This is a very SIMPLE and AUTOMATIC way for you to generate relevant, new and unique content for your website...

* Turn ANY article into fresh, unique articles right on the spot.

* Squeeze in specially randomized changes in the middle of your articles with keywords to instill mind blowing thought.

* Over 195,625 possible combinations for ANY ONE article!

* Involves just 4 easy steps.

* Unlimited amounts of Unique Content to profit from Adsense sites!

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Now, lets get to it!..............

Zip File:

Step #1 Select .zip file of private label articles from your computer.

Note: Your .zip file must NOT contain any folders. It must only contain your article text files, one article per file.

Step #2
Enter your keyword. This should be one word, and not a phrase to ensure it makes perfect sense in your new articles. (Multiple Keyword Feature Coming Soon!)

Step #3 OPTIONAL Custom Header/Middle/Footer 
If you prefer to add your own custom header, middle, and footer paragraphs
to each article, insert them below. You can use %keyword% to insert your
keyword into the text. 

Example: "This is about %keyword%" will become "This is about Fitness"

These custom insertions will then be placed in every article.

Note:  Leave this section blank if you'd like our pre-generated text to be inserted instead.
                                                Final Step