139. Ezine Filter And Format Software Will Instantly Solve Of BOTH Of These Problems For You!
      Problem #1 - Spam Filters:  Ezine Filter and Format Software will take your newsletter and filter out the words that the spam filters are looking for.  No longer will you have to hit and miss guessing which words are allowed... just copy your newsletter into the software, and those words that will trigger those spam words will be gone forever.
      Problem #2 - Unprofessional Looking Newsletters:  Ezine Filter and Format Software also sets correct per line character length and gets it ready to send to your subscribers. Your ezine will look great and get the attention it deserves.
    140. Page Translator allows you to translate any web page from one language to another. All you have to do is enter the URL that you wish to translate, tell what language it is in, and what language you want it translated to. PAGE TRANSLATOR will then automatically create the web page for you! Not just the script, but will actually create all the html needed. Just enter a filename and boom, you're done!

    141. Photo Gallery Maker - This software will easily make Picture Gallery Webpages for your site with the simple wizard interface!

    142. Magic Button allows you to generate highly customisable, attention grabbing and unblockable links.  Text or images or both - you choose. . . . .  You can see an example on this page promoting my newsletter.  It hasn't been blocked like a PopUp and it's not 'In Yer Face' annoying like on of those floating ads.
    143. With Instant Cover Creator - you can instantly make dozens of covers in a fraction of the time that it would take for you to send an email to your old graphics designer.  By the designer that you hired ever received your email you could have created the perfect cover to help sell your next product.
    144. The One Time Offer Random Rotator is a simple yet VERY powerful tool for displaying many different types of promotional material on your web site. You would have already experienced many of the promotional types from visiting either Snazzy Promotions or Fire Sale Buddy, where you purchased the scripts
    145. Tag Grabber - The Tag Grabber is so cool, you just enter a keyword and keyphrase into the software and let it list out the top 20 sites based on the word/phrase. Click on any URL to reveal all the meta tags contained in their home pages which you can copy into your own pages. Very valuable tool that will help you save time when doing keyword research even when you're not SEO-smart!
    146. Instant Site Maker is designed from the bottom up to be extremely easy to use – now anyone can have profit pulling mini-sites up and running in minutes:
      • You don’t need to learn HTML - Create your own custom web pages instantly byjust pasting your sales copy straight from MS Word, or typing it directly into the tool.
      • As easy as ‘Point and Click’ – Just check a few radio buttons, fill in the blanks, and a stunning ecommerce-enabled web page is automatically created for you.
      • Full support for ClickBank® ecommerce - Quickly and easily create the ClickBank order links so customers can immediately order products from your site.
      • Thank you page created too - Quickly and easily create your ClickBank thank you page containing your product download link, so customers get their products automatically as soon as their order is processed.
      • Graphic image support – Add a masthead, ecover art, and other logos to give your web site that professional look you need (graphics software not included)
      • Creates Search Engine Optimized pages – Drives targeted visitors to your site with full support for all the key requirements for high search engine rankings
    147. Shareware Creator! -The fast and easy way to convert any application into time-limited, crack-resistant shareware!
    148. Profitable Keywords seaches Google for the top 20 sites for any particular keyword(s).  It then puts the sites in a list.  You can then select the site and view that site's meta tags and keywords.  Find out what keyword and meta tag secrets those sites are using to get terrific search engine rankings! 
    149. With the Click Magnet software you will be able to place unobtrusive ads on you website with ease. And your Click Magnet ad stays with your visitor as they scroll down the page, (as you can see on the bottom right corner of this page) keeping your offer there at all times. Plus Click Magnet makes it easy to make and customize your ad . . . Just look at the features of the Click Magnet software:


      You can choose text or image ads and link to any page or site. (you can see a text add example by clicking on the Click Magnet ad to your right-Just click that ad to come back here).


      Choose your ad placement (upper left, upper right, lower left or lower right) and size.


      Choose text special effects ( 3D, Glow or Plain Text) and text color.


      Special preview mode lets you see your ads look and layout before you put it on your site.

    150. RSS Announcer instantly and automatically submits your RSS feeds to all of the major RSS feed directories on the Internet.
    151. AtomicFTP Client provides the perfect combination of performance, security, and ease-of-use for the active internet user and webmaster. Whether you are publishing a new Web site, downloading the latest digital images, music and software, or simply transferring large files between your home and office, AtomicFTP gets the job done quickly and easily every time.

      FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most commonly used method of sending and retrieving files to and from other computers over the Internet. All you need to manage and transfer files is the use of a computer which has a direct connection to the Internet.

      Just enter the name (or numeric address) of the server you want to transfer your files to or from, add your personal username and password, and press connect! With a simple FTP program like AtomicFTP, you’ll have a live connection with a remote computer in a flash!

    152. WHOIS Manager allows you to research, save and print all available information about a domain name registration, including country, state, city, name of the network provider, and administrator and technical support contact information. A WHOIS search remains the quickest and most effective way to determine important domain name ownership and domain registry details. With just a simple click you can check the registration of all your existing domains,  source new domains for your next online projects, plus you can research and uncover the true identity and activities of your online competitors!  WHOIS Manager takes the guesswork out of WHOIS lookups by automatically determining the domain registrar, then instantly querying that registrar’s WHOIS server all in one simple step

    153. Shrink Long URLs -

      • Instant Benefits with this software:

        •  No more long URLs that break in emails
        •  Hide your affiliate ID links
        •  Immediate increase in your affiliate commissions
        •  Weekly FREE software download
        •  Free website business and promotion training
        •  Convenient Video help file
        •  Very easy and simple to use
    154. DeskPile Private Label Article WebSite Builder has to offer you...
      • Dead Easy Interface- This isn't some complicated software that takes weeks or months to learn. You'll be building your first site just minutes after opening it!
      • Takes Articles From Text Files And Does All The Work- DeskPile Private Label Article WebSite Builder will take all of your text articles in text format and automatically take them out of it and create beautiful web pages with them!
      • Automatically Inserts Page Title That's Unique- This amazing software also automatically takes the title of your article and puts it in the title of the webpage it creates for automatic Search Engine Optimization!
      • You Fill In A Few Blanks, That's It- Simply fill in a few short fields, select where your articles are located and click a button and out pops a well designed content portal in seconds!
      • Easy To Customize- With a few easy changes you can add your Adsense code, an e-mail sign-up form, affiliate links, links to your websites, products and anything else your heart desires!
      • This Thing Moves Like Lightning! - This software will pop out your fully functional, ready to be visited content portal in seconds! Even if it's thousands of pages!
      • Strategically Links Your Whole Site Together! - DeskPile Private Label Article WebSite Builder will automatically link all of your pages together in a smooth, effective way. This will get your whole site spidered and indexed super fast. You can event choose how many links you want on each article page
      • The power of Private Label Article Site Builder is far greater than anything you've ever been exposed to on the Internet.
        There are tens of thousands of pieces of private label content all over the Internet and 99% of it isn't being used because the people who buy it are too lazy to design content portals with it!

        You can take any content that you currently have, go get articles from article directories, or grab some dirt cheap private label content and pop it into this amazing tool for an instant Adsense income producer!

    155. Instant Membership Site Software
      More and more people are looking to set up simple membership areas on their websites.  Although there are many scripts available to help operate a membership area, many webmasters do not want the hassle or expense of installing a script if they are only operating a small membership area.  Instant Membership Site provides a quick and easy way to help you run a membership area using the Password Protected Directories facility available in the Control Panel of most decent web hosts.  This software will automatically manage member user IDs and passwords and keep records of the name and email address alongside the user ID and password of each member.  Setting up your own membership area has never been so easy!
    156. Thank You Page Maker
      If you are selling any type of downloadable product, such as software or ebooks, you'll need to create a "Thank You" or download page from which customers can download your product after paying.
      Thank You Page Maker provides a very quick and easy way of creating basic thank you pages.
      Just select the file names of your software or ebooks and the software will build the page automatically.
      It will automatically include special code to ensure that the page is not made visible to search engines.
      It will also automatically include complete instructions for zip files or pdf files if the file names you select include and zip or pdf files.
      Now you can create complete, ready to use thank you pages in a matter of seconds!
    157. Child's Play FTP - Quick And Easy Fully Automated FTP!
      Child's Play FTP is a brand new approach to FTP, removing all the technical complexity by automating most of the process.
      Although designed for new webmasters, many experienced webmasters are also now using this software as a simple automated alternative to conventional FTP programs.
      When you first use Child's Play FTP, it will automatically upload your entire web site from your PC onto your web host with a single button click. (You can skip this if you have already uploaded your site using another FTP program). The software will then automatically keep track of all your web site files on your PC.
      When you add, delete or change any files, Child's Play FTP will make the same changes to your web host automatically.
      Using this simple automated tool, you can avoid having to deal with complex technical issues, save considerable time and effort and avoid mistakes on your web site.
    158. Affiliate Diamond provides a quick and easy fix for one of the biggest problems facing affiliate marketers. You may not be aware of this problem, but if you promote any affiliate program, it is almost certainly costing you a substantial proportion of your commissions. The problem arises when instead of simply clicking on your affiliate link, a customer copies the link into the Address field at the top of their browser and modifies the link before using it. This modification comes in two forms - chopped links and stolen commissions
    159. The Chopped Link
      For no good reason, other than simply to stop you getting commission, a surprisingly large number of people will chop off the affiliate part of this link before using it, leaving just http://www.salessite.com.
    160. Download Page Protector quickly and easily protects you from this problem, by automatically adding special code into your download page.  This requires a security code to be included in the link for the download page, making it much harder for someone to steal your products.
    161. Spambot Guardian will instantly protect your entire web site from Spambots. It scans all your web pages on your PC (before you upload them) and encrypts any mailto links automatically, leaving them unreadable by Spambots but still fully usable by your visitors.
    162. Weblink Checker is a very simple tool that instantly checks your web site on your PC before you upload it to your web host.  Simply select the file corresponding to your home page and the software will instantly spider your site on your PC, checking every internal link and giving you a detailed report, so you can easily fix any problems.
    163. Easy Resell Plus is an easy to use software tool which will automate the most difficult part of this process for you.  This will save you time and effort, and help you avoid mistakes which could cost you valuable sales.
    164. Affiliate Customizer is a simple tool which will customize your adverts in seconds.  Your affiliates simply fill in a short form with their details and the software will automatically customize your adverts for them, ready for use.
    165. Form Protector - Protect Your Forms From Hacking Attacks - If you run a traffic exchange, a pay per lead site, a site with a top or anything else which uses a form to monitor or reward visitors, you are vulnerable.  Your competitors and visitors can read the HTML of your form simply by viewing the source of your pages then use the information to cheat, steal or otherwise take advantage of you.  Automatically encrypting your forms with Form Protector will help protect your site from these attacks.
    166. Frame Buster will automatically protect every page on your entire web site with a single button click, by inserting special script which un-frames your pages automatically.
    167. Mini Site Customizer is a simple tool which will automatically scan an HTML page for special "customization tags", presenting a simple form to allow the mini site to be customized easily in seconds.
    168. Possessions Defender not only secures your members area, limits the available number of downloads to a pre-set number...

      It does not reveal the download url.

      And it gets better.

      A little php wizardy...
      That makes everyones download url totally unique to them!
      • Limiting Downloads - The script is hard coded to only allow 2 downloads for all new Members.
        This is done to even STOP you from being tempted to allow more.
      • IP addresses are recorded. -Any and all IP addresses are recorded against all downloads!

        You can see straight away who is silly enough to give out their members login information.
      • Dates of downloads recorded. - The date of access and product downloaded is recorded against all members accounts.
      • Special Algorithm - All file extensions are randomly generated immediately using these special algorithms so it takes away the need to even think about what to use!
      • Get Code - The script generates all the codes for your products to use in your IPNs for Paypal, Stormpay or any other payment processor.
      • Download Links for Emails - Besides being able to embed the generated code into your IPN's and thank-you pages.

        You can also send them via your Admin Mailer in an email.
      • Admin Mailer - You can email all your Members whenever you want as this script helps build your Opt-In List of targeted buyers.
      • Free Product or Paid Product - You have the ability to offer evey member a Free Downloadable product or just to a selected few.

        This could be a totally free product of yours or even a Paid product that you are rewarding a few of your members with.
      • Unlimted Products - You can add an unlimited number of products to the database and categorize them as Free or Paid.
    169. Auto-Blog Builder is your automatic website site builder. Build a giant website with 10,000 pages instantly... all real content rather than spam pages. Fetch niche blog content by entering targeted keywords related to your site theme/topic/niche. You can also add RSS xml links manually. Multilingual support! Auto-build websites with multilingual content like: Spanish, German, Italian, French, etc. to take advantage of the growing foreign PPC markets! Auto-Blog Builder is a standalone software. No add on script or code is required! No need to use Blogger.com, Word Press, Movable Type or ANY similar stuff in order to be able to use Auto-Blog Builder. Encourages More Search Engine Spider Visits and Higher Search Engine Rankings! Auto-News Builder increases the frequency of search engine spider visits to your website and improves your search engine ranking.  Fully Optimized Internal Link Structure for quick indexing by search engine spiders. The aim is to enhance search engine spiders to crawl more of your web pages within a shorter visiting period of time. Well Structured Categories for quick searching and optimization. Categories are in alphabetical sorted order. Administrator can also change category order as per need. Records are Well Arranged in either there original publishing date or the date of fetching records. This dates can be opt when adding XML links. Previous Posts are arranged in alphabetical order. Post from archives are also sorted in alphabetical order now. Increase Your Affiliate Commissions and Google AdSense Earnings!
    170. B2Evolution - An amazingly fast, professional massive backlink building software that will have you landing top search results positions for your website that is relevant, keyword rich, and written precisely to your keyword specific and SEO needs!
    171. Instant Keyword Research Tool that anyone can install and use within mere seconds!
      One highly effective way is keyword research. Conducting proper 'Keyword Research' allows you to spot good potential markets quickly and easily. It's the fast track to identifying all those potential 'profit' pots in the marketplace you can fill.
    172. The Magic of Directory Submission - The most powerful backlink generation software
    173. Drupal Blogger - Once you build your backlinks pointing toward an existing site, the software can continue to find new places for you to generate backlinks! How amazing is that…it keeps going and going…..
      Keep your website right in front of the search engine spiders... basically give them a second home to move into and get comfortable because as long as you are using the software, they are basically forced to camp out on your site!
      Post to remote blogs all over the world for achieving maximum exposure as well as important logistics in the eyes of the search engines.
      The ability to find and use blog/site/article content by keyword as a means of deciding where to automatically create your unique backlink!
      The ability to get backlinks from exceedingly high PR sites just as easily as other people post to lower PR sites!
      The power to place selected comments in your software comment template and have a distinctive and indiscriminate comment posted on each blog that the software visits on your behalf!
      The power to exploit keyword intense, professionally written content on those blog sites for increased recognition and significance. Add Backlinks fast!
      Eliminate or Embrace the "shotgun" approach to keyword targeting. Zero in on refined, optimized content that is keyword rich, high quality, informative, and sticky!, or Shoot for pure volume with loosely related search results!
      Use with an unlimited number of sites! No membership dues, no hidden costs.
      Tightly-themed content-driven results are what search engines eat up in large mouthfuls!... and now you will be included in those same results, from web addresses all over the world!
    174. e-Magic Linker Software
      Magically increase the value of your content in a matter of seconds by turning your keywords into Money Making affiliate links and powerfully effective Anchor text.
      Converts the keywords in your .html, .php, or .txt documents into money making affiliate links and powerfully effective anchor text.
      Automatically converts your text files to html to make the links clickable.
      Works Great with XsitePro sites, Article Site Generators, and other Site/Page builders that create static .htm and .html pages.
      Super easy Interface makes it a snap to use.
      Can choose to have links open in a new window.
      Windows based program creates "hard links" that search engine will follow.
      Can automatically "cloak" the affiliate links created in your pages.
    175. The Exponential Profit Multiplier "Tell 2 Friends" web page is designed in such a way that it puts off any attempts of anyone entering fake or their own alternative email addresses into the "Tell 2 Friends" web page. So, you’re sure to get the quality and genuine referrals.
      The beauty Exponential Profit Multiplier is that it don’t require you to be a PHP-Guru or any extra ordinary software engineer. It comes with easy and simple to follow step by step instructions.
    176. Tell A Friend program are easy to implement, but to date there's not much out there that can determine that your site visitors are not keying in some bogus emails just to get to the bonus page. If you want to maxed out on the list building potentials of ANY of YOUR websites, then Tell A Friend Detonator XL can perk up you sluggish list in less than 24 hours! While some have only scratched the surface by using Tell A Friend Scripts to promote their sites... nothing comes close to this... because you see, most of the Scripts available, acts just like any form to email scripts where there's no way to tell if the visitor is keying in real email addresses that will really click on the link.
    177. The Split-Test Profits Automation System is a new software program specifically designed to increase your web site's conversion ratios with incredible ease. This system will let you completely automate the entire split-testing process, giving you full statistics to that you know without a doubt what is making you money and what isn't.
    178. Create eCovers
      Yet nearly every Graphics Artist works with templates just like the ones you see below. Then they edit it with the words and colors of their choice and charge customers huge money for the simple edits.
      Save yourself the cash and edit these templates yourself in just minutes.
      If you have at least medium graphic skills and Adobe Photoshop version 6.0 or higher installed on your computer you might be interested to find out more about the product I'm using to create these software box covers.
    179. Group Submitter - This software has "cracked the code." What if you could promote your site Automatically to the #1 NewsGroup site on the Net? That's right. Google Newsgroups. What if you could skyrocket your sales with a great NEW software program? What if you could do this today?...
    180. UNautoBlogger
      Lets say that you choose a very competitive niche to dominate. You will need to take the following steps...
      - Type the main keyword (without quotes) into google search engine.
      - Click on the current #1 page listed there.
      - Use your google toolbar to see that pages pagerank (PR)
      - Use your google toolbar to see how many backlinks are listed.
      - Once you see the number of backlinks that google returns, do the following.
      - Open UNautoBlogger and set it to return ONLY pages with a minimum of the PR listed for the main page of your target niche. (in other words, if the target is a PR 6, then tell the software to return ONLY pages with PR 6-10)
      - Type in the main keywords for that niche.
      - Run the program and it will return the results it finds. If for example, your target has 1,090 backlinks showing... you will need to create roughly 500 high PR backlinks via the software.
      - End result... Your page will generate a higher PR due to the high PR sites that are linking to you, and higher SERP's due to the Targeted High PR Backlinks that you now have... and you will overcome the current #1 page with your own page. PageRank and Backlinks...
    181. While others are tossing their hard-earned bucks right out the window and spending hundreds on advertising in ezines, newsletters, and pay-per clicks to improve their Google Page Rank, you can improve yours and save tons of money using the Pro Link Automatic Reciprocal Link Exchange Software - "The Pro Link Exchanger"
    182. GPageBacklinks - "Want To Get Unlimited "G" Backlinks, To As Many Sites And Pages As You Like?”... Now You CAN! This Revolutionary New Software Can Absolutely Sky-Rocket Your Incoming High Quality Backlink Structure!
    183. Image Comment Submmiter - Post Comments Automatically and Get Thousands of Backlinks and Visitors!  - Explode Your Bottom Line Exposure!- Now, put your link on 10,000 sites and you have x-squared your exposure.... now continue doing this over and over in different places thereby continually expanding your exposure, and you will by the sheer volume of numbers attain a certain level of success.  -- Yes, it really is that simple.
    184. Proxy Genius allows you to surf anonymously, change your IP address, prevent identity theft, and guard against hacker intrusions, all with the click of a button.
    185. ICQ Blogger - Now, not only can you mass submit to all of the boards, and all of the groups, you can also mass create groups!!! So not only are you able to post in other peoples popular groups, but you can also create your own groups (using popular topics) and plug your link into your message and now all of those interested in your group topics are going to see your link, and your advertisement!
    186. WordPressBlogger does...
      1. Does a search based on your keywords and find wordpress blogs.

      2. Once it finds the blogs, it runs a series of tests to validate that the blogs do in fact appear to accept posts. 

      3. After that, it saves those urls to a file. 

      4. Next, you enter your ad information.

      5. Now it gives you the opportunity to ping after post. 

      6. At this point you start your campaign. 

      7. As the WordPressBlogger posts your ads, it also visits each of the blogs it attempted to post on and it uses identifying information from your ad to determine if your post is indeed found on that blog. 

      8. It now lists the blogs that it has verified as successful to a file that you can save to post again to later. 

      9. New Features-- Now you have the ability to use text files so that you can automatically rotate ads/comments and urls! 

      10. New Features-- Now the software comes with it's own internal browser so that you can manually verify your posts extremely quickly if you wanted to.

      11. New Features-- Added multi-thread capability so that the software will work as fast as your computer and internet connection (search engines can temporarily ban you for going to fast) 

      12. New Features-- Gave it a face lift... made it look better and easier to understand... basically no learning curve required with it now!

        Control exactly what information is used for your backlink.
        Can use a static set of data, or use dynamic posts.
        Set up backlinks from specific niches I trust to ensure that my site has top notch, proven high quality backlinks!
        Can create thousands of keyword specific backlinks to my other sites.
        Post In blog clusters designed to skyrocket Google page rank
        Use custom posts and comments.
        Use custom post title.
        Comment in 100's or 1000's of blogs promoting my affiliate programs.
    187. Official Affiliate System - affiliate program is the most progressive and aggressive system of it's type
    188. PingSlinger
      Your links listed with your targeted Ping Sites, but instead of the massive list of ping sites sending spiders back to a blog where you then have to direct them more deeply before they finally find your money pages, PingSlinger Gen II grabs them, and  leads the spiders by the hand, directly to your money sites/pages! The middle man (the blog) is cut right out of the equation!
    189. StealthAdvertiser Program - StealthAdvertiser will go and create hundreds of thousands of high PR inbound links, not just for one of your websites but for UNLIMITED URLS you specify and all with just a couple of clicks of your mouse. Imagine having thousands of new visitors to your website & affiliate links every day all of which cost you NOTHING to generate. You can use StealthAdvertiser to promote any URL you choose. In fact you can promote unlimited URLs simultaneously. Just add the URLs you want to generate massive traffic & high PR for an hit start, it’s that simple! Bottom line is that until now StealthAdvertiser had been a closely guarded secret weapon, used by only a select few to rack up massive commissions and sales while also increasing search engine positions and page rank!
    190. Text Link Sales System! - Increase Your Search Engine Traffic and Make Money by selling Ad Space and Keep 100% of the Profits with Text Link Sales System. 
    191. Tag And Ping - The Final Solution For Blog And Ping Automation Software!
    192. Shoutbox Maker - A shoutbox, saybox, tagboard, or chatterbox is a chat-like feature found on many websites that allow people to quickly leave messages on the website, generally without any form of user registration.
    193. Instant Squeeze Page Maker
      Squeeze pages are the single most powerful list-building strategy ever devised.
      Just put a squeeze page in front of your sales page and watch your list build itself on autopilot.
      Now with my superb Instant Squeeze Page Maker, creating your own squeeze pages is an absolute breeze.
    194. Software Designer PRo!
      Here's How You Can Instantly Gain an Almost Unstoppable Edge On Your Competition, Increase Your Sales Conversions, and Build Your Profit Margin to Massive Proportions with This Brand New Secret Tool....
      … In Less Than 60 Minutes From Now You Can Be Creating Your Own Money-Making Software without Knowing a Single Thing About Writing Code or Without Having to Hire One of Those Expensive Programmers
    195. vSearchVooDoo Blog Account Generator And Post/Comment Submitter - From adsense, to affiliate programs... nothing can stand in your way. Nothing can slow you down. Nothing can prevent you from earning a full time income online, nothing can dictate how much money you make, or how many top pages you can produce.... you are in complete and total control.
    196. SEclicker
      Dominate Search Engines without having to work hard or spend months learning some goofy tactic that the guru's toss around
      Another "Power Function" of SEclicker is that you can set an unlimited number of campaigns to run. This means that if you have 1 or 1000 domains that you want to "get popular", you simply setup the campaign and run it... just one, just a few, or all of them. You Are In Complete Control -- You Are Not Limited In Any Way
    197. Video Popin - Using video to quickly help get your message across to your site visitor will drive your lead capture as well as sales straight through the roof. It is a matter of fact that video produces 89% better results than any static text.
    198. And MUCH More!
    199. And MUCH More!
    200. And MUCH More!



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Notes: (Please Read Before Purchase) 

  • The scripts are provided 'as is', and is without warranty or technical support
  • There are installation documentation for most of the scripts inside the package.
  • Even if we try to check the files for viruses, we cannot guarantee that they are safe and clean. For your own protection always scan downloaded files for viruses, spyware and malware.

Please Note:

There are no viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, back doors or worms. No changes are made to your registry, no files are created or changed in your Windows directory and no data is sent over the Internet - and that's about as safe as it gets!.

Virus detection programs are constantly updated and occasionally these programs show false positives for harmless software.

Unfortunately software developers like me are the ones to suffer. If you are unsure, then try using another anti virus/anti spyware program, or one of the many on-line scanners available. And feel free to search Google for "
virus false positives", you may be quite surprised to find out just how many "false positives" virus software finds!!

I reiterate again -
there is NOTHING harmful in ANYTHING on my site!!

  • Platform: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003,Windows Vista Starter,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Business,Windows Vista Enterprise

Because this package is completely digital and you download everything including the source code to some of the products, no refunds are available. Once customers have downloaded the source files we have no way of maintaining any control. You have virtually unlimited possibilities of doing anything (or nothing) with them While I know this is not how you are, we just feel that on an offer this good we don't need to offer a guarantee.  So once you buy this it's yours for keeps! You OWN it! Please DO NOT ORDER unless you are 100% sure you understand this...

Resell Rights Explained

It is always important to read the license agreement that should be included with the product to determine what kind of rights you have, and exactly what those rights entitle you to.

Here is some information to help you understand what each of those different rights means to you.

Giveaway Ebooks resale rights - This type of license allows you to give the product away as a bonus or incentive. You will not be allowed to sell it, and in most cases, you will not be allowed to change the product. You may, however, be able to brand it, which means that you can put your name on it and change some or all of the affiliate links inside the product to your own. However, you may be able to earn a good amount of money from these ebooks to start with. The giveaway ebooks & software resale rights will not allow you to edit any matter from the content though.

Resell Rights - As the name implies, resell rights simply allow you to resell the product. You may have the option of setting your own price, or you may not be allowed to sell the product for more or less than certain amounts. Resell rights do not entitle you to change the product, or to put your name on it as the creator in most cases. It also does not give you the right to resell the resell rights to others. You cannot brand or edit the ebooks in this type of resale rights.

 Master ebook Resale Rights - In this type of resale right, you can resell the ebook and keep the entire profit as well as pass on the resale rights to the customers. Master ebook resale right leaves you with two categories of customers, one who will buy the ebook from you for personal use and some who will buy to resell it. Master ebook resale rights are a better option to earn more money. You can sell the ebook at a nominal rate to the end user and charge a higher price to the business customer.
However, these rights normally do not allow editing and branding of the ebooks.

 With Private Label Rights, or PLR as it is commonly referred to, you have the right to make any changes you want to make to the product. You have the right to put your name on it as the creator. You have the right to sell resell rights and/or master resell rights. You can literally do anything you want with the product. If you've purchased UNRESTRICTED or TRANSFERABLE Private Label Rights, you can even pass along both the source files and the Private Label Rights to your own customers, should you choose to.

Ebook branding rights - These types of rights will help the author earn commission once the customer purchases the product by clicking on the link. If the ebook is brandable, you can replace the links with your own links and earn commission.

Download your 2700 + Top Software & Scripts now for just $99.97

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Pay Only Once, Own it for Life!  




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